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Welcome to the Hunting Gear Deals series on the Hunting Gear Podcast. I’m your host, Camron Stover, and today I’m joined by the CEO and Founder, Mike Nielsen from SKRE Gear. You’re going to want to stay tuned to the end because they’ve offered a 150 gift card to one lucky listener without further ado let’s listen to the show.  So Without further ado, what is SKRE Gear?

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So Camron gear was um founded actually that the idea the vision for it was Um all the way back to 2011 uh I was actually on a moose and Doll sheep grizzly bear combo hunt with a couple good friends of mine and we got dropped off in the back country You know in the in the alaska range and anyway about Four days into the hunt I had on one of the hunting pants I had, of course this wasn’t our pants because we weren’t in existence at the time, but one of the really expensive pair of pants that I had purchased, Actually came unstitched on me and and luckily my my buddy, you know, and you’re You know, you’re a hundred miles from anywhere and I mean, this is your you’re flowing back in on a you know on a super cub and so You know the the option to uh run back into town is is not there because you just kind of have to make do man if you have a gear failure in the backcountry like that and so Anyway, luckily my buddy, he’s a, he’s a taxidermist and he had a, he had a sewing kit with him and we made do we, you know, we sewed up that stitching and, and, and made it work.

We ended up being out there 18 days, um, living out of a backpack. But anyway, I learned a lot on that hunt and I would say that hunt. is, is really what started the vision for Camron and I think, you know, when you, when you start any kind of company, I mean, I have to believe most people that start a company, they’re starting something that they’re passionate about.

And I’m, I’m a big gear nut, but I’m also a big hunter. And so it was