scent assassin review

Scent Assassin Scent Control Products Review

David Horstman

As hunters, we are in a constant battle to keep our human scent off the wind. “Play the wind,” we are told. The downside to that is the wind is always fluctuating in direction and intensity. It doesn’t matter if you are high up in a tree stand or on a spot and stalk hunt. The fastest way to bust your hunt is from scent.

I have tried most of the leading brands of scent elimination products, going crazy every time I was winded. I could never figure out why I kept getting winded with all the major brand names in the industry, racking my brain on why they never seemed to work. Some are just extremely expensive dehumidifiers that just dry out your gear to mitigate bacterial growth. Once you get out in the woods, many of the big names fade fast and don’t hold up to hunting conditions. That was until I saw an ad for Scent Assassin products with Cell Sniper Technology.

scent assassin review
Scent Assassin Scent Elimination Products

The Cell Sniper Technology in Scent Assassin hygiene products eliminates your scent and leaves your body clean and hydrated. The field spray is available in unscented or Natural Earth cover scent, and makes sure you can hunt all day in any conditions.

Retail: $9.99+ (varies by product)
  • All-natural formulas
  • Destroys and prevents scent-causing microbes
  • Laundry detergent, soap/conditioner, and field spray

Scent Assassin Review | Background

I searched for anything that would help eliminate my scent and keep working as I was busting through the woods. When I saw the ad for Scent Assassin, I was very intrigued by their studies on what causes smell, why it keeps coming back, and their unique approach to a solution. Talking with the gentlemen at Scent Assassin, I was informed that there are in fact 9 types of odor-causing bacteria on the human body. These bacteria are the reasons so many people are winded by the animals they are hunting. Other major brands only kill 5-6 types at most. The bacteria create this micro biofilm on the body as they digest the microorganisms, which results in each individual’s own unique odor. Scent Assassin not only targets this biofilm that is created, but hinders the regrowth for hours after use.

To say I was skeptical in the beginning would be an understatement because every single major brand up until this point had failed. So how could a small and new company achieve what all these others could not? I found it is because Scent Assassin was created by two devout outdoorsmen and hunters. They took the time to find out what caused human scent in the first place and reverse-engineered from there.

I had to put the system to the test. If my two dogs could not scent track me in my camouflage clothes, then I knew it would work on other animals. During my test, I was almost attacked by my own dogs, until I removed my facemask after jumping out at them. I have been using Scent Assassin products for over 3 years now, and since I started using their system, I have not been winded.

Scent Assassin Review | Laundry Detergent

Their laundry detergent not only leaves your clothes scent-free, but it also preserves the color saturation of your favorite camouflage pattern, has a UV killer, and it inhibits the growth of bacteria. There is no grimy film left on clothing from Scent Assassin detergent. I have used it to get “baby mess” smells out of my children’s clothes, and it does not cause hives on their sensitive skin. The other awesome thing about Scent Assassin detergent is that a little bit will take care of a large load of clothes, so you don’t feel like you are pouring money down the drain.

scent assassin review

Scent Assassin Review | Body Wash/Conditioner

The Scent Assassin Body Wash and Conditioner are on an entirely new level for a scent-killing body soap. Gone are the days of dry cracking skin before you head to the woods. Scent Assassin body wash uses aloe vera, avocado, and argan oils to mimic the natural sebum of the skin. Aloe provides a generous supply of Vitamin E, which is necessary for your skin to retain its elasticity. The avocado and argan oils provide softening proteins to nourish the skin. These oils replace the skin’s natural biofilm (which is created by all the microorganisms), but has the major advantage of not producing any smell.

The conditioner has argan and jojoba oils, which also mimic the natural oil that accumulates on the hair and its follicles. This leaves the hair silky smooth and doesn’t produce any annoying itches. When I first used this, I was blown away with how comfortable I felt before heading out on my hunt. All the years prior, my sensitive skin felt dried out and horribly itchy. I was able to talk my wife into trying out the body wash and conditioner. Under verbal protest, she did. Although she has extremely curly and frizzy hair, she told me it worked great. Needless to say, if you are a huntress, this system will allow you to keep your hair healthy and nourished. I have had my original purchase of body wash until this last season opener (almost 3 years), and it was still doing its job.

scent assassin review

Scent Assassin Review | Field Spray

The last bit of the Scent Assassin system is the field spray, which comes in Unscented and Natural Earth. I always have a big bottle of the Unscented at camp. It not only kills the scent of the body, but it also works very well as a “field bath” in a pinch. I have been on a few hunts where there was no access to running water. I would strip down and use baby wipes on the major spots, then use the unscented spray afterward. It worked like a charm every single time. I have been as close as 10 yards to a Pacific Northwest black tail, 15 yards from a mule deer, and walked up on a wild hog within a yard. The Natural Earth cover scent is the most natural smelling Earth scent I have ever smelled. Scent Assassin figured out how to use natural plant matter in this spray, and it smells like the forest after a fresh rain – that rich, beautiful, deep earth smell that you can only find miles from anything. It also has a super long shelf life of up to 2 years. Most other brands, you need to repurchase after each season.

scent assassin review


  • Quality, affordable products

  • Very effective scent elimination

  • Price points are reasonable

  • You can buy a full kit or just individual items


  • The only downside I can see is if you have a specific allergy to any of the ingredients used in the Scent Assassin lineup.

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