Wildgame Innovations SD Card Reader Review

Ryan Carson

After years and hundreds of dollars spent, I believe I’ve finally found a trail camera card reader that I’ll stick with: The Wildgame Innovation SD Card Reader. The best part? It cost me under $30.

To the continued sighs and eye rolls from my wife, over the last 6-7 years, I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the right trail cam viewer. I’ve purchased tablets with games and GPS, Geo tagging, iPhone card readers from Amazon, and many many more. All had their little quirks separating them from the others. None of them worked well all the time or had all the features I looked for.

best iphone trail cam card reader
WGI SD Card Reader

View all your photos with the Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader. This compact reader is set to load the photo app as soon as it is connected. Supports multiple photo formats.

  • Apple and Android versions
  • Instantly review trail camera photos and videos in the field
  • Easy to use with free downloadable app
  • No batteries or cell service required

Download the App and Plug It In

The Wildgame SD Card Reader is simple to use, and so far in my testing, it has worked with all my different brands of cameras and cards. It comes with this simple instruction written on the back: “Download App.” After you install the Wildgame Viewer app on your device, just insert your SD card and plug the device into your phone. The app automatically opens, and away you go. I use video a lot on my cameras, and this viewer does take several seconds to load the 30-second videos but plays them flawlessly, with sound.

best sd card reader for trail cameras
iphone sd card reader

Wildgame SD Card Reader Potential Improvement

The only issue I have with the Wildgame Innovations SD Card Reader is the lightning adapter needs to be a bit longer to plug into an iPhone with the case on. I had to purchase an extension to use with my phone case. It was not expensive, only $6-7, but it should be unnecessary.

Clean and Simple Wildgame Viewer App

The Wildgame Viewer app is simple to use without all the extra fluff. I find the app more enjoyable and clean looking than the operating system used with the other Wildgame Innovation viewers. You can enlarge photos to get a closer look, the same as any other photos on your phone. It took me a little time, but I did figure out how to store images to your phone and send that heartstopping picture to your buddies.

Wildgame Innovations SD Card Reader Review Summary

All in all, this is the least expensive, most straightforward SD card viewer I have tried and it has yet to let me down. I would recommend the Wildgame Innovations SD Card Reader to anyone like me who wants an easy to use SD card reader without the extras you don’t need. Don’t let the price fool you, this little thing works!

sd card reader app


  • Easy to Set Up
  • App Works with a Wide Variety of Cameras
  • Inexpensive Solution


  • Needs Lightning Adapter Extention to Work with a Case

Ready to buy? WGI makes a version of the Wildgame Innovations SD Card Reader for Apple and Android. You can find the Apple version on Optics Planet (Don’t forget to add a coupon code!) and the Android version is at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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