QuietKat Apex eBike Review

Camron Stover

I finally got my very own QuietKat!  This year, I added the QuietKat Apex to my hunting arsenal and I’m excited for the next adventure.  I’ve been looking for an eBike of my own for quite a while now and the Apex checked all of the boxes that I was looking for from the start.

I chose the Apex due to its suspension and hydraulic disc brakes.  The front forks tighten up to become very rigid, which is nice when you’re hauling additional weight.  Plus, the hydraulic disc brakes are a must in the mountains during extended use.  Here’s my review of the QuietKat Apex.

QuietKat Apex

Powered by a mid-drive motor, the Apex provides maximum torque for climbing steep hills and mountain trails. The 768Wh integrated battery will take you further than ever before. One ride on the Apex and you’ll see why it’s QuietKat’s most popular electric fat bike.

Price:  $5,499 – $7,499

  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Front suspension w/ 150 mm Inverted Air Shocks
  • Motor:  1000W | 750W
  • Range:  Up to 64 Miles
  • Weight:  71 pounds

Initial Thoughts on the QuietKat Apex

I had never ridden the QuietKat Apex before the day it arrived at my doorstep, so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I have experience with high-end mountain bikes with hydraulic disk brakes, carbon fiber frames, and dual suspension, so I knew what I was looking at when researching bikes online.  I chose the QuietKat Apex because it has a quality suspension upfront and hydraulic disk brakes.

After unboxing my Apex, I quickly realized how heavy this bike was.  Previously, I had utilized the QuietKat Ripper during a hunt in Missouri and it was much smaller and lighter than the Apex.  However, the Ripper is sized for riders under 5’6″.  The Apex isn’t lightweight by any means. but it’s manageable.  After an easy assembly, I put the bike to the test and was impressed to reach speeds up to 30 mph on flat ground.

Unfortunately, I forgot to adjust my suspension and on the first jump, I bottomed out the front fork and broke the plastic shroud off the left side.  This is just a dust and dirt cover, so it won’t hurt anything but my pride.  A quick turn of the dial on the top of the right shock and my suspension were adjusted.  You’ll want to adjust the suspension for the weight of the rider and you may need to adjust it if you’re hauling weight on the back of the bike as well.

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Assembly of the QuietKat Apex

Assembly of the demo model QuietKat Apex that I received was simple and I didn’t need any assistance.  I didn’t bother reading the directions, or even look to see if there were any.  I carefully disassembled the box and cut off the zip ties that were holding the parts in place.  Once I removed all of the accessories, I cut the corners of the box from the top to the bottom, allowing for easier access to the bike.  

The only issue I had while unpackaging the bike is that the left pedal crank had slipped in between the spokes of the front wheel and bent a spoke.  The front wheel was not attached to the bike of course.  After carefully removing the crank from the wheel, it was time to install it where it’s supposed to go, along with the handlebars.

Assembly of the front wheel can be accomplished with an Allen wrench (supplied) but don’t forget to check the axle for grease.  I added some additional lubricant to the axle and didn’t have an issue getting the tire to fit.  It can be tricky at first but be sure to remove the black plastic piece between your front brake pads first.  If not, you’ll never install the wheel on as the rotor is designed to be installed where the black plastic piece is.  This piece is important so that your brake pads do not close up when you take the wheel off, so be sure to hang onto it.  Finally, be sure to NOT touch the brakes when the black plastic piece isn’t installed because the pads will tighten up too far.  It’s best to use caution during this time.

The next item to install is the handlebars.  This is done with four Allen bolts and you’ll need to adjust them a time or two to find the most comfortable position.  For me, the handlebars need to be centered and rotated up just a hair.  You may need to readjust them on occasion until you find what works best for you.  Just make sure you get them tightened up before riding.

Features of the QuietKat Apex

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What size eBike did I purchase?

I’m 5’9″, so a medium-frame bike fits me perfectly.  If I’m being honest, I could probably go with a smaller bike and still be comfortable.  Initially, the Apex felt too big and I had a hard time throwing my leg over the saddle (seat).  However, after putting several miles on the bike, I’m thankful for its larger size.  Also, the 1000 watt battery is a must-have for me in my neck of the woods.

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How fast is the QuietKat Apex?

Top speed will vary on any electric bike based on the wattage (output) of the motor.  The Apex comes in two sizes, 1000w and 750w.  The 1000w model is what I have and it will do 30+ mph.  I pushed this limit within the first mile of driving it and it exceeded my expectations.  It’s way faster than I expected but can be operated at lower gears and much slower speeds.  The 750w motor has a top speed of around 20 mph.

How does the QuietKat Apex perform in the mud?

It didn’t take long for me to venture into a muddy river bottom and put the QuietKat Apex to the test.  The fat tires seem to help out a little bit with traction but keep in mind that it’s not easy to navigate a two-wheeled vehicle in the mud, whether it be an eBike, motorcycle, or regular bicycle.  I grew up riding dirt bikes, atvs, and bicycles in the woods, so I knew what to expect.

However, I will say that if you’re not careful, the front in can still wash out and dump you to the ground.  Luckily, I haven’t had this happen to me yet, but don’t think it can’t happen to you.

