Third Hand Rag Bag Review

Ryan Heilman

I am a life long hunter and outdoorsman. I started out in archery with a crossbow due to a hand amputation at a young age, but I switched to a standard compound bow about three years ago. I’ve done a lot of shooting while figuring things out with a prosthetic, and it is why I would like to tell you about the Third Hand Rag Bag Target.

The Third Hand Rag Bag Target works tremendously and can take a ton of shots. This heavy-duty woven poly bag measures 32″ x 34″ and costs $25. To fill the target, I used old clothes, blankets, curtains (don’t tell the wife), and pillows. I have heard of some people using packaging stretch wrap with good results but have yet to try that. This is a great target to hang from a stand or rope. It does get heavy with all the stuffing, so I’ve chosen to keep it in one spot.

Third Hand Archery Rag Bag

Cut target costs by eliminating the most expensive part of the target… the bulky material inside and the freight to ship it to you. The 32″ x 34″ Third Hand Archery target bag is one of the most durable bag covers on the market. This cover is made of extra heavy-duty poly and has an easy-to-seal velcro top.

Retail Price: $25.00 + Shipping

  • 32″ x 34″
  • Stops All Arrows
  • Easy to Pull
  • Made in the USA

Super Durable Archery Target

I have used this bag for the last three years. It hangs between two trees in the backyard and has absorbed a ton of shots. I would say an average of four days a week minimum and about twenty arrows a day. It shows some wear but nowhere close to being shot out.

How to Fill the Third Hand Rag Bag

The bag has easy access to stuff it and a velcro strip to keep it closed. It has multiple dots to shoot on both sides of the target. It holds up very well out in the weather and arrows pull out easily.

how to fill the third hand rag bag

Tips for using the Rag Bag Target

Here is some advice for using the bag, based on my experience with it the last 3 years; When it’s cold, and the stuffing inside is frozen, it will break an arrow. Also, once a year, take your filler material out and rearrange it to remove any soft spots. It definitely holds up better than any other bag target I’ve shot at. It’s kind of like that rotisserie commercial that says, “Set it and forget it.” Put it in the yard and enjoy it!

2 Negatives

There are two downsides to the Rag Bag. First, it is pretty heavy when stuffed full, which makes moving it difficult. Second, you cannot test broadheads in this type of target. I knew both of these factors going in, so they were not a disappointment.

diy archery target

Third Hand Rag Bag Review Summary

I will continue to shoot this target for years to come as it looks to have many left. When the time comes for a new backyard bag target, you can bet it will be another Rag Bag. Whether you are an archery hunter or just shoot for fun, the Bag Bag will make an excellent target. Happy shooting!


  • Extremely Durable
  • Easy to Fill
  • Inexpensive


  • Stuffed Target is Heavy
  • Materials Can Freeze
  • Not for Broadheads

Ready to buy? You can buy the Rag Bag directly at the Third Hand website with paid shipping or with free shipping on Amazon.

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Ryan Heilman lives in the Pocono mountains of PA. Enjoy the outdoors every chance he gets. Hunting, fishing, hiking, etc..

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