QuietKat Ibex eBike Review

Camron Stover

The QuietKat Ibex is a dual-suspension fat-tire ebike that’s built to handle the mountainous terrain that hunters often find themselves in while pursuing game animals.  After testing a single suspension ebike last season, I knew it was time to upgrade to a bike that I could get more use out of and enjoy riding during the offseason just as much as during hunting season.  Thankfully enough, QuietKat sent me the QuietKat Ibex to test this season and it’s the perfect fit for my hunting adventures.  This dual suspension e-bike is built to hunt and fast enough to enjoy all year long.  After months of testing, here are my thoughts on the QuietKat Ibex and whether or not I’d recommend buying one for yourself.

QuietKat Ibex

If it’s gnarly, rugged, steep, or technical, then look no further than the full-suspension Storm. This bike will chew up those rocky climbs and steep descents with ease, while still allowing you to pull that trailer full of gear.

Price:  $5,599

  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Dual Suspension
  • Motor:  1000W
  • Weight:  82 pounds w/ 25Ah battery

Assembly of the QuietKat Ibex

Assembly of the QuietKat Ibex wasn’t bad until it came time to install the handlebars.  Unfortunately for me, the bracket that holds the handlebars wasn’t the correct size for this bike and after exhausting all my effort into making it fit, it was just too small.  However, with a quick email to QuietKat, I received the appropriately sized mounting bracket and was ready to ride. 

This wasn’t my first time putting an eBike together, so I already knew the basic steps needed, if it’s your first time, simply read the directions.  As for tools, it comes with everything you need for assembly except a shock pump to adjust the suspension to your weight and an air compressor to inflate the tires.  You can speed up the process by utilizing your own tools, but the tools that are provided are sufficient and the multi-tool that comes with the bike is really handy.  

Word of advice, be careful unpackaging the bike as there are a lot of zip ties.  I would NOT recommend using a knife, instead, use wire cutters to ensure you don’t cut something you’re not supposed to.  Be careful pulling the components apart as the spokes can be easily bent if something gets in between them.

Assembly of the front wheel can be accomplished with an Allen wrench (supplied) but don’t forget to check the axle for grease.  I added some additional lubricant to the axle and didn’t have an issue getting the tire to fit.  It can be tricky at first but just remember to remove the black plastic piece between your front brake pads first.  If not, you’ll never install the wheel as the rotor is designed to be installed where the black plastic piece is between the front brake pads.  The black plastic piece between your brake pads is important so that your brake pads do not close up when you take the wheel off, so be sure to hang onto it and do not actuate the brake without the wheel in place.  The QuietKat Ibex does not come with a quick-release front axle, which I would prefer, so make sure you tighten it down and carry the multi-tool with you when you’re riding in case you need to tighten it back up.

Do You Not Feel Comfortable Attempting to Assemble Your Own EBike?

You could pay your local bike shop to assemble the bike for you or if you’re buying from a dealer, it should already be assembled.  QuietKat sells direct-to-consumer online, so anytime the bike is shipped, it must be assembled and most bike shops will put it together for you for a small fee.  Honestly, it’s worth the peace of mind if you’re not familiar with working on them.

Features of the QuietKat Ibex

  • VPO Technology: 1000w mid-drive motor with Variable Power Output Technology allows you to select between Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and Unlimited Modes.
  • Torque sensor: Matches the amount of pedal assist needed with your natural power output resulting in more range and a smoother ride, or select Cadence Sensor in the settings for more consistent power output.
  • Premium suspension: A KKE 140mm moto-inspired front suspension air fork paired with 130mm of frame travel and a 200mm x 57mm RockShox Monarch RL shock provides precision control and buttery smooth performance on the roughest terrain.
  • Precise stopping powerPremium Tektro four-piston hydraulic disc brakes give you maximum control and heat dissipation.
  • All-terrain tiresCST 26″x4.8″ fat tires conquer the toughest terrain comfortably.
  • Heavy-duty hauling: Designed to carry heavy cargo, with a 300lb+ load capacity for transporting gear. Ideal for hunters or overlanders.
  • No range anxiety: Capable of going up to 63+ miles per charge on a swappable 21Ah internal battery.
  • Flexible modes: Eco, sport, throttle, walk, 10 levels of pedal assist.
  • 109 Point Inspection: An industry-leading quality assurance inspection ensures every last bolt and connection is checked before it arrives. Period.
quietkat ibex specifications

What size eBike did I purchase?

