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I’m going to sum my review of the Beretta Bymark Pants for you real quick…I absolutely love them!  The Beretta Bymark Pants are my favorite pants to wear outdoors.  Whether I’m scouting, hunting, hiking, shed hunting, or hanging treestands, the Beretta Bymark Pant is my new go-to.

I spent the majority of the 2021 hunting season wearing these pants.  Oftentimes, I found myself wearing them over my higher-priced Sitka Gear pants.  I found the Bymark pants to be perfectly suited for active hunts on public land and they’ve really become a work-horse do-it-all piece of gear that I look forward to bringing with me on future adventures.  I’ve been really impressed with the performance of the Beretta Bymark Pant this year and here’s why!

best upland bird hunting pant for early season
Beretta Bymark Pant Review

Beretta has incorporated an elastic material for maximum freedom of movement. The Bymark pants are equipped with abrasion-resistant inserts on the front and back areas to increase the durability of the pant without sacrificing comfort.  This combination makes for an ideal pant for run-and-gun hunts, scouting missions, or shed hunts when temperatures allow.

Price: $179
  • Stretchy, yet durable material for comfort and functionality
  • Abrasion-resistant inserts for added protection
  • Elastic waistband
  • Wide belt loops for heavy-duty use.
  • Rubber-tipped zippers for easy use with gloves.
  • Zipper pockets
  • Button and hook design to secure your pants to your boots.

After spending countless hours in the Beretta Bymark Pants, I can wholeheartedly recommend them.  These pants are uninsulated but they’re not extremely lightweight pant that’s suited for hot temperatures that we see in the summer.  I think the dark colors of the pants also play a factor when exposed to sunlight.  The optimal temperature for these pants seems to be from 50 to 65 degrees.  When temperatures fall below 50 degrees, these pants performed well when actively moving and hiking but I found that I needed to add a base layer if I was going to sit for an extended period of time.  When temperatures were warmer than 65 degrees and I began to sweat after walking, but the pants are breathable enough that I wasn’t uncomfortable.  The lower legs of the pants seem to be the warmest area of the pants due to the abrasion-resistant material.

The abrasion-resistant inserts proved invaluable during spot and stalk hunts in prairie grasses.  My fleece pants would have been covered in burrs but burrs seem to easily wipe away from these pants with little effort.  I didn’t get hung up in brush pile with these pants and although they’re slightly noisier than I would prefer, I did successfully stalk within bow range of a bedded whitetail buck and without alerting them.

After countless hours and miles this season, you can barely tell that I’ve worn these pants.  I see no weak spots, no tears or damage that would even hint that I need to consider replacing them anytime soon.  I deliberately put these pants through the wringer without deliberately trying to destroy them and they exceeded my expectations.

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The Beretta Bymark Pants have many features that enhance the user’s experience.  One of the most overlooked aspects of any hunting pant is the “seat” or “butt” of the pants.  There are no annoying or uncomfortable zippers, buttons, or bulk in the seat of the pants that would make sitting on the ground while glassing across a canyon any less uncomfortable.  The right, rear section of these pants has one zipper pocket that has a slim design that doesn’t hinder or annoy the user and you’ll never notice it unless you put something in your pocket.  If you must-have pockets in your pants, don’t worry, because there are several conveniently placed pockets in the front of the pants that are more functional and purpose-driven for your necessities.

The bottom of the pant legs is equipped with features to secure the pants to your boots.  Simply place the hook on your boot laces to keep your pant legs from riding up.  This will prevent dirt and debris from entering your boots and is a great feature that most of my hunting pants left out.

Finally, the waistband in the Beretta Bymark Pants is exceptionally comfortable.  I found the waistband to be stretchy, yet sturdy enough to stay on my waistline without a belt.  I hate wearing a belt, so this feature is a huge plus for me.  Also, the closure of the waistband has a push-button design with an internal hook that you would find in dress pants.  This should prevent wear a tear and increase the life of these pants even more through the years.  Pants that I paid double this price for did not have this feature and have failed me years past, rendering them useless.  However, Beretta did a great job with this design by incorporating several unique features that create a near-perfect hunting pant.

best shed hunting pants
best pheasant hunting pant

So what would I change in the Beretta Bymark Pants?

