Tethrd Mantis Saddle Review

Chris Morris

Becoming a Saddle Hunter

I have been a hunter for 37+ years. This past deer season, I’ve added a new title: “SaddleHunter.” I hunted this past deer season in LA (Lower Alabama, the one without all the fruitcakes), solely from the Tethrd Mantis and it has forever changed how I hunt.

The Mantis is a new hunting saddle developed by Tethrd, a startup company founded by diehard saddle hunters. I’m not sure why it’s called a saddle. It’s more like a diaper…, but I guess saying you’re a diaper hunter doesn’t have the same appeal.

tethrd saddle starter kit
Tethrd Mantis Hunting Saddle

The Tethrd Mantis Saddle is the culmination of years of combined research and testing. At only 15 ounces, it’s easily the world’s most ultralight elevated hunting system.

    • Fixed 1/4″ Amsteel Blue bridge at 30″
    • Dedicated lineman loops
    • Molle attachment system for modular accessory upgrades
    • MILSPEC Mesh construction with 2-way stretch for ultimate comfort

Tethrd: A New Player in the Hunting Market

If you’re new to saddle hunting, basically you’re sitting in a sling which is attached to the tree by a rope which is girth hitched around the trunk of the tree above your head and attached to the bridge of your saddle. It’s really pretty simple after you have seen it. The saddle hunting industry has, for the most part, been a DIY industry until recently. Tethrd has filled this void by creating a one-stop shop for everything you need to start saddle hunting.

First Season with the Tethrd Mantis

Using the Tethrd Mantis for a Season

I hunted the entire season from this saddle. I hunt in southern Alabama, so we have a wide variety of trees. I hunted from water oaks, pine trees, sweet gum, and probably others. There really wasn’t a type of tree that didn’t work well. Although you can hunt out of any tree, It works best on medium to smaller trees about the diameter of a basketball or slightly larger. While I didn’t kill a buck from my saddle this year, I had several bucks come into bow range that never knew I was there hiding on the backside of the tree, which is how you set up with the saddle)

hunt 360-degrees around a tree
tethrd mantis saddle review

Advantages of Using the Tethrd Mantis

I really like the fit of the saddle. The ability to be able to wear your stand to the tree without having to lug a heavy stand through thickets is a huge bonus. The Mantis saddle makes it a really great option for the mobile style of hunting. You also can comfortably shoot 360 degrees around the tree, compared to a treestand, where you have a few dead spots. This really is accentuated when you’re bowhunting. The only other saddle I’ve used is the Trophy line saddle which was the best option at the time, but the Mantis is a lot less bulky and much more comfortable.

How Tethrd Can Improve the Mantis Saddle System

There really isn’t much to change on the Mantis. If I’m trying to be critical, they could maybe make it easier to reach the sys hauler pouch, a bag that holds any extra gear you have, which connects on the backside of the saddle in the MOLLE loops. You want it out of your way while hunting, but it is sometimes hard to access, especially when you’re wearing a lot of cold weather clothes.

sitting in a hunting saddle

Tethrd Mantis Hunting Saddle Review Summary

I plan on hunting the majority of the time from the Mantis here out. For myself as a bowhunter, I feel it’s the best option out there. I also think that the price point for this saddle is pretty spot on. You could buy several treestands at several hundred dollars or one mantis and still be able to hunt the same amount of trees. I recommend this for someone who hunts public land or likes to hunt several different locations on private property, using a run and gun style. It saves you the hassle of not having to put up and take down a stand each time you go to the woods. The Mantis will allow the hunter who wants to be able to hunt different areas as the deer changes its patterns throughout the year to stay mobile and hopefully be more successful. In my opinion, if you’re doing something different than the majority of the other hunters, your odds of success will go up, and the Mantis will help you get there.

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  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Packs Tightly or You can Wear it to Your Spot
  • You Can Hunt From Any Tree
  • You Can Shoot 360-Degrees Around Your Tree
  • Less Bulky and More Comfortable than the Trophyline Saddle


  • Sys Hauler Pouch is Hard to Access While Hunting

Ready to buy? The only place to buy a new Tethrd Mantis Tree Saddle is at TethrdNation.com.

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Chris Morris has been hunting his home state of Alabama for 37+ years. He has killed 3 Pope & Young bucks the past 3 years with his bow in Kansas and 3 bucks over 140″ in Alabama with a gun. That being said, turkey hunting is his passion. Where every bird is a trophy.

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