Qalo Silicone Wedding Rings Review

Ryan Lisson

For the past year, I’ve been debating on getting a silicone ring for when I’m outdoors. I’ve heard too many horror stories of people losing their finger after jumping down from a tree stand or losing their wedding band down an ice fishing hole. Neither option appeals to me, so I found myself merely taking my ring off when I went outside. But after being married for so long, it just felt weird not to have something on my ring finger. That’s why I was excited to try the Qalo silicone rings. Here’s what I think after using them in different situations in the last few weeks.

Qalo Silicone Ring Review

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  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Extreme Durability
  • Stylish

Qalo Silicone Ring Design Options

When I started looking through their website for silicone ring options, I was impressed at the sheer number of different designs. While I was primarily interested in the outdoors-looking options (i.e., camouflage), they have several bold, colorful, and modern designs, even ones that resemble metal bands. I settled on the Men’s Brush Camo Step Edge Q2X™ silicone ring, which is roughly the same size as my actual ring and has a camouflage pattern. I also got the Men’s White Marble silicone ring, which is smaller than the Q2X ring and has a marble coloration. My wife wanted the Women’s Strata Black and Aqua Arrow silicone ring, which features a two-tone design with teal underneath and black on top. The Q2X ring is very strong, with a tensile strength of over 46 pounds to break it, while the Strata and marble rings would take about half that amount to break.

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Qalo Silicone Ring Sizing and Fit

When I ordered the rings, it was a very smooth process. I was nervous about the fit, even though Qalo gives you 60 days to exchange it for a different size. But I used the tools on their website to measure the right size for my wife and me. When they arrived, they were a perfect fit for both of us. I typically wear a half size and took their advice to size up to the next whole number, which was right on. They do take a little wiggling to get onto our fingers. Once on, there is no worrying the ring will fall off, essential when fishing or fumbling around outdoors.

qalo silicone ring testing

Qalo Silicone Ring Testing

While waiting on hunting season, I definitely gave these rings a rigorous field trial. I dug up the garden, hauled some brush, and handled some slimy Northern pike while fishing. So far, I haven’t had any issues with them. They stay in place and wash off nicely when I’m done. My wife has had similar results with her ring, although her design includes a narrow channel down the middle for the arrow. It does collect a little dirt in that crevice, but it cleans up pretty easily by just running it under the faucet and jiggling. Also, my fingers usually swell a bit when I get hot, and my metal ring constricts it. I haven’t noticed that as much with the silicone ring – it seems like the ring stretches just enough. The silicone ring doesn’t seem to make my finger sweat any more or less than my metal ring.

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Regarding the break strength, I’m honestly not sure what 46 pounds of force would look like to break on my hand (and I hope never to find out), but I’d be glad for it to be my ring rather than my finger. That’s the main reason I wanted a silicone ring anyway. Plus, Qalo offers a one-time, any-time warranty, meaning if your ring breaks, tears, or stretches, you’ll receive a one-time replacement.

Qalo Silicone Ring Review Summary

Overall, we like the rings a lot. It’s nice not to worry about losing or breaking our real wedding rings when we do outdoor activities. I can fearlessly reach into the water to lip a fish or keep it on while I plant food plots over the summer. The rings are high-quality, and I appreciate that Qalo stands behind its products.

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  • Many Design Options for Different Tastes
  • Stays on Finger Without Sliding Around
  • Low Profiles Don’t Catch Like Metal Bands or Diamond Engagement Rings


  • Two-Layer Ring Details Collect Dirt, but is Easily Cleaned

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