I’m 5’9″, so a medium-frame bike fits me perfectly.  If I’m being honest, a medium QuietKat Ibex fits me much better than a medium Quietkat Apex.  The medium QuietKat Ibex has a large seat adjustment that is able to accommodate riders between 5′ & 6″ and 6′.

QuietKat recommends the following:

  • Large (19″) Frame for riders 6′ and taller.
  • Medium (17″) frame is recommended for riders who are 5’6″-6′.

How fast is the QuietKat Ibex?

One of the most popular questions that people ask about ebikes is how fast is it.  On a paved road, I can pedal the bike and get 35+ mph.  On a good, downhill, I’ve hit speeds exceeding 40 mph, which is plenty fast enough on a bicycle.  I could’ve went faster but I was running out of room on this particular road.

In the mountains, I can consistently hit speeds on decent trails over 20 mph, which helps me get from one place to another really quickly.  While climbing, speeds vary due to your momentum and how much you’re willing to pedal.  This bike seems to perform better at maintaining speed rather than a lot of low-end torque that other ebikes that I’ve tested offer.

How does the QuietKat Ibex perform in the mud?

What good does an ebike do if you can’t ride it when the conditions are less than perfect?  That hasn’t been an issue so far with the QuietKat Ibex.  I’d recommend reducing the power level to Eco mode when traversing through the mud because the power and torque of the Bafang motor will make a mess if you’re not careful.  It would suck to get to your hunting spot and your gun or bow is covered in mud.  So, go slow and don’t spin the tires if you can help with it.

The fat tires seem to help out a little bit with traction but keep in mind that it’s not easy to navigate a two-wheeled vehicle in the mud, whether it be an eBike, motorcycle, or regular bicycle.  I grew up riding dirt bikes, ATVs, and bicycles in the woods, so I knew what to expect.

However, even with fat tires, if you’re not careful, you can still wash out and dump yourself to the ground.  I hit a rut that was covered up by grass and the back tire washed out from underneath me one day and relatively flat ground.  It was the bump that got me, it was the back tire slipping around the edge of the rut while trying to turn that got me.

When I find myself in a muddy situation, I really liked having a consistent throttle at the push of a button.  I didn’t have to waste energy pedaling or pushing, I simply kept the bike in first gear and powered through the mud while keeping my feet to the sides in case I were to lose control.  Simple mudholes and small areas were no issue, but you can’t expect a single-wheel-driven vehicle to pull you through the swamp.  This bike has a lot of power, so reducing the power level will keep the bike from burying in the mud because it will dig!

Climbing in muddy conditions can be difficult as you often need momentum to continue accelerating.  In the event that I couldn’t make it up the hill, I found myself hopping off the bike and using the throttle of the bike to guide it to the top.  There’s no wasted energy pushing the bike, as the bike can power itself at the push of a button.  All I needed to do was hold it up, which gave me something to lean on and made my walk easier.  Be careful, because this thing has the power to raise the front tire of the ground and flip out from under you.  As I said, it’s serious torque!

Would I recommend riding the QuietKat Ibex in the mud?  Yes, it sure beats walking and when you do have to walk, the bike can power itself out of the situation with your guidance.  Just use extra caution in muddy areas and slow down! QuietKat electric bikes are built with oversized all-terrain tires that are capable of maintaining traction in steep terrain, shallow mud, sand, and snow. The tires can be deflated down to as low as 8 lbs for added traction in these conditions.  Just be sure to clean the bike off when you get back home.  They’re too nice not to take care of!

should I buy the quietkat ibex

How is the battery life on the QuietKat Ibex?

