Zwickey Eskimo Broadheads Review

Ben Wilson

I enjoy hunting deer and hogs as much as the next guy, but truthfully the majority of my time in the woods these days is spent hunting small game with my 10-year-old daughter. Recently I purchased a 3 pack of Zwickey Eskimo broadheads to hit the woods with my little hunting partner and look for some rabbits.

zwickey traditional broadheads
Zwickey Eskimo Broadheads

Zwickey Archery has a rich history that dates back all the way to the early 1930’s. High-carbon steel, rugged enough to slice through bone, rigidly fixed.

Available in a variety of sizes, weights, and arrow adaptations.

  • High carbon steel
  • 5 degree taper
  • Rigidly fixed

Why Choose Zwickey Broadheads?

I chose these broadheads for my recurve based on a few factors. First of all, they have an excellent reputation. Secondly, and most importantly, for me, they have been around forever. As someone who appreciates traditional archery, I wanted a simple broadhead with a great history. The first Zwickey broadhead was made in 1937, for me, that seemed to fit the traditional mold. It also doesn’t hurt that three broadheads will run you less than $20 bucks.

Zwickey Broadheads Positives

What struck me first about the Zwickey Eskimos is just how well they are made. The high carbon steel is extremely strong and will hold up for multiple shots. Also, the steel is excellent for holding a razor-sharp edge. This broadhead is designed with no vents, so it is near silent when flying.

Zwickey Broadheads Negative

The only negative I must mention would be about sharpening. As I said before the broadheads do a great job holding an edge. However, they weren’t exceptionally sharp out of the package, and it took a fair amount of work to get a razor edge on them.

best fixed traditional broadhead review

Zwickey Eskimo Broadheads Review Summary

If you are an archer who prefers fixed broadheads, I would definitely recommend the Zwickey Eskimos. They are high-quality and built to last. Absolutely worth the $20. I’m anxiously awaiting the opening of bow season in September, so I can put these things to use.


  • high Carbon Steel Will Hold Up to Multiple Shots
  • Maintains Edge Very Well
  • Flies Silent


  • Needs Sharpening “Out of the Box”

Ready to buy? Zwickey Fixed Blade Broadheads are available in a wide variety of weights, sizes, and attachment methods. You can find the best prices and selection on Amazon.

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Ben Wilson is a native Florida who lives in southwest Florida. He loves to hunt and camp and be outdoors as much as possible.

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