Thermacell radius zone 2.0 review

Thermacell Radius Zone Battery Mosquito Repellent Review

Dan Patton

While being an avid outdoorsman year-round there are countless critters to be chased but also other critters chasing me! I have been eaten up with so many types of flies, beetles, bugs, mosquitoes, hornets, and the more I don’t care to even think about them all! In the past, I have used bug sprays, candles, tiki torches, and more but still seem to end up getting bit by bugs. While hunting, I have used a Thermacell mobile version but never anything else made by Thermacell.

thermacell radius review
Thermacell Radius Zone 2.0 Review

Radius is mess-free, easy-to-use, rechargeable, scent-free and compact. Radius was voted as Popular Science’s 2018 Grand Award Winner in Recreation for their BOWN (Best of What’s New) Award!

Retail Price: $49.99
  • Push button simple with one-button interface. Turn it on… Mosquitoes Gone!
  • Operates for 6.5+ hours on a single charge
  • Repels mosquitoes for up to 40 hours on a single refill
  • Protects a 110 square foot area

Thermacell Radius Zone 2.0 Details

The Thermacell Radius Gen Zone Gen 2.0 is a small rechargeable mosquito repellant unit and with a lithium ion battery that with run for 6+ hours on a single charge It comes in two colors, blue and black. The Radius Zone comes with a 12-hour cartridge to emit the bug repellent,  and 40-hour refills are sold separately also. A simple press of a button will turn on and off the unit. It can be programmed to be on for a few hours if desired, or simply turn on until not needed or the battery runs out. The unit is quite small, fits in the palm of your hand comfortably. It’s TSA compliant for travel too.

Thermacell Radius First Impressions

Upon receiving my new Thermacell Radius, I immediately plugged it in to begin testing it out. After the initial charge, I was able to use it twice before needing to recharge it. The ability to turn it off and on at will works to save battery life. Thermacell claims there is no odor, but there is definitely a slight smoke smell that emits from it while burning the fuel.

This Thing Works!

I have enjoyed using it multiple times on the deck while studying, reading, and just relaxing. It has a use anywhere there are bugs in fact. It takes the full 10-15 minutes as claimed on the packaging to keep pests at bay. I took a few bites while waiting for the Radius barrier to form. I’ve also used the Radius Zone while shooting my bow and it’s much more enjoyable insect-free. This Thermacell has not let me down yet. I now have no use for my citronella candles and tiki torches other than to provide light once it’s dark out thanks to the Radius Zone.

radius zone hunting review

Thermacell Radius Zone Conclusions

In the future, I plan to continue using the Radius and purchasing some 40-hour cartridges for all of my outdoor activities. It’s been a welcomed tool camping, turkey hunting, shooting my bow, and enjoying the backyard! As a scent control freak, I am unsure of using it while deer hunting, due to the odor. If you don’t worry about scent control, or just play the wind, it may not matter to you. I plan to put that part to the test this fall.


  • Off and On with the Touch of a Button
  • It works. No bugs!
  • Programmable for Set Times
  • Light and Compact


  • Slight Burning Odor
  • 10-15 Minute Warm-Up Period

Ready to buy? You can get the Thermacell Radius Zone Gen 2.0 Mosquito Repellent directy from Thermacell. Sign up for their email list for a discount code! You can also find them on Amazon.

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Dan Patton is a Michigan native, growing up in a small town, He was constantly outdoors: hunting, fishing, camping and exploring his family property. He now lives in northwest Georgia and has converted to 100% public land activities with no family close by. He has found an even deeper love for adventures all over.

Instagram- @dan_patton55

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