Battery life will depend on several factors, including terrain, riding style, the weight that you’re hauling, speed, and battery size that you originally purchased.  In order to increase the battery life on your QuietKat eBike, the first thing you need to do is pedal!  The pedal-assist feature allows you to extend the range out of the battery and the QuietKat Ibex allows you to change gears like a typical bike (chain and sprocket), as well as digitally within the motor.  The higher the gear, the faster you’ll go.  The less you pedal, the less distance you’ll get out of your battery

As your speed increases, you’ll want to increase your gearing.  The inverse goes into effect as you slow down.  I really like the fact that I can change the gears manually because if the battery dies, I can still build up speed and save myself a lot of time and energy.  I can get multiple hunts out of a single charge, but I typically charge the bike after every hunt or adventure because you never know where the trail will take you next.  On a single use, I can get 20 miles out of charge, but if I break it down and let the battery rest between stops, I tend to get a few extra miles on a single charge.

How Far Can I Travel on a Single Charge on the QuietKat Ibex?

The real-world test!  In order to test and see how far the bike would travel on a single charge, I headed over to my local mountain bike trail system in southeastern Ohio.  The hilly terrain features a long, narrow trail system where you’ll climb from the creek level to the ridgeline and back again multiple times.  My goal was to run the bike as hard as I could, utilizing the throttle assist and pedaling.  I pushed the bike and myself as hard as I could go for 20 miles before the battery died.  There were no stops, no breaks, just a fast-paced ride, complete with mud holes, jumps, climbs, and descents.

I honestly didn’t think that I would get a full 20 miles out of the bike at this kind of pace, but it held up.  I can’t think of a scenario where I would need to travel 20 miles in one trip in my hunting area, but it’s possible that you might need to do so on a backcountry hunt where you’ll not be able to charge it after each ride/hunt.  During hunting season, I’ll charge the bike after each hunt and even while I travel to and from my hunting area thanks to the AC adapter built-in to my truck.

Are 20 miles enough for a single charge?  For me, it is.  Can you get more than 20 miles out of a single charge?  Absolutely!  The more you pedal, the less battery life you utilize.  If you’re on flat ground, you should be able to get up to 40 miles on a single charge.  But, for the purposes of this test, this bike did its job!  For the record, this was an enjoyable 20 miles trip on this e-bike, unlike other bikes I’ve tested in the past.  I didn’t have to get off and push the bike a single time!

How to get a good deal on a QuietKat Ibex e-bike.

The biggest hurdle for most would-be ebike owners is the price tag.  Thankfully, you’ve stumbled upon your new best friend, HuntingGearDeals.com. Hunting Gear Deals doesn’t sell e-bikes or hunting gear, we just help you find the best deals on them and let you know when they’re on sale.  QuietKat offers a special section of their website called the Outlet Store.  Here you’ll find bikes at a discounted price.  Also, be sure to subscribe to the HuntingGearDeals.com Daily Deal email so that you never miss a deal.  Lastly, if you’re ready to buy right now and you’re looking for the best price, shoot me an email and I’ll personally help you find it.

Previous deals and sales on QuietKat ebikes:

Must-Have Accessories For a QuietKat Ebike

QuietKat offers a variety of accessories to outfit their impressive line of ebikes and here are a few of the items that I picked it up to enhance the riding experience.

  • QuietKat Pivot Pro Ebike Carrier – There’s no better way to haul an e-bike!  The biggest hurdle for me with ebikes has always been hauling them until I got one of these bad boys!
  • Gator Gripp HD Rack – QuietKat has the best accessories, including the Gator Gripps.  I’ve used several different racks to carry my bow on my ATV through the years and this one is the best!  It’s rock solid, but a little bulky on the bike.  However, it holds and protects your bow, gun, crossbow, and anything else you can fit in it tightly and securely.  Not only can you install it on your ebike, but you can also install it on an ATV or UTV.
  • Tannus Armour Tire Liner – The biggest issue I’ve had with ebikes through the years is busted inner tubes (flat tires).  The Tannus Armour Tire Liner has solved that problem and is a must-have.

