When is the Best Time to Buy KUIU Gear and Camo?

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When is the best time to get a discount on KUIU camo and gear?  Well, the short answer is to sign-up for the Hunting Gear Deals Daily Deal email list and I will let you know every time KUIU has a sale!   

KUIU is direct-to-consumer, therefore there’s no middle-man, thus saving you money in the process.  This unique business model allows KUIU to create top-of-line products and sell them for less than their competition!  Also, KUIU’s warranty is outstanding!  

Savvy shoppers wait until KUIU has a sale before making a purchase, but knowing when KUIU is going to have a sale is often tough to predict.  Unfortunately, KUIU doesn’t offer very many coupon codes, so when they have a sale, you better jump on it!

If you’re in the market to save money on KUIU, be sure to check out the KUIU Outlet all year long as they will update the Outlet randomly throughout the year.

Below is a timeline of previous KUIU Sales and links to help you find the best deal on KUIU gear and camo.

The following sales are not guaranteed to occur.  These sales previously occurred and we can only assume they’ll happen again in the future.

kuiu clothing sale
KUIU Winter Sale

KUIU’s Winter Sale occurs in mid-January


The KUIU Winter Sale tends to occur in mid-January

  • 2023 – Jan 20-23
  • 2022 – Jan 13
  • 2021 – Jan 15
best deal KUIU sale
KUIU President’s Day Sale

In 2021, we saw discounts on the Peloton line-up only instead of a site-wide side.


The KUIU President’s Day Sale occurs in mid-February.

  • 2023:  Feb 17 – 20
  • 2022:  Feb 17 – 21
  • 2021:  Feb 12 – 16
kuiu giveaway
KUIU Anniversary Sale

Each year, KUIU usually has a sale to celebrate its anniversary.  However, for 2021 (10th anniversary) they mixed things up and gave away a bunch of prizes, including $10,000 in KUIU for one lucky person!


The KUIU Anniversary Sale occurs in Late April.  Not happening in 2023 unfortunately.

kuiu camo hunting gear sale
KUIU Memorial Day Sale

KUIU, just like many other online retailers, offers discounts during Memorial Weekend (usually).  Be sure to check out Hunting Gear Deals’ annual Memorial Day Sale Blog for all of


Memorial Day weekend of course!

  • Last weekend of May
  • 2023 – KUIU dropped youth hunting apparel up to 60% off
kuiu discount sale
KUIU Gear Up Sale

The Gear Up Sale is not based around a holiday weekend and seems to occur at random.  The best way to take advantage of this KUIU sale is to subscribe to the Hunting Gear Deals Daily Deal email list.


Completely random!

  • 2023 – No sale 🙁
  • 2022 – May 6
  • 2021 – Early May
  • 2020 – Mid-April
  • 2019 – Mid-August
kuiu discounts and sales
KUIU Independence Day Sale

Let freedom ring and enjoy the great discounts that KUIU offers during their annual Independence Day Sale.  Be sure to check out the Hunting Gear Deals annual Independence Day Sale blog post that features all of the best hunting-related deals from across the web.


July 4th weekend of course!

  • Replaced by Founder’s Day Sale that happens in the second or third week of July.
best time to buy kuiu camo
KUIU Founder’s Day Sale

The annual KUIU Founder’s Day Sale is a special event for KUIU as they remember the life of Jason Hairston, the founder of KUIU.  To learn more about the story of KUIU and Jason, click here.  Typically, you can find three tiers of discounts and there’s no coupon code necessary!


The Founder’s Day Sale typically occurs in mid-July.

  • 2022 – July 8 – 12
  • 2021 – July 9 through July 12
  • 2020 – July 17 through July 20
kuiu discount
KUIU’s Labor Day Sale

The annual KUIU Labor Day Sale is taking place while many of us are chasing velvet bucks or elk!  If you’re in need of some new gear before hunting season heats up, this might be your last chance.


KUIU’s Labor Day Sale occurs during Labor Day weekend of course!

kuiu discounts
KUIU’s Biggest Sale of the Year

KUIU calls this their Biggest Sale of the Year, but I honestly can’t recall if this sale event beats Black Friday.  However, this is an awesome time to pick up of discounts gear while sitting in the treestand during the whitetail rut!


