Ridge Merino Journey T-Shirt Review

Moriah Boggess

Right out of the wrapper, the Journey T-shirt from Ridge Merino is very sleek with a smooth, cool feel. The material seems sturdy, yet it’s still a very soft, comfortable shirt. I put this thing to the test right away, shed hunting, working, and turkey hunting multiple times a week, and I have been happy with its performance. Here is what I did and did not like about it.

merino wool t-shirt

Ridge Merino Journey T-Shirt

Sizes- Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Colors- Black, Navy, Asphalt, Hemlock

Retail Price: $49.99

  • No chemicals: all-natural performance: quick drying, wicking, anti-odor
  • Naturally resists odor
  • Modern Fit that is fitted with a touch more length
  • Sun protection: UPF 20+
  • Made in Thailand, 17.5M Australian Wool
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranty

Ridge Merino Journey T-Shirt Testing

Wool clothing has a reputation as being warm, moisture wicking, and good at suppressing foul odors. To really test the performance of this shirt, I wore it more than ten consecutive times while purposefully not washing it. I walked miles sweating and getting rained on while looking for shed antlers and turkey hunting in it. I subjected the fabric to not only the test of sweaty miles but also occasional downpours that left me soaking wet and at the end of the day would toss it on the floor or on a chair to air dry. In this span of about three weeks, I never washed or placed this shirt in a dryer, yet it never developed a bad smell! That’s more than I can say for ANY piece of cotton clothing I have ever own. The wool really performed in the smell reduction category and did a great job of keeping this shirt appealing even after several long days in it.

Ridge Merino Journey Review

Ridge Merino Journey Shirt Design & Construction

The construction is 87% Merino wool and 13% Nylon with their (m)Force™ technology designed to increase strength. The thread size is 17.5 micron making this shirt very smooth to the touch and lacking any kind of prickly feel associated with Merino clothing of yesteryear. Now some may wince as this shirt does not boast a 100% Merino rating, however I can say that for my purposes hunting turkeys in the deep woods and swamps of Mississippi, this shirt stood up to the test and the added 13% Nylon will make it last longer than a 100% wool shirt otherwise would. Plus, all Ridge Merino clothing comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material defects!

Journey Shirt Fit, Feel, & Sizing

The Journey T-shirt has a “modern fit” that is built slimmer with a long hem. My size “Large” shirt initially fit me somewhat bigger than most Large shirts usually do. However, after washing and drying the shirt, it shrunk slightly into a snug fitting Large while retaining the long hem. This is not uncommon with wool clothing; in fact, I’ve never had a piece of wool that didn’t shrink after the first wash. Now if you were to wash the shirt and skip the tumble dryer and air dry it, you could avoid this issue, but I don’t have time to sort all of my clothing out of the washer by fabric type and air dry my wool garments so I can live with a little shirt shrinkage. I like the slightly athletic fit for a base layer, and the lengthened hem is excellent as most shirts fail us taller guys because they simply aren’t long enough. There is nothing worse on a cold day than having the bottom of your stomach or back exposed to cold air while stretching to tie your boots, with the Journey T you don’t have to worry about that.

New Before Wash
New Before Wash
After Use & Wash
After Use & Wash

Ridge Merino Journey T-Shirt Review Summary

Overall, I have been happy with this shirt, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a soft wool blend shirt that keeps odor away and stays comfortable after being drenched with sweat repeatedly. In fact, this shirt will probably be my first choice work shirt this coming summer as I commonly do field work in 95+ degree heat making the moisture wicking capabilities of this shirt invaluable after long hours in the field.


  • Very Soft
  • Excellent Moisture Wicking
  • Odor Resistant
  • Long Hem
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • Will Shrink in Dryer

Ready to buy? Ridge Merino is sold direct to consumer at RidgeMerino.com.

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