stan onnex thumb button review

Stan OnneX Thumb Release Review

Camron Stover

Why are hunters switching to a thumb barrel release?

Whether you’re looking to switch from an index release to a thumb button or you’re looking to upgrade your current Thumb Button release to a nicer version, chances are you’ve heard the name Stanislawski, or STAN as we now call it.  STAN makes some of the best archery releases on the market, both hunters and professional archers alike.

In recent years, we’ve seen the archery hunting community shift towards high-end, high-quality release aids and the STAN OUTDOORS OnneX Thumb Release is at the top of the list for many archers. I made the switch last season after several years of playing around with handheld releases and I haven’t looked back at my tried and true TruFire Hardcore release ever since.

Now, it takes some time to get used to if you’re making the switch, so be sure to start practicing months before the archery season begins.  However, with time and practice, you should see increased accuracy and consistent groups as you progress.  Here is an in-depth look at the STAN OnneX Thumb Release and my experience with it during the 2023 Archery Season.

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STAN Onnex Thumb Release

The STAN OnneX Thumb Release Aid is the best and fastest firing mechanism STAN has ever engineered. The OnneX has zero trigger travel and great adjustability for trigger tension from a hair trigger to extremely heavy.

Retail: $289.99 – $309.99

■ Open hook design

■ Crisp breaking activation

■ Loop retainer (ideal for hunting)

■ Available in multiple sizes and weights

■ Can be shot as a two finger, three finger, or four finger release

Description:  STAN OnneX Release

STAN Onnex releases are designed with legacy features that archers from all walks alive have grown accustomed to through the years.  The unique thing about the Onnex line-up is that each handle will allow for the shooter to change between one of the three handle types thumb button, back tension, & resistance seamlessly while maintaining anchor point & peep height.  Each has the same ergonomic design, fit and feel.

The STAN Onnex Thumb has an open hook design for consistent and accurate lateral nock travel.  Along with the crisp-breaking activation that STAN is known for, you’ll also get independent trigger travel and trigger tension adjustments.  My favorite feature is the loop retainer allows connection to your bow with the single open hook while keeping your release connected to the string.  This is important for the bowhunter who is looking to switch to a handheld release.  I’ve tried shooting a handheld release that didn’t clip onto the d-loop and there was too much fumbling when it was time to take the shot.

The STAN OnneX comes in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide variety of archers.  It’s equipped with a modular body the release may be shot as a two-finger, three-finger, or four-finger all with one button head screw adjustment with a 5/64″ Allen key.  Another nice feature is that it comes with two different length barrel posts and barrels to custom-fit to your hand.  And the STAN Trainer Lock feature allows for the practice of trigger activation without actually firing.

Can You Hunt with the STAN OnneX Thumb Release?

Of course, you can hunt with the STAN Onnex Thumb Releases, that’s why I purchased it.  The best feature that this release offers for hunters is the ability to clip it onto the d-loop and leave it there until it’s time to make the shot.  Most archers are used to having their release attached to the wrist, such as an index finger release.  Letting go of the comfort of knowing your release is attached to your wrist was hard to overcome, just be careful not to bump the barrel of the release as you pick up your bow and get ready to take the shot.  Many high-end releases don’t offer a closed hook system like this but that’s why this one is good for hunting, as well as the 3-D range.

Why I Shoot the STAN OnneX Thumb Release

The Stanislawski name carries a lot of weight throughout the archery industry.  A name that stands for quality and adjustability, which is exactly what the STAN OnnneX Thumb Release delivers. This release has been on the market since 2022, as it replaced the STAN Perfex.  I guess it wasn’t so perfect after all. 

The aluminum version of the OnneX comes in 2 different colors, Sage Green and Echo Grey.  However, if you’re used to a brass releases that carries a little more weight, which is supposed to help with accuracy. That is why I spent a little extra and and opted for the heavy metal version.  The only thing that I don’t like about it is the shiny exterior color.

The adjustability begins with various sizes for different hands, two different length posts, two finger extensions, and two different thumb barrels.  The extensions allow it to shoot this release as a two-, three, or four-finger release.  Currently, I’m using it as a 3 finger with no intention to change.  However, the popular Nock2It release that John Dudley totes is a two-finger release so maybe I should give it a chance. I haven’t needed to swap barrel sizes, but the extended post was a must for my shooting style.  This allows me to firmly anchor the release to my face and wrap my thumb around it as I need to for a repeatable shot execution.

How to adjust the STAN Onnex Thumb Release?

The STAN OnneX Thumb release is adjustable for both trigger travel and tension. What is trigger travel and trigger tension?  Trigger travel refers to trigger movement and trigger tension refers to the amount of force required on the trigger for your release to fire. In order to adjust the trigger travel and trigger tension, you will need a 5/64 Allen key to make slight adjustments.

First cock the release.

With the release cocked adjust the travel adjustment pin located under the “S” of the STAN engraving clockwise until the release fires, then turn the adjustment pin counterclockwise to the point that the release can be cocked. At this point the release has no travel and trigger tension can now be taken away or added to the system.

Adjusting Trigger Tension:

You will need a 5/64 Allen key. Trigger tension is adjusted using the screw located in the outside of the index finger hook. Turning the tension adjustment screw clockwise makes the trigger feel heavier to activate, turning it counterclockwise makes it feel lighter. Adjust the screw until you find your desired tension.

