PX18 Combo Review

Stealth Cam PX18 Trail Camera Combo Review

Will Howard Wendland

Beginning of a Trail Camera Addiction

I started deer hunting when I was about 8 years old, but lost my passion for it, sitting in the same box blinds and treestands for 12 years. In December of 2018, I had the opportunity to buy my brother-in-law’s old Mathews bow. Man, did that bow reignite my passion for hunting! As I started to become a “serious” bow hunter, I began to take monitoring the deer on my hunting land more seriously. I began to scout for scrapes, rubs, and bedding areas, but that just didn’t satisfy me. I decided to pick up a game camera and chose the StealthCam PX18 Combo. I found a trail where the deer were moving between their bedding and a food source and set it up. It wasn’t long before I started getting pictures of lots of does and small bucks! Finally, I got a picture of the big one I’d been hoping for and have been hunting like a mad man since.

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Stealth Cam PX18 Camo Combo Review

  • Brand: Stealth Cam
  • Model: STC-PX18CMO
  • Retail: $129.99
  • Dimensions: 2.25 x 6.75 x 9.13 Inches

• 8.0 Megapixel
• Video recording 15 seconds
• 18 IR Emitters / 60ft range
• Burst Mode 1-6 images per triggering
• External LCD status display
• Time / Date / Moon Phase
• SD Card slot up to 32GB
• Low Battery indicator
• Operates on 8 AA batteries Included
• 8GB SD Card Included

Choosing the Stealth Cam PX18 Combo

To say that my experience with trail cameras is “limited” would be a generous statement. This camera is the first one that I’ve bought, and given the budget of a graduate student, I wasn’t able to shell out a bunch of cash for my first one. The fact that this camera came in a combo pack with batteries and an SD card really sealed the deal for me. This combo is ideal for hunters who aren’t trying to break the bank, or beginners like myself needing a good, affordable trail camera to get them started. I’m able to check my camera pretty regularly, so the 8GB memory card was more than adequate for storing pictures between checking it. One of my favorite things about the Stealth Cam PX18 is the 3 preset modes for images, plus an optional custom camera setting. You can set the delay, choose photo or video mode, how many photos in a burst, resolution, the whole 9 yards. Even someone like myself who isn’t the most tech-savvy can figure it out pretty quickly. I paid about $80 for this camera, and I’m happy with what I got for my hard-earned dollar.

Testing the PX18 Combo

I live in the heart of Alabama, so my PX18 has been able to experience some very unpredictable weather. It’s been in the woods since early November, and we’ve had anything from 88°F with 100% humidity to the 30° range with wind and rain. I have not had a single problem with it. Once again, for the price I paid for the camera I am very impressed.


  • Low Price Point
  • Wide Range of Settings
  • Included batteries and SD card give you everything you need to start getting photos


  • No Images past 30-40 feet
  • Resolution is lower than many high end trail cameras

Stealth Cam PX18 Combo Review Summary

The Stealth Cam PX18 is a pretty good camera. I will continue to use it as long as it will function properly. It is very reasonably priced, and I’m happy with the overall quality of the camera and pictures! The combo pack is an excellent set-up for someone with a tight budget and minimal experience with using trail cameras. Also perfect for someone who is looking to expand their trail camera network without spending a fortune. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a good-quality, low-cost camera.

Ready to buy? Stealth Cam has released new models for 2019, so the best place to find a deal on the PX18 Combo is eBay. Camofire also frequently has deals on older trail cameras, especially when they have TrailCam Tuesdays.

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Will Howard Wendland is a graduate student at Auburn University working with nutrient management for cotton. He loves spending time outdoors, especially bowhunting for whitetail deer. He also enjoys hunting ducks, quail, turkey, and doves and likes to fish, too!

Instagram- @wh_wendland

Twitter- @wh_wendland

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