Breakdowns and Items That Needed Maintenance

Have you ever heard the phrase “Go hard in the paint”?  Well, that would describe how I’ve treated my QuietKat this year.  It’s fast and fun to ride outside of hunting and scouting, so I started taking the bike trail riding on nearby mountain bike courses.  During my recreational rides, I tried to push the bike to its limits.  Jumping logs, driving fast, power slides, mud, all the fun stuff that I used to do on my high-end carbon fiber mountain bike.  I’ve probably put this bike through more stress in one season than most people will do for as long as they own their bike.

During this time, I’ve busted the inner tubes, which always sucks.  I’ve also bent the chain derailer, which caused the chain to pop off every time I put it in first gear.  All of these issues were repaired at my local bike shop relatively quickly.  Also, I’ve utilized my local bike shop for routine maintenance as well.  There’s a lot of technology incorporated into these bikes, so I’d recommend finding a local dealer that can help you maintain peak performance out of your e-bike.

Don’t forget to set your suspension to your weight limit.  You’ll need a shock pump for this or your local bike shop can do it in a few minutes.


  • Over-sized tires for better traction in the snow and mud
  • Powerful 1000w motor
  • Perfect for hunting with customizable accessories
  • Push-button throttle and electronic speed settings
  • Impressive battery life
  • Fast and fun to ride
  • Smooth suspension in the mountains
  • Climbs very well


  • Price
  • Weight
  • Charging port cover is hard to close (potential water damage source)
  • I prefer tubeless tires for quick and easy repairs
  • Chain De-Railer was out of alignment from the factory.
best ebike carrier

QuietKat Ibex eBike Review Summary

The QuietKat Ibex is everything I want in an eBike.  It performed better than expected in the mountains and exceeded my expectations in every way.  I’ve tested a few other bikes through the years, but this is my favorite one yet and it’s found a home with me.  The QuietKat Ibex has not only been a great addition to my hunting arsenal this year but it’s provided me the opportunity to hit the local mountain bike trails and have some fun during the summer months.  Just make sure you adjust the suspension appropriately before hitting the jumps.

Whether you’re looking for an eBike that’s capable of getting you up and down the mountain quickly, or you’re looking to trail ride, give the QuietKat Ibex a shot. I’ve utilized my eBike during shed season to quickly traverse open fields, saving me time and energy while looking for shed antlers.  Turkey hunting was a blast this season because I could cover more ground quickly and quietly, only stopping to call along the way.  I’ve tested this bike in the mud and mountains and I’ve never had to get off it and push it up the hill.

The battery life has been better than expected, as I charge it before each hunt and if it’s a multi-day hunt, simply bring the charger with you.  In the mountains, I was able to push myself and this bike to its limits, getting 20 miles to single charge, which doesn’t sound like a lot but after the ride, I was worn out.  Hauling an e-bike can be a pain, but this can be solved with the QK 1UP Bike Rack. The QK 1UP Bike Rack has made hauling, loading, and unloading the e-bike much more convenient.  There are other options on the market, that’s just the one that I use.

Would I recommend purchasing the QuietKat Ibex eBike?  Absolutely!  This bike is fun, fast, and durable, allowing me to utilize it all year long, not just during hunting season.  Just make sure you follow your local state and federal regulations before taking it onto public land.

Ready to buy?  The easiest way to purchase this bike is directly from QuietKat.  Oftentimes, you can find discount codes for free shipping or accessories on HuntingGearDeals.com.

Thank you to QuietKat for supplying this ebike for review.  Hunting Gear Deals is funded by affiliate commissions. We may receive a small commission when you buy from our partners using the links provided. There is no additional cost to you. Thanks for supporting us by using our links when making your purchases.


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