CAUTION: Be careful not to adjust the tension so light that the release goes off unintentionaly. This release can be set light enough that even the slightest contact can activate the mechanism. Unintentional activation can cause serious damage to yourself and others. After each adjustment, test the settings with caution and attention to possible accidental activation for at least 10 consecutive shots.

Adjusting Trigger Travel:

You will need a 5/64 allen key for this adjustment. Trigger travel is adjusted using the trigger travel adjustment pin located under the “S” of the STAN engraving. Turning the travel adjustment pin clockwise decreases trigger travel while turning counterclockwise increases vtrigger travel.  CAUTION: Be careful not to adjust the travel so low that the release goes off unintentionally. The travel can be set right on the edge of contact, and it is important to make sure there is enough engagement to repeatedly maintain its lock through the entire draw cycle. The release can unintentionally fire if there is not adequate engagement to maintain its lock. Unintentional activation can cause serious injury to yourself and others. After each adjustment, test the setting with caution and attention to possible unintentional activation for at least 10 consecutive shots.

Adjusting the Thumb knob:

You will need a 5/64 allen key for this adjustment. The thumb barrel on your STAN is fully adjustable for height, angle, and tilt. There are two different trigger extension lengths and barrels. To change the barrel and extension, remove the screws from the extension and loosen the screw in the end of the barrel, being careful not to lose the locking slug that is in the barrel. Reattach the barrel extension you want to use to your release.

To adjust the angle of the barrel, loosen the set screw in the end of the barrel. Rotate the knob about the barrel extension and orientate to your liking. When you have found the setting that you prefer, tighten screw to secure the knob in place.

Use of the Trainer Lock Pin:

The trainer lock pin is a training and practice aid that allows you to safely draw your bow confidently without your release going off unintentionally. The pin prevents the release from firing but allows the rest of the release to function normally. When the trainer lock is installed, you will hear the click of the mechanism when you fire the release but the hook will not open. The side you install the pin in depends on your comfort as a left or right-handed archer. You can adjust the release as normal while using the trainer lock.  IMPORTANT: Always nock an arrow and aim in a safe direction when using the trainer lock pin. To install or remove the Trainer Lock, you must cock the release aid first.

Changing your finger extension:

You will need a 5/64 Allen key for this adjustment. The OnneX Thumb release comes with two articulating finger extensions offering three or four-finger options and a 30-degree range of sweep adjustability. To change from one extension to another, remove the screw and the finger extension should easily slide out of the release body. Reverse this process to reinstall the other extension.

Does STAN offer a warranty?

If anything were to happen with your release that you would have to send it in for repairs, please contact our customer service and we will assign an RMA number for you to return your release. Our customer service line is 315-258-9269 or fill out the RMA form on our website. We hope you enjoy your release aid and would love to hear your feedback. Our greatest source of improvement is you. We appreciate your business and value your thoughts. Contact us on our website or through

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STAN OnneX Thumb Release Review Summary

Making the switch from an index release aid to a thumb button can be a daunting task but it’s ideal for archers looking to increase their accuracy in the field and the range.  One of the reasons why the STAN OnneX releases are so popular with archers is because the body of the release is the same throughout their entire line-up in the series, including the Stan OnneX Resistance Release, Stan OnneX Hinge Release, Stan OnneX Clicker Thumb Release, and the Stan OnneX Thumb Release.  This allows archers to switch from one type of release to the other without losing the feel and anchor point that is so crucial to consistent success.

A release of this caliber is an expensive investment, so it’s crucial to make sure you find a versatile, comfortable, and dependable release that will hold up to the test of time.  For me, the STAN Onnex Thumb is exactly what I was looking for a thumb barrel release.  As a bowhunter, I needed a thumb barrel that could be clipped on the d-loop while my bow hangs in the tree beside me.  You’d be surprised how many high-end releases do not offer this option.

The biggest question is whether or not I would recommend someone to pay $300 for this release or not?  My honest answer is YES!   If you’re looking for a high-end release that can be used on the 3-D range, as well as during hunting season.  I’ve attempted to shoot a thumb barrel several seasons and always made the switch back to an index finger release until this past season.  I found myself shooting more consistently and accurately while using this release compared to my old faithful TruFire Hardcore.


    • Great fit and feel in my hand
    • Clean and crisp breaking action at the shot
    • Adjustable trigger travel
    • Adjustable trigger tension
    • Adjustable Position of Thumb Knob
    • Avaialble in a wide variety of sizes.
    • Available in both LEFT and RIGHT-hand configurations
    • Same ergonomic shape and design as the STAN OnneX Hinge and STAN Onnex Clicker Thumb


    • Price: It’s not cheap!
    • Heavy Brass has a bright and shiny finish
    • Doesn’t come with a wrist strap to keep hunters from losing it
    • Could be considered heavy by some archers but heavy is a good thing for most archers

Ready to buy? The easiest place to purchase is on Amazon, but online retailers such as Black Ovis, Scheel’s, and GoHunt also sell STAN releases.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review.  This is an unpaid gear review and I purchased this product out-of-pocket a couple of seasons ago. Hunting Gear Deals is funded by affiliate commissions. We may receive a small commission when you buy from our partners using the links provided. There is no additional cost to you. Thanks for supporting us by using our links when making your purchases.

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