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Texas Hunter 1,000 Pound Protein Feeder Review

Camron Stover

Supplemental deer feeding programs can be costly.  Regardless of the brand of feed, you’re using, it’s not cheap and if you’re not careful, a lot of your high-end deer feed will go to waste without shielding it from the weather.  For years, I built feeders out of 55-gallon drums and PVC pipe and they worked for corn but never protein.  The steel drums would sweat as the temperatures changed and the product would eventually clog up.

Recently, a couple of my lease partners and I went in on a couple some Texas Hunter Protein Feeders, including several 1,000-pound protein feeders  We’ve been able to successfully implement a supplemental feeding program and do not have any wasted product anymore.

best gravity feeder for wildlife
Texas Hunter 1,000 Pound Protein Feeder

The Texas Hunter Protein Feeders are built to last! The innovative high-density, roto-molded design makes Texas Hunter Protein Feeders indestructible against the elements.  This large-capacity gravity deer feeder is a must-have for areas where supplemental feeding is allowed.

Retail: $1,449.99
  • 1,000 lb. Capacity.
  • Adjustable Feed Flow Control
  • Four Protein Feed Stations
  • Heavy-Duty, Powder-Coated Steel Stand

Assembly of the Texas Hunter 1,000 Pound Protein Feeder

The set-up of the Texas Hunter 1,000-pound feeder was pretty simple.  The roto-molded hopper fits directly onto a full-welded frame and skid.  The only installations are the four feed station pipes on the bottom where deer eat from.  The necessary hardware comes packaged inside the roto-molded hopper so it doesn’t get lost during shipping or transport to your set-up area.  I would suggest installing the feeding pipe after getting to the location where you’re going to use them.  It isn’t necessary, but just in case you drop it during transportation, you’ll be less likely to damage it.

How to Fill Up the Texas Hunter 1,000 Pound Protein Feeder

The most difficult part of owning a Texas Hunter 1,000-pound feeder is keeping it full.  In high deer density areas, the deer can consume upwards of 100 pounds per day.  Keep in mind that you have to be able to reach the top of the lid and lift a bag of feed over your head in order to fill it.  These feeders are 80 inches high, 6’8″ high to be exact.  I’m not the tallest guy at 5’9″, so I make sure that I can stand on something like the back of my ATV to fill the feeder easier.  If you can’t get your truck, ATV, or UTV into the area, consider picking up a platform ladder to keep nearby.

The Best Feature of the Texas Hunter 1,000 Pound Protein Feeder

The best feature of the Texas Hunter Protein Feeder is the adjustable feeding tubes.  The 1,000-pound feeder is equipped with a single feed tube that can be flow controlled at four different ports!  For instance, if the deer are eating too much too quickly, you can adjust the speed of protein that is gravity fed to the feeding tube.  Also, if the backside of your shooting lanes is blocked y the feeder, then simply turn that one completely off to ensure you always have a good shot angle.  This feature will save you money and help you be more successful on future hunts.

One time, on one of my homemade gravity feeders, I watched in agony as a typical 12-point fed for several minutes and I didn’t have a shot opportunity.  A shot did not present itself due to the angle he approached the feeder and the angle at which he stood at the feeder.  Deer after deer came and went, but his body positioning kept me from getting a shot that day.  A couple of weeks later, he was killed on the neighboring property after my 300-pound homemade feeder ran out of corn.

The adjustable feed port is great but it’s not the coolest feature.  (Pun intended). The roto-molded design keeps your feed 26% cooler than a steel feeder, which is important in southern states where high temperatures are frequent.  I’m curious if the roto-molded design keeps food warmer in cold weather conditions.  (To be determined). Texas Hunter claims that deer will gravitate to the cooler food source in the heat of the summer but my neck of the woods doesn’t allow me to test this out for myself.


  • Built to last
  • Water Tight
  • Adjustable feed flow
  • On a skid for easier set-up and movement
  • Roto-Molded


  • Price
  • Cost of Shipping
  • Bulky to transport

Is the Texas Hunter 1,000 Pound Protein Feeder Bear-Proof?

The Texas Hunter 1,000 Pound Protein Feeder is NOT bear-proof.  They’re tough and built to last, but they’re not designed to sustain the forces that a hungry bear can inflict.  We haven’t had any issues with damage from deer, squirrels, or raccoons though.  If bears frequent your neck of the woods, I wouldn’t recommend a gravity feeder unless you take extreme measures to keep them out.  You might be able to put up a barbed-wire fence to keep them out but I wouldn’t count on it.

Texas Hunter 1,000 Pound Protein Feeder Review Summary

Serious deer managers that invest in supplemental feeding programs typically aren’t afraid of spending money and the Texas Hunter 1,000 Pound Protein Feeder is a tremendous asset to protecting their investment.  Supplemental food sources such as protein mixtures aren’t cheap and moisture can ruin even the best products on the market.  Thankfully, the Texas Hunter Protein Feeders are designed to keep water out.  We’ve been using these feeders on our lease for a couple of years and love them!  Typically, you’d see them in places like Texas but they work in Ohio just the same.  I would be cautious in using them in areas where bears frequent because bears are destructive in nature and these feeders are not bear-proof.

Where legal, you cannot go wrong with a Texas Hunter Pound Protein Feeder.  The 1,000-pound feeder is built to last, is easy to assemble, and exceeds expectations.

Ready to buy?  You can buy on Amazon or buy directly at Texas Hunter Products.


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