As much as I like the Beretta Bymark Pants, there are a few things that I would change.  They’re a tad noisy for not having a water-repellent finish.  I would expect some kind of water repellency with the noise produced by these pants but after hunting in the rain, it was apparent that these pants are not water-resistant.  I would also change the upper front zippers.  I lost a whole pocket of shotgun shells one time while sitting down on the ground in a hurry during a squirrel hunt.  Luckily I noticed that they had fallen out of my pants before leaving the area but this made me extra cautious to ensure the zipper was closed at all times.  I never had an issue when I fully closed the zipper though, so you can chalk this up to user error.

The last thing that I would like to improve in the Beretta Bymark Pant is camouflage!  I realize that not wearing camo seems to be the cool thing these days but I prefer some camouflage when hunting.  The problem is, which pattern do you go with?  There are more camo patterns than I can count these days, so pleasing everyone just isn’t possible.  I don’t feel that the lack of camouflage on my pants made a difference in any of my hunts though.

What temperatures are the Beretta Bymark Pants designed to be utilized in?

Beretta doesn’t come out and say these pants are best suited for an exact temperature but I found myself the most comfortable when temperatures were between 50 and 65 degrees.  Any colder than 50 degrees and I needed a base layer.  Warmer than 65 degrees and I was too warm.  However, hunting in high temperatures is never fun anyways.

Are the Beretta Bymark Pants better for mobile hunters or hunters that sit in treestands and/or ground blinds?

The Beretta Bymark Pants are perfect for mobile hunters.  I utilized them primarily for active hunts that required long hikes into public land while carrying way more hunting gear than I needed.  However, I did utilize them for several treestand sits during October and they performed perfectly.  The seat of the pants doesn’t have any zippers or buttons, so there’s nothing uncomfortable back there either.  The zippers are designed at an angle that makes accessing your pockets much easier when seated.

How do Beretta Bymark Pants Fit?

Beretta’s Bymark Pants fit me like a glove!  I’m wearing a size Large and they’re perfect.  I’m not the skinniest guy in the world and I’m really picky about how my clothes fit.  I prefer a more athletic fit and these pants seem to support fit the bill but they’re surprisingly stretchy, creating a comfortable fit.  To put things into perspective, I’m 5’9″, 205 pounds, and a size large fits great.  If I were to lose a few extra pounds this offseason, I’m sure these would be a little baggie but right now, they fit just right.

how do beretta shirts fit
how do beretta pants fit

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  • Fit.  I love the fit and feel of these pants!
  • Tough, yet comfortable
  • Burrs wipe off easily
  • Button and hook waistband to keep it secured
  • Ventilation zippers on the sides of each leg
  • They look great!


  • No water-resistance
  • Noisier than fleece
  • Not available in camouflage

Beretta Bymark Pant Review Summary

After spending several months testing the Beretta Bymark pants, I can wholeheartedly recommend them.  I look forward to slipping these pants on every time I get the chance.  They fit a variety of activities whether it be scouting or hunting applications.  I prefer to wear these pants when temperatures range from 50 to 65 degrees.  When temperatures are above 65, they get a little warm for my liking but I’ve worn them in temperatures exceeding 80 degrees and it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, hunting in those temperatures isn’t fun usually.

I don’t recommend them for stalking into close range of an animal due to the noise generated by the fabric but it’s not too noisy that I would hesitate to try a stalk if the opportunity presented itself.  These pants excelled for me during the early season when the foliage was at its peak and I didn’t have to worry about blending into my surroundings as much.  I also used these pants extensively during my public land excursions in November in the midwest.  I pulled off a successful spot and stalk in the prarie, and they accompanied during several hang and hunts as well.

It won’t be long and shed season will be heating up and I can’t wait to slip back into my Beretta Bymark pants and start scouring the whitetail woods in search of next years target buck!

Ready to buy? You can buy direct from Beretta USA but chances are you’ll save a little bit of money on Amazon or GRITR Outdoors.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review.  Also, thank you to Beretta USA for supplying these excellent base layers for me to try out!  Hunting Gear Deals is funded by affiliate commissions. We may receive a small commission when you buy from our partners using the links provided. There is no additional cost to you. Thanks for supporting us by using our links when making your purchases.

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