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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for a Deer Hunter

Friends and family tell me every year that I’m the hardest person to buy Christmas gifts for but I disagree.  I’m a deer hunter and I could always use an extra trail camera, treestand, or accessory to improve the quality of my hunt.  Also, I like to experiment with new tactics and gear to increase my chances of harvesting my target animal each Fall.  However, if you’re not a hardcore deer hunter like myself, you may not know what we want.  So here’s a quick list of Christmas gift ideas that the hunter in your life would most certainly enjoy this year.

Stocking Stuffers

bulk SD card sale

SD Cards

No matter how many trail cameras you have, you can never have enough SD Cards. Buy them in bulk and you’ll save a lot of money. In fact, this is one of the most commonly over-priced in-store purchases that hunters waste money on. I’d recommend getting an 8GB or 16 GB SD card. There’s no need to run 32GB or higher SD cards in a trail camera.

how to keep warm in the cold

Hot Hands

Let’s face it, everyone needs a pack of Hot Hands in their backpack or purse. Whether you’re going out to hunt or to watch a football game, Hot hands are a must-have when the temperatures start to drop!

best deal on gutting gloves

Field Dressing Gloves

Simple, cheap, and everyone could use another pair or two. Gutting gloves keep you clean during the messiness that takes place after the kill! These make great stocking stuffers!

best deal energizer lithium batteries

Energizer Lithium AA Batteries

Everyone needs batteries and hunters are no exception. The majority of trail camera on the market today utilize AA batteries and there’s no better battery on the market than Energizer’s Lithium batteries. Buying in BULK will save you money in the long run. It’s not uncommon for Energizer Lithium AA batteries to last me an entire season in most trail cameras.

Gifts Under $50

ArcticShield Boot cover sale

Arctic Shield Boot Warmers

This is one of the best investments I’ve made in my hunting gear. I can wear the same hunting boots in the winter as I do on spring gobbler hunts because of this inexpensive product from Arctic Shield. Simply slip the Arctic Shield boot covers over your hunting boots when you get settled in for the day’s hunt and your feet will be warm and toasty. On extra cold hunts just throw some hot hands inside them and you’ll never want to get out of the treestand!

best yeti gift

Custom Yeti Rambler

There’s no better way to tell someone you love them than with a custom Yeti Rambler! They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors but they can be customized. Engrave your loved one’s nickname, favorite sports team, or a personal message to motivate them on their next adventure!

scrapestick deal


The ScrapeStick is a unique product for deer hunters that allow you to make a mock scrape anywhere!  I’ve been using them for a couple of years now and they’ve proven to be an excellent tool for me in the whitetail woods!  Check out this gear review for more information.

thermacell deal


Mosquitos are no match when you have a Thermacell in the treestand with you. One of the biggest hurdles on early season hunts are blood-sucking mosquitos that make you want to jump out of the tree and run home. The Thermacell is the perfect solution that won’t spook game and it’s worth its weight in gold during early season hunts. (FYI – Thermacell also makes larger units that are great for the backyard too!)

best way to display shed antlers

Big 8 Products – The Change-Up

If your loved one collects shed antlers, then there’s no better way to display them than with “The Change-Up” from Big 8 Products.  This unique product allows you to display sets of shed antlers just like they’re supposed to be displayed!  This is certain to be a great addition to any man cave.  (Shed antlers are not included!)

Gifts Under $130

best deal cellular trail camera

Tactacam Reveal Cellular Trail Camera

The Tactacam Reveal has taken the cellular trail camera market by storm this year. They’re affordable and the reviews have really good for a camera that costs around $100. This has been one of the hottest products on the market all season and it won’t be easy to find. Follow the link to find the most likely places to find one in stock. If they are in stock, you might as well save yourself the effort and order a couple extra because your loved one is going to want more.  The Tactacam Reveal isn’t easy to find in stock but follow the link to our post that’ll direct you to the best price and the stores that have it in stock.

hunting ground blind

Ameristep Caretaker Ground Blind

The Ameristep Caretaker Hunting Blind is a great investment for the most experienced hunter or the rookie.  Ground blinds provide hunters and up-close and comfortable means to increase their hunting opportunities.  Ground blinds provide excellent concealment and additional warmth/protection from the elements.  The Caretaker is a 5 hub design ground blind making them easy to set up and teardown. There is plenty of room to bow or gun hunt with 62″ shooting width and a height of 66″.

best price vortex bino

Vortex Crossfire HD Binoculars

Vortex makes some of the best optics on the market and it’s no secret that they have the best warranty in the business.  At this time this was posted, Cabela’s had an awesome deal on Vortex Crossfire HD Binoculars In TrueTimber Strata Camo.

Gifts Under $250

kuiu discounts

Quality Hunting Apparel (Clothing) – Sitka and KUIU

There’s no better investment to improve the quality of your hunting experience than high-quality hunting apparel.  There are some great brands to choose from, such as KUIU and Sitka Gear are simply the best!  Products from these two companies do not come cheap but consider it an investment.  The warmth to weight ratio that Sitka Gear offers is second-to-none and the active hunter will love the KUIU line-up!

cyber week deal bushnell


There are a lot of great rangefinders on the market today but one thing you need to know is that they’re all not created equal.  Some rangefinders are designed specifically for archery hunting and others for long-range rifle hunting.  I’ve had great success with Bushnell rangefinders for the last decade or more and if you click on the previous two links, it’ll show you two great options.  There are other great manufacturers of rangefinders such as Vortex, Leupold, and Halo.  Some of the brands mentioned offer products that exceed this price category.

best deal millennium stands black friday


There are more treestand manufacturers on the market than I can count but you can’t go wrong with Millennium treestands.  They’re lightweight and extremely comfortable.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some extremely lightweight treestands on the market that don’t come cheap but you’ll sacrifice comfort for the reduced weight.  The Millennium M100u is the perfect Christmas gift for hunters looking for a great treestand that will last for a long time!  Also, Millennium makes a great Run-and-Gun treestand that public land hunters have fallen in love with, the Millennium M7 Microlite.

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