Recoil Reducer Shooting Rest Review

Guide Gear Recoil Reducer Shooting Rest Review

Joao Aguiar

When searching for a shooting rest, you can easily spend upwards of $250. For most people, myself included, I would only occasionally use this rest to zero in a scope. Therefore, I tend to search for an economical solution. Sportsman’s Guide offers this Guide Gear Recoil Reducer Shooting Rest for a great price. I happen to be a member of the Buyer’s Club, which provides additional discounts on various items that Sportsman’s Guide offers.

Guide Gear Recoil Reducer Shooting Rest

This portable Shooting Rest also offers an extra hand in the shop. The tapered back end makes shooting more comfortable and sighting in a whole lot easier and more accurate.

Retail Price- $49.99

Frequent Sale Price- $39.99 excl. Buyer’s Club Discount

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Adjustable front rest and adjustable rear clamp to hold it firm
  • Feet are height adjustable
  • Removable ballast bag and sandbags included

A Cheap Shooting Rest that Gets the Job Done

The rest arrived packaged well, and without any visible damage. You will get what you paid for. This is an adjustable shooting rest with a ballast bag to minimize recoil. The overall quality of the product is low, but it is a solid and stable rest. I plan on using this at the beginning of every hunting season to check my zero. For a limited use item, I’m ok with the lower quality of the item.

Sportsmans Guide Recoil Reducer Parts
Sportsmans Guide Recoil Reducer Review

Potential Improvements of the Recoil Reducer Rifle Rest

As with many cheaper items, there may be some improvements or adjustments that can improve the product after you get it. I’ll be potentially making some of these improvements on my Guide Gear Recoil Reducer Shooting Rest.

  1. Some of the welds are low-quality and have the potential to fail. I am a crafty man and can repair the welds if they break.
  2. The stitching on the front rest bag is poor, and the packing materials are falling out. I will hand stitch the front rest bag, and fill it with sand. The bag currently has small plastic chips filling it. The sand should be more helpful, and also provide additional weight to minimize the recoil.
  3. One leg screw retention bolt was welded in crooked, and the leg could not be installed, but I was able to “adjust” the leg screw retention bolt with some threaded rod, and some “motivation” from a hammer.

Over time, I am sure I will make other modifications to this rest. Sportsman’s Guide has excellent customer service and a generous return policy, so if you aren’t inclined to fix these types of things, I’m sure they will take care of any issues.

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Guide Gear Recoil Reducer Review Summary

The Guide Gear Recoil Reducer shooting rest doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some more expensive shooting rests, but it is a solid rest with some added features, like leveling legs and a weighted bag, to help you sight in a rifle or teach youth to shoot. For something that may only be used once or twice a year, it’s not worth spending $80 or more. That’s why I think the Recoil Reducer is a good option for most hunters. For the price… you can’t beat it.


  • You Can’t Beat the Price
  • Solid, Stable Shooting Rest
  • Adjustable Legs & Gun Rest
  • Includes Ballast Bag


  • Poor Quality Welds
  • Misaligned Parts
  • Included “Sandbag” is too Light

Ready to buy? The Guide Gear Recoil Reducer Shooting Rest is made and sold by Sportsman’s Guide, but you can also find it on Amazon with free shipping. Don’t forget that Sportsman’s Guide frequently has great sales and discount codes to help you save more.

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