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HuntStand- Best Free Mapping App for Hunting

Travis Evans

HuntStand App for Android and iOS

Born and raised in rural Florida, the outdoors have always been a large part of my upbringing and my life. My friends and I ‘didn’t sit around and play video games all day, we went outside and explored. We would walk through the nastiest forests and terrain we could find. Get lost a time or two when ‘you’re younger, and you learn fast how to find your way home. I grew up fishing and being on the water. How could you not, living in the Sunshine State? Hunting was never in my scope, which is strange since I grew up shooting, but recently, it has become a new challenge in my life that I have a real passion for. Just like a kid with a new toy, I have dove headfirst into the fray. Trying new gear. Downloading all the apps I can find. Finding what works for me and what ‘doesn’t. That leads me to my review today of the HuntStand app and

Getting lost in the woods may have been fun when I was younger, but these days I like getting back to my truck promptly and being able to look back on my day’s adventure in the comfort of my home. The Huntstand App is available for both Android and iPhone. Not being an Apple user, the following review covers the Android version, but I’m sure most features are mirrored in the iOS version.
HuntStand Hunt Mapping App

Powerful, useful, and as simple as possible, the HuntStand app can combine GPS satellite mapping, data analytics, and land-management functionality. It works on and offline by caching maps and weather, game, and asset data to your phone.

Price: Free!

HuntStand is a subsidiary of TerraStride. TerraStride specializes in real estate mapping tools, so it’s natural they would use their experience in mapping technology and bring a fresh look to outdoor navigation.

Premium Features for Free!

I downloaded the HuntStand app from the Google Play Store and created an account with HuntStand for free. The account creation process was painless and easy to navigate. The app itself is free, but they do offer an option to upgrade to remove the ads for $5.99 a year. Having tested other mapping apps, the ads in this app are not annoying in the least. I only receive an add when I close the app. Other apps I have tested have frequent pop-up ads while using them. The lack of ads was a pleasant surprise and really made me want to dig into the features without the annoying distractions. There are so many features in this app that make you say, “”Wow, this is free?!?””

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The Hunting Maps and App Navigation

The mapping feature alone is terrific. Like other apps, you have the option to use terrain, topo maps, satellite, and hybrids of these. The maps are bright and beautiful. You can zoom and pan the map just like any other mapping application out there. Getting started was slightly confusing. You must begin by creating a hunting area. This did not make much sense at first because there are no geographic boundaries to the hunting areas, but after placing a few hundred markers, it made sense to be able to create multiple hunting areas that would only show the markers for that area without the clutter of hundreds of irrelevant markers.

Waypoints and Landmarks

Waypoints and landmarks are added easily by long pressing on the map. There is a large selection of icons to choose from, and it makes identifying different locations on your map easy to find. Also, on the mapping screen, you have tools to measure distance, measure acreage, create areas that you define and create trails while you are walking.

Trace Tracking Features

Having used the “Trace” feature to create a trail, the GPS was accurate and did not lose my signal. I was quickly able to go back to the trail and follow it again on my map. The only criticism I have for the trace function is that it seems to be hidden on a side menu instead of up in the main toolbar. That made it hard to find, but once found, it was easy to use. ‘I’m not going to cover every aspect of the app. I’ll leave some of the fun for you to find, but I feel there are two critical features of HuntStand that are really cool and need to be addressed.

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Huntzone Wind Tracking Feature

The first is the “HuntZone” feature. “HuntZone” is a feature that allows you to see wind speed and which direction the wind is blowing. It also gives a great representation of where your scent will be disbursed throughout your hunting area. Sliders allow you to scroll through days worth of wind data and see what the wind will be doing at any hour at any location on your map. Weather data can be updated in real-time or downloaded in advance if you will be in an area with poor cell reception.

This is much more intuitive than other apps I have used. The ability to visualize the safe area to set up a stand and predict the wind is invaluable. Web App Review

The last feature I wanted to cover is not really a feature at all. When you create an account with the HuntStand App, you also get access to the website. Every bit of information collected from the app will be listed on your website profile. It’s refreshing being able to view your data on the large screen of your choosing. Not only can you view the data, but you can edit anything in your hunting areas. You can cyber scout and add markers, areas, etc. that will be synced back to your phone.

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Weapons Locker and Harvests

Finally, a weapons locker, cataloging your weapons, can be used to track your kills on your maps.

HuntStand App Review Summary

It’s really amazing you can use the HuntStand app for free and that the ads are not obtrusive. The website tools are a huge bonus. For a free app and website, I have found nothing to complain about.  The only other feature I would have liked is the ability to export your data for use in other programs such as Google Earth. Huntstand is an excellent tool for hunters, both new and experienced. Download it now and give it a try.


  • It’s Free!
  • Ads are subtle
  • Lots of Icon Choices
  • Wind Direction Tool and Predictions
  • Integrates with Website


  • Trace Feature Could be Easier to Launch
  • Doesn’t Integrate with External Map Sources

Ready to try? Just search “HuntStand” in the app store on your favorite mobile device! If you want to pay for the Pro version, go to and use the promo code HGD10 to save 10% at checkout.

Use the Discount Code:  HGD10 at checkout to save 10%!

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