Scent Crusher The Locker Review

Ryan Carson

I purchased The Locker from Scent Crusher after several years of hanging my hunting clothes on lines across the back yard all season, in an attempt to keep them scent-free. Unfortunately, my wife was never a fan of this practice, and thanks to science, there’s a more effective method to reducing unwanted human odors on my hunting gear. 

I searched the internet for months trying to find a way to neatly hang my gear outside the house and protect it from rain, bugs, and unwanted odors. I found many options, and videos online but none had a strong semi weatherproof material I was looking for.

best deal scent crusher the locker
Scent Crusher THE LOCKER

The Locker provides an easy and effective way to eliminate all odors on clothing and equipment so you are ready for the next hunt. The new portable digital generator emits ozone that destroys most odors within 30 minutes.

  • Portable digital ozone generator w/ 4+ hours of use on a single charge
  • Weather-resistant base
  • Heavy-duty internal metal shelving
  • Destroys most odors in 30 mins
  • Perfect for the Man Cave, Hunting Camp, or Garage
  • Can be used outdoors too
  • Locker size: 45” W x 69” H x 27” D

Initial Thoughts on The Locker from Scent Crusher

The Scent Crusher The Locker meets most of the necessary criteria I was looking for in a storage closet for my hunting clothes and gear.  My first thought after assembly was how large it was.  The Locker is much larger than the Scentlok version. The Locker is constructed of a heavy-duty material that reminds me of a ground blind-like material.   The weather-resistant lining on the inside of the closet is a great feature for outdoor use. It has a heavy-duty weather-resistant bottom which allows it to be placed on the ground (grass/dirt) if needed.  Inside The Locker, you’ll find three large shelves for your hunting gear and two rods to hang your hunting clothes from.

How does The Locker from Scent Crusher hold up to the weather?

Surprisingly, the internal lining held up really well soon after deployment. I placed my Locker on the back deck and it rained for three days, 3.5 inches of rain to be exact, and when I opened The Locker, I found minimal water inside. What water that was there had obviously entered through the zippers, which is the weak point on any tent or rain jacket. It exceeded my expectations when dealing with the weather. The material is strong and weatherproof, just what I looked for.

Assembly of The Locker from Scent Crusher

Construction of The Locker is really simple minus putting the cover on. For this step, it would pay to go slow and have an extra set of hands.   The cover is new and tight, which is great once it’s installed, however the initial installation can be tricky. If you don’t take your time it would be easy to tear or break something. It can be done with one person, I did, But it would be much easier with two.  The Locker has plenty of storage for all of your gear and can be customized to fit your needs. I added S hooks to hang my bow and hats as well as baskets I had laying around for gloves and other small items. It’s amazing how much gear you can actually fit in this thing!  

Halo Series Ozone Generator

The Locker also comes with a “3rd generation” Halo series Ozone generator.   Personally, I didn’t purchase The Locker for the ozone generator, but quite simply the storage capabilities for my hunting gear.  I’m not a huge fan of Ozone. Ozone can degrade the elastic and rubber in your gear. So this I will most likely sell this item.  Now, most manufacturers have realized this issue and begun to use “ozone-safe” materials in their hunting apparel.

The generator is wireless and has a rechargeable battery with AC and DC charging cables.  One for home and the truck.  The generator comes with a bag to place the generator in to allow to have unrestricted airflow in your gear back or gym bag.  The rechargeable Halo Series Ozone Generator is capable of running on 4+ hours on a single charge and has the ability to remove most odors within 30 minutes.  


  • Size – Big enough for all my gear
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Storage shelving included
  • Durable
  • Ozone Generator included (portable too)


  • Zippers
  • Initial installation of the cover can be cumbersome

Halo Series Ozone Generator

The Locker was purposely built and designed by someone who knew what the hunter needed. It even has straps to hold the door open so that it is not flapping in wind. So far I am impressed with The Locker from Scent Crusher. The price tag is a little hard to swallow for someone that only wanted a storage closet for their gear, but can help you find the best price online.

From what I’ve experienced so far this locker is built strong and can last for several seasons if it’s taken care of. My only criticism would be that they replace zippers with ones that are a little more heavy-duty and sealed from water. 

Ready to buy?  The Locker from Scent Crusher can be purchased directly on their website or from a wide variety of online retailers, such as Cabela’s, Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Scheels, and more!

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Born and raised a hunter in Alabama and Mississippi. After serving 8 years in Army, Ryan had the opportunity to move to the hunter’s paradise called Heaven, errr Iowa, where he met his amazing wife and has been happily raising two beautiful girls in the outdoors. Just your average Joe that struggles every year to balance hunting expenses and his wife’s stares when he comes home with new gear. This has made him passionate about getting his money’s worth and paying for quality, not hype or brand names.

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