Zink Power Hen PH-2 Acrylic Duck Call Review

Ben Hunt

Choosing Essential Duck Gear

Waterfowl hunters have an endless plethora of equipment and accessories to choose from in their pursuit of ducks and geese. With 10 years of waterfowl hunting experience under my belt, I’m finally beginning to understand how important it is to maintain a delicate balance of gear that is reliable, practical, and effective, depending on the specific scenario in which you’re hunting. While I hunt a variety of habitats throughout a season, I spend 70% of my season hunting public walk-in areas that are available on a first come, first served basis. The equipment that I choose for each hunt must be carefully selected only to include items that I feel will be the most effective and comfortable to carry.

zink ph-2 review

Zink Power Hen PH-2 Acrylic Duck Call

The PH-2 was designed for the hunter who likes the sound of a single reed but is tired of the “over blow squeak” of a single reed. The PH-2 delivers the pure duck sound you are looking for but is very user-friendly, great for close in calling or call shy ducks.

Retail- Acrylic $129.99 Polycarbonate- $29.99

  • Various Colors
  • Extra reeds
  • Instructional DVD
  • Leg Band
  • Hard Case

The Importance of a Duck Call

Although not necessary in all situations, a duck call should be considered one of the top pieces of equipment in any waterfowl hunter’s bag. I’ve tested several calls over the years and have found that some just seem to flat-out work better for me than others. I advise anyone interested in using a duck call to test as many different calls as possible and learn how to feel the unique differences in air pressure control and sound that each call is manufactured to produce.

Zink PH-2 Power Hen Details

Zink produces a variety of duck and goose calls. The Zink PH-2 Power Hen is a duck call available in a variety of color combinations to suit any caller’s preference, as well as options of acrylic or polycarb construction. As a double reed, the PH-2 produces a consistent and crisp mallard hen sound that any hunter would appreciate. The shape of the PH-2 allows it to sit very comfortably in hand, while the double-reed design makes it very user-friendly for callers of all skill levels. Acrylic is a dense material that typically produces louder sounds, but I found that the PH-2 seems to consistently perform best at lower sound levels in situations for finishing wary or decoying ducks.

zink ph-2 power hen call

The PH2 is Great for Beginners

A unique feature of the call design is the difficulty to produce over-blown squeaks and squeals. While this may serve as an advantage for the beginner or intermediate callers, callers looking for more control and finesse with their calls might consider exploring other duck calls within the Zink line of products.

No Reed Issues with the Zink Power Hen

As with any duck call, sticking reeds can sometimes be an issue that renders the call useless. I’ve seen several reviews stating that the PH-2 has a problem with sticking very easily. However, I did not experience such issues during the times that I utilized the call.

What’s Included with the Zink PH2 Power Hen Acrylic?

Included in the PH-2 packaging is a hard case, additional reeds, a leg band, and an instructional DVD that users may find helpful in learning how to use the call correctly. While the bonus items are nice, I didn’t find them particularly useful.

zink ph2 power hen review

Zink Power Hen PH-2 Review Summary

Overall, the Zink PH-2 is a high-quality and consistent call that should not be overlooked as an option on any call lanyard. However, my personal preference is a call with more volume and greater control; thus I will likely be leaving the call off my lanyard in the future.


  • Prevents Squeaking
  • Handles Well
  • Creates Soft Calls for Close Birds


  • Limited Volume

Ready to buy? eBay has a wide selection of colors in both acrylic and polycarb construction. Cabela’s is another good choice.

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