Which KUIU Jacket is Best Suited for Your Next Hunt?

Camron Stover

Which KUIU hunting jacket should you buy?  Are you confused about which KUIU jacket is best suited for your hunting style or scenario?  If so, here’s a quick comparison guide to help you choose which KUIU jacket is best for your next hunting adventure!  It’s no secret that KUIU makes some of the best hunting apparel and gear on the market but choosing the wrong gear for your next hunt could hinder you on the mountain.  KUIU products are designed to enhance the hunting experience and this comparison guide should help you decide which jacket to invest in.  

The following products are arranged from lightweight clothing made for warmer climates, to thicker, warmer options.

Price: $139.00

• 12.5 oz – KUIU’s lightest weight pants
• Breathable, perfect for warm weather hunts
• Water Repellent – Not waterproof

KUIU Ultra Tiburon Hybrid Zip T

The perfect pairing to KUIU’s lightest weight pants for warm to hot early season hunts, the KUIU Ultra Tiburon Hybrid Zip T is designed to excel in warm weather.  Whether you’re chasing spring turkeys, antelope in August, or velvet bucks in September, this is the perfect top when temperatures are high.  This top is highly breathable and provides a UPF 40+ protection.  One thing to know is that this top is not waterproof but it’s designed for warm/dry climates.

best hunting clothing for warm weather
best mid layer hunting clothes

This synthetic grid fleece mid-layer hoodie features a wind-resistant bonded construction. It can be used as a mid-layer under raingear, or as an outer layer in dry weather.

Price: $159.00

• 15 oz
• Mid-Layer that can be used as an outer layer
• Kudos DWR for water repellency

Price: $159.00

• 19 oz
• Lightweight and Durable
• Made for mild temps
• Water and Wind Resistent

KUIU Rubicon Hooded Jacket

Durable, versatile, and highly wind and water-resistant, the Rubicon Hooded Jacket delivers essential protection in mixed weather conditions for adventures around town or in the field.

wind proof deer hunting jacket
best mid layer hunting camo
KUIU Insulated Down Jacket Mid-Layers

Choosing the right mid-layer insulation is essential for cold weather hunts.  There are several great options and instead of listing them individually, I’ve put them all in one place.  There are some extremely lightweight options that pack down small but provide the warmth necessary to keep you comfortable.  Personally, I don’t like for my insulation layer to have a hood as long as my base layer and outer layer have a hood.

Price: $199.00. -$299.99

• Super Down Ultra
• Super Down Pro
• Kenai Ultra
• Elements

Price: $169.00

• 24 oz
• Fleece lined
• Perfect for the mobile hunter hunting in cold weather.
• Water Repellent, not waterproof

KUIU Guide DCS Hooded Jacket

Ideal for late season, this softshell outer layer Jacket is constructed with a 4-way stretch Primeflex face fabric bonded to a micro-fleece backer.

most versatile elk hunting jacket
best waterproof jacket for elk hunting
KUIU Axis Hybrid Jacket

Axis combines waterproof paneling across the hood, shoulders, and arms with high-stretch fleece-lined face fabrics throughout. Together, they create true versatility in a wide range of temperature and moisture conditions.

Price: $269.00

• 22.3 oz
• Lightest Waterproof Jacket KUIU offers
• Designed for cold weather

Price: $499.00

• 39 oz – Built for extreme weather conditions
• Waterproof, Windproof, Durable, Insulation
• Insulated and Hooded
• Kudos DWR for water repellency

KUIU Gale Force Hooded Jacket

Built for extreme cold, wet, and windy conditions, the Gale Force Hooded Jacket combines a durable, 100% waterproof seam-taped shell with highly breathable synthetic active insulation.  If you’re going to be in a cold, wet environment, then you’re going to want this jacket.

best rain jacket for hunting
Which KUIU Pattern is Best?
Valo Camo
    • Visually best for open terrain lacking cover, including dormant hardwoods, tundra, sage, underbrush, and grass.
    • Large macro pattern for long-range break up.
    • Micro details for close-range concealment.
    • Features complex colors in low-contrast tones that take on the appearance of their surroundings.
    • Desert tan, prairie-grass yellow, stone grey, coyote brown, olive drab, and minimal black.
Verde Camo
    • Ideal for evergreen timber, green vegetation, tundra, grasslands, and deciduous forest environments before frost burning.
    • Large macro pattern for long-range break up.
    • Micro details for close-range concealment.
    • Tan, olive, grey, green, and black.
    • Visually best for high contrast scree, talus, and boulder environments near or above timberline.
    • Performs well late season environments after the color change or frost burn.
    • Large macro pattern for long-range breakup.
    • Tan, light grey, dark grey, brown, and black.

KUIU Jacket Sizing and Fit

I haven’t tried on every product listed above but from my experience, the fit of most KUIU jackets fit my body type great. I would consider KUIU products to have more of an athletic fit.  These jackets, just like KUIU pants, are part of a system and I strongly recommend matching them up with the appropriate base and mid-layers to match the elements in which you are hunting.  If sizing is an issue, go up a size to ensure you have enough room to comfortable layer underneath.  (Layers NOT Bulk)

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Will KUIU Warranty My Jacket?

KUIU stands behind its products with a lifetime warranty!  This warranty covers any manufacturer workmanship defects in your KUIU gear but applies for consumer use only and is null and void if the product is used in a manner it is not intended for.  This warranty is for the original consumer purchaser only. It is not transferable and proof of purchase must be verified.

best hunting gear

KUIU Jacket Comparison Guide Summary

Hopefully, this KUIU Shopping Guide brought some clarity and increased your knowledge about KUIU jackets.  There are several options for everyone and every scenario but don’t forget about the rest of the KUIU system.  As great as these jackets are, you’re still going to want to invest in base layers, pants, and accessories to compliment the system.

Interested in learning more about KUIU Pants?  If so, click the link to our KUIU Shopping Guide for pants.

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