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Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Review

Camron Stover

Is the Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Worth the Money?

I’m an avid archery hunter who to likes to push his skills to the limit to prepare in preparation for hunting season. Frequent long-range practice makes short-distance shots from a treestand much easier. I prefer to practice at long distances to ensure my set-up is fine-tuned and an adjustable sight makes it easier for me to dial into the exact yardage. I’ve owned multi-pin sights that were equipped with as many as seven pins in the housing but that became cumbersome at full-draw, especially in low-light situations. For me, having too many pins is cumbersome and distracting.

Single pin sights are great for someone that gets distracted by multi-pin sights. This will allow you to focus on one pin and one pin only, regardless of the distance. A simple turn of the dial and you could shoot from 20 yards to 100+ yards with the most adjustable sights on the market, but that depends on your set-up. However, the downside of only having one pin means that you have to adjust it on the fly. Adjusting my pin in the heat of the moment isn’t my ideal scenario.

Imagine watching the buck you’ve had your eye on all season chase a doe under your stand and stop broadside at 20 yards, you adjust your pin and get ready to draw back but as you draw back the buck starts to chase the doe again and stops at 45 yards, slightly quartering away. and you have to You have to let down from full draw, adjust the sight to the correct yardage again before drawing again to attempt the shot.

Multipin sights allow me to shoot quickly, regardless of yardage but they can be distracting and cumbersome. Single pin sights allow you to fine-tune each shot to the precise yardage and there are less distractions in the sight housing. However, adjusting the sight at full draw is impossible and risky. But there’s one other option, a multi-pin adjustable sight.

The Trophy Ridge React Trio. Personally, I fell in love from the start and I couldn’t believe how quickly it was for me to sight my bow in from 20-100 yards. This sight offers the hunter the best of both worlds, three fixed pins for your most common shooting distances (20, 30 and 40 yards) and the capabilities of adjusting the sight out to 100+ yards for longer yardages.

best bow hunting sight

Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro Features:

The Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro allows you to be ready for any situation and has the capabilities of shooting out to 100 yards. The Trio Pro is equipped with three fixed pins for up-close range but has the unique feature that incorporates a precision dial that will adjust your 40-yard pin out to 100 yards! The React Technology precisely dials in the yardage for you after sighting in at 40 and 60 yards.

Retail: $279.99

■  Fastest sight set up on the market

■ Set up to 100 yards in 4 easy steps

■ Tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustability

■ Second-Axis and Third- Axis Leveling

■ Minimum arrow speed of 250 FPS

What is React Technology?

React Technology is a patented pin-gap adjustment feature created by Trophy Ridge to mathematically predict the pin gap on your sight. This technology helps you quickly sight in your bow, without having to adjust each pin. Also, you don’t have to worry about matching up sight tapes either. If you adjust the sight properly, your pins will be perfectly adjusted out to 100 yards and it only takes a few minutes! Literally, within minutes, you can be shooting out to 100 yards with a well-tuned bow.

The React Trio Pro is different than the other sights with React Technology, you set your pin gap by sighting in your bottom pin at 40 yards and then adjusting the yardage selector knob to 60 yards, then adjust the 60-yard indicator to match the yardage selector and the rest of your pins from 50 to 100 yards will adjust at the exact same time. A properly tuned bow can be sighted in out to 100 yards with just a few arrows and a couple of minutes of your time.

best archery hunting sight

Why is a 3 pin slider archery sight your best choice for bowhunting?

In my opinion, a 3 pin slider is the best archery sight for hunting that you can buy. There are several different brands on the market that make a 3 pin slider but my favorite is the Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro. The React technology makes sighting in quick and easy! Here’s how it works: You have three fixed pins that are designed to be utilized at 20, 30 and 40 yards. Your 40 yard will double as the pin you’ll use for any distance past 40 yards. The top two pins, 20 and 30, are easily adjusted to the proper yardage individually and the React Technology doesn’t come in to play. However, they are very important in the field because most whitetail hunters kill their prey at 30 yards or less!

To dial the sight in, you’ll first tune your bow and rest appropriately, we aren’t going into that here, we are only here to learn about the sight. Ease yourself back to 40 yards by estimating where your 20- and 30-yard pins should be but don’t waste time adjusting them just yet. Once, you are comfortable enough to step back to 40 yards, shoot a group and adjust the sight accordingly. Remember, when adjusting the sight down, you move the point of impact up. When you adjust the sight to the right, you adjust the point of impact to the left.

Fine tune your 40-yard pin! Do not go any further in this process until your 40-yard pin is perfect! After your 40-yard pin is set, adjust the dial of the sight down. Notice the indicator pins on the side of the sight and you can start with the 3rd line down if that helps. The top line is your baseline marking for 40 yards, it never moves. The next one down is 50 yards, the next is 60 yards, etc. Chances are, you’ll have to adjust the sight up or down to fine tune exactly where your 60-yard mark should be. As soon as you find it, use an allen wrench to adjust the React technology sight marking appropriately.

It sounds a lot more complicated than it really is and this process shouldn’t take but a few minutes for an experienced archer.

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Trophy Ridge React Trio Review Summary

The Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro is a good improvement from the original Trophy Ridge React Trio. I’ve owned both sights and this one is much better than the original. The micro-adjust features help ensure your sights are fine-tuned to the proper yardage and the React technology lives up to the hype. I’m really impressed at how quickly it was to sight my bow in at long distances. I may not be taking long-distance shots this season on an animal, but you better believe I’ll be testing my skills in the backyard and on the range.

I’ve enjoyed success with Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro in the whitetail woods and this sight performed flawlessly. Also, it’s tough enough to withstand a two full seasons of abuse and will accompany me into the 2021 hunting season as well. I fully recommend the Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro!


    • • Long-range accuracy
    • React Technology makes sighting in quick and easy.
    • Quiet – Nothing rattles or makes noise on the shot.
    • Fixed pins for 20, 30 & 40 yards, with the option to adjust the sight housing to use the 40-yard pin out to 100+ yards!
    • Sight tapes are included with the sight out to 100 yards.
    • Two rheostat lights to brighten your sight pins and indicator pins.
    • Easy 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment


    • Price: It’s not cheap! (Retail Price: $279.99)
    • Only available with .019” pins
    • Minimum Arrow Speed: 250 fps
    • Adjusting the yardage in the field requires two movements and the yardage selector lock and adjustment knob are on opposite sides of the sight.
    • Must shoot long distances for this sight to be worth the investment.
    • Only available in RIGHT hand configurations

Ready to buy? The easiest place to purchase is on Amazon, but if you’re looking to save a little money, you can check eBay as well.  Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Walmart are also great places to find it in stock.

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