When I found myself in a muddy situation, I really liked having a consistent throttle at the push of a button.  I didn’t have to waste energy pedaling or pushing, I simply kept the bike in 2nd gear and powered through the mud while keeping my feet to the sides in case I were to lose control.  Simple mudholes and small areas were no issue, but you can’t expect a single-wheel-driven vehicle to pull you through the swamp.

Climbing in muddy conditions was difficult as you often need momentum to continue accelerating.  In the event that I couldn’t make it up the hill, I found myself hopping off the bike and guiding it to the top.  There’s no wasted energy pushing the bike, as the bike can power itself at the push of a button.  All I needed to do was hold it up, which gave me something to lean on and made my walk easier.

Would I recommend riding the QuietKat Apex in the mud?  Yes, it sure beats walking and when you do have to walk, the bike can power itself out of the situation with your guidance.  Just use extra caution in muddy areas and slow down!  QuietKat electric bikes are built with oversized all-terrain tires which are capable of maintaining traction in steep terrain, shallow mud, sand and snow. The tires can be deflated down to as low as 8lbs for added traction in these conditions.

How is the battery life on the QuietKat Apex?

Battery life will depend on several factors, including terrain, riding style, the weight that you’re hauling, speed, and battery size that you originally purchased.  In order to increase the battery life on your QuietKat eBike, the first thing you need to do is pedal!  The pedal-assist feature allows you to get a great range out of the battery and the Apex allows you to change gears like a typical bike (chain and sprocket), as well as digitally within the motor.

As your speed increases, you’ll want to increase your gearing.  The inverse goes into effect as you slow down.  I really like the fact that I can change the gears manually because if the battery dies, I can still build up speed and save myself a lot of time and energy.

Charging the battery takes 6-8 hours typically.  On a standard charger or solar charger, the range is approximately 6-8 hours. The pathfinder rapid charger cuts this time in half with a 3-6 hour charge time.

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What kind of range can I expect on a single battery charge with the QuietKat Apex?

The range, distance you can travel on a single charge, will depend on several factors, including terrain, riding style, the weight that you’re hauling, speed, and wattage of the motor that you originally purchased.  The steeper the terrain that you climb, the less of a distance you can travel on a single charge.  However, to save battery life and increase your range, you can always turn the electric assist off when traveling downhill or on flat ground.

QuietKat claims that you can typically get between 29-78 miles on a single charge and the reason that it’s such a broad estimate is that we all hunt in different scenarios.  If you’re a flatlander, expect to get more miles per charge than someone hunting in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains.  From my experience, I’m lucky to get 10 miles out of a charge but I’ve been putting it into to precarious situations during my hunts in the mountains, so time will tell.  The power seems to fade off as the battery decreases in life.

Also, be considerate of the amount of weight you’re hauling.  QuietKat offers tons of accessories to outfit your bike but keep in mind that this bike has a 325-pound capacity and every pound you add to the bike is going to decrease your effective range.

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Why purchase a QuietKat Demo eBike instead of a brand new one?

QuietKat often offers Demo models at a drastically reduced price.  This is a great way to save money on your purchase and it allowed me to get more bike for my budget.  QuietKat states on their website, “Demo and refurbished units have under 200 miles and will have blemishes and scratches from normal use. All demo units come with a 30-day standard warranty. The 30-day trial does not apply to demo units and all sales are final.”

I took the leap of faith and invested in a demo model QuietKat Apex, which saved me hundreds of dollars.  I was skeptical at first, but my bike arrived at my doorstep with less than 40 miles on it and you couldn’t tell it had been ridden.  In fact, it looks like it’s never seen the trail before.  Maybe it was utilized as a demo at a show or something.  I’m sure not all models will be in as near perfect condition as mine was but I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a demo model again someday.

Purchasing a demo QuietKat allowed me to invest in quality accessories that have allowed me to customize my riding experience and turn this into the ultimate hunting machine!


  • Over-sized tires for better traction in the snow and mud
  • Powerful 1000w motor
  • Perfect for hunting with customizable accessories
  • Push-button throttle and electronic speed settings
  • Impressive battery life


  • Price
  • Weight
  • Charging port cover is hard to close (potential water damage source)
  • I prefer tubeless tires for quick and easy repairs

QuietKat Apex eBike Review Summary

The QuietKat Apex was a great addition to my hunting arsenal this year.  I first got to use it during shed season, allowing me to quickly traverse open fields.  This saved me time and energy while looking for shed antlers.  The next big test would be turkey season.  I’ve tested this bike in the mud and mountains and I’ve never had to push it home.  I charge it before each hunt and if it’s a multi-day hunt, simply bring the charger with you.  The hardest thing for me to get used to was loading and unloading the bike from the truck.  I initially hauled it in the bed of the truck but that quickly became cumbersome and increasingly difficult after long days in the field.  I then purchased a motorcycle hauler for the rear hitch of my truck and it made life much easier.  I would recommend the QuietKat Apex to anyone looking for an eBike.  Just make sure you follow your local state and federal regulations before taking it onto public land.

Ready to buy?  The easiest way to purchase this bike is directly from QuietKat.  Oftentimes, you can find discount codes for free shipping or accessories on HuntingGearDeals.com.

Thanks to QuietKat for supplying the Apex eBike for me to review.  Hunting Gear Deals is funded by affiliate commissions. We may receive a small commission when you buy from our partners using the links provided. There is no additional cost to you. Thanks for supporting us by using our links when making your purchases.

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