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Matt Poissant

What is the Sitka Tool Bucket?  The Sitka Gear Tool Bucket pack was created to be the ultimate whitetail day pack for the serious whitetail deer hunter seeking out the most features and functionality.  It’s the combination of a mechanic’s tool box and a carpenter’s tool belt, but made specifically for the tree stand hunter.  Is this the perfect whitetail pack?

Sitka Tool Bucket

The Tool Bucket is the ideal daypack for organizing, hauling, and hanging everything you need for a dark-to-dark sit in a unique bucket-style design.  This pack is equipped with 17 storage compartments and 1800 cubic inches of capacity.

Price:  $259

  • Weight:  54.7 ounces
  • 1800 cubic inches of storage
  • 17 storage compartments

The Details

This pack has a lot going on, but in a good way.  Compression straps all over and more pockets than you can imagine.  Every aspect is mapped out with a purpose, just like my personal favorite e.  There are a total of 17 storage compartments in this small pack that doubles as a run and gun pack, as well as a treestand pack!  All this is packed into a unique bucket style design with 1800 cubic inches of storage.

The top lid flips over the top and is secured with a simple plastic dowel-like piece that goes through a hole providing a quiet and secure closure. To access the main compartment the top lid flips back and two zippers allow easy access to the inside of the pack .  The front top half piece is secured by an internal magnet.  Both have built in, zippered pockets for storage.  Inside the pack are two, deep side pockets on the left and right. The back of the pack has four compartments of various size.  The front of the pack has an internal mesh divider that provides another way to organize.

On the outside of the pack are two compression straps on the top lid.  A third compression strap is tucked into a small hidden compartment and a “L” shaped zipper gives access to yet another pocket.  The front of the pack has two horizontal compression straps.  Ideal for securing a wide variety of items like a platform and climbing sticks.  Each side has two deep pockets and a compression strap.  Lastly, are two compression straps on the bottom of the pack providing options for securing a variety of different items.

The two shoulder straps are positioned perfectly and have curvature built in to enhance comfort.  Each strap has a stretchy webbing-like piece sewn in which provides a way to clip items to it.  A small pocket sits on one of the straps which is great for storing smaller items.  Lastly, is the chest buckle that you can tighten down for a secure fit.  The pack does not have a frame but does have a good structure, that is capable of supporting a load such as climbing sticks and saddle platform.  The back side of the pack is flexible enough to fit comfortably on a wide variety of body types.  The padding on the back was designed with channels to provide airflow and comfort.  I’ve never seen a backpack that doesn’t make me sweat during the hike, but the airflow vents

In The Field

Trying to find a hunting pack that keeps your gear organized in the treestand or ground blind is never easy.  Typically, there’s give and take.  Either neat and organized or big and bulky and oversized, so I had my doubts on whether or not this pack was sufficient enough to meet the demands that I require out of my hunting gear, so let’s put this pack to the test.

The Tool Bucket has performed great thus far.  It is very comfortable and wears well.  When loaded up the shoulder straps didn’t cut into my shoulders like some other packs I have.  Tree stand hunters and saddle hunters will appreciate the easy access to the inner.   My brother also has the Tool Bucket and he stores his predator platform inside the pack.  I like to strap my predator platform and sticks on the outside of the pack by using the two horizontal compression straps.  The straps on the top lid are perfect for securing extra layers and the bottom straps work well to pack climbing sticks.  I say all this to call out the various options you have to meet your needs.


  • Well designed, versatile hunting pack
  • External straps for additional carrying capacity
  • Quick and easy access to contents inside pack
  • Keeps gear organized
  • Can be used for saddle hunting


  • Chest strap could’ve been a little higher
  • No waist belt- personal preference

Final Thoughts

When it comes to whitetail packs, the Sitka Tool Bucket must be at the top of the list. Everything is so well thought out. It checks the box on comfort, storage, and organization to and from the stand. Not to mention it’s a quiet material lid that can be easily sealed with a quick attach system ring and hook system, making it nice and quiet when it matters most. Also, a stuck zipper can frustrate you in the dark, especially when your release is locked inside. With all the compression straps and pockets, no one hunter will use it the same way and I’ve been able to use it as a saddle hunting pack and an everyday pack for my pre-hung sets. If you are a serious whitetail hunter, ditch the fanny pack and look at the Sitka Tool Bucket as your next hunting backpack.

Ready to buy?  You can pick up the Sitka Tool Bucket directly from Sitka, or one of these reputable online retailers:  Black Ovis, Scheel’s, and GRITR Outdoors.

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hunting gear deals gear reviewer matt poissantAUTHOR BIO

Matt Poissant grew up in the Green Mountain State of Vermont.  Here he was able to learn the fundamentals of deer hunting from his father.  That introduction to deer hunting turned into a true passion once his athletic days were over.  Matt now archery hunts all over the country and enjoys the process of going to new places and chasing mature whitetails.  In addition to hunting, he enjoys bass fishing, sports, whiskey, and trying new restaurants

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