Early to Mid-November

  • 2022 – November 1 – 7
  • 2021 – November 2 – 8
  • 2020 – November 11 – 16
best time to buy kuiu
KUIU After Thanksgiving Sale

It’s no secret that Black Friday is one of the biggest sales of the year for online retailers.  KUIU always has a great sale during this time but they call it the After Thanksgiving Sale.  Be sure to check out Hunting Gear Deals Best Black Friday Sales and Deals blog post each year for a compilation of the best deals on hunting gear during Black Friday.


Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday!

KUIU Outlet

The deals never stop in the KUIU Outlet!  Inventory fluctuates as new styles arrive and seasons change, so be sure to subscribe to the Hunting Gear Deals Daily Deal email to keep up-to-date on the best deals on KUIU all year long!


There are always great deals on KUIU in the Outlet and they update it randomly throughout the year.  Subscribe to the Hunting Gear Deals Daily Deal email and we will let you know when new items are added.

Frequently Asked Questions about KUIU

  1. What is KUIU and what does the brand specialize in?
    • KUIU is a hunting apparel brand that over-engineers its products to outperform expectations, even in the harshest environments.  KUIU is popular for western hunters and is the go-to brand for extreme condition hunts like sheep.
  2. What sets KUIU apart from other outdoor gear brands?
    • Materials.  KUIU invests in the best materials that are purposely crafted to enhance the hunting experience.
  3. Are KUIU products specifically designed for certain outdoor activities or can they be used for multiple purposes?
    • KUIU offers multi-purpose clothing options, as well as clothing options for specific hunting scenarios.  For instance, they’ve got clothing to keep you cool on a 90-degree desert mule deer hunt, as well as a sub-zero muskox hunt.  In between, you’ll multi-purpose clothing that can be utilized to during hunts for elk, turkey, deer, antelope, bear, and much more.
  4. What materials are used in KUIU products and what are their advantages?
    • Each product is designed for a purpose, so there’s not just one material for all situations and that’s what makes KUIU great!
  5. Are KUIU products suitable for different weather conditions and climates?
    • Absolutely!  Just make sure you’re using the right clothing for that weather condition.
  6. How durable are KUIU products? Can they withstand rugged outdoor environments?
    1. KUIU products are over-engineered for most hunting conditions and if you take care of them, they’ll last you for years.  If not, KUIU offers a great warranty as well.
  7. Does KUIU offer a wide range of sizing options to accommodate different body types?
    • Sizing options vary and it’s best to try KUIU clothing on before you make an order.  If you happen to order the wrong size, KUIU will typically exchange them without issue.
  8. Are KUIU products lightweight and packable for backpacking and other weight-sensitive activities?
    • KUIU products are ideal for hiking into the backcountry.  They’re some of the best options on the market for lightweight hunting and backpacking apparel.
  9. What kind of technology or innovations does KUIU incorporate into its products?
    • Too many to mention here.  They are the industry standard.
  10. How can I determine the right size and fit for KUIU clothing and gear?
    • See the size chart that KUIU offers on its website.  It’s best to find a nearby trade show to try on multiple options before you make a large investment.
  11. Are there any specific care instructions for maintaining and cleaning KUIU products?
    • See the tag for each garment for more details.
  12. Can KUIU gear be customized or personalized?
    • You’ll have to talk with a KUIU sales rep for that information.
  13. Does KUIU offer a return or exchange policy?
    • Yes, contact their customer service department for more information.
  14. Where can I find KUIU products and do they have physical retail locations?
    1. The best place to try on KUIU clothing is at local trade shows.  KUIU is a direct-to-consumer company, so you won’t find them in your local sporting goods store.
  15. How does the KUIU Warranty work?
    • KUIU stands behind its products with a lifetime warranty!  This warranty covers any manufacturer workmanship defects in your KUIU gear but applies for consumer use only and is null and void if the product is used in a manner it is not intended for.  This warranty is for the original consumer purchaser only. It is not transferable. Proof of purchase must be verified.
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Ready to buy? KUIU sells consumer-direct to avoid typical retail markups. You can buy the products detailed above at KUIU.com.

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