KUIU Anniversary Giveaway!!! Win Up to $10,000

kuiu giveaway

In previous years, KUIU would have a big sale to celebrate their Anniversary but this year they are giving stuff away instead.  From now until 4/29, you have the opportunity to enter to win free prizes from KUIU as well as a $10,000 KUIU gift card!  If you’re looking for discounted KUIU products, be sure to check out the KUIU Outlet too!  You can also find new clothing to celebrate KUIU’s 10th Anniversary, as well as learn about this of KUIU and why many hunters consider them to be the best in the business.

  • $10,000 KUIU Gift Card
  • 4/23 – Base Camp HW Flannel

KUIU focuses on making the highest quality technical hunting apparel available on the market and helped pioneer the resurgence of the consumer-direct business model in the hunting market. Since KUIU sells consumer direct, there is no retail mark-up, giving you a great bang for your buck on premium hunting apparel. KUIU offers a lifetime warranty on all their hunting gear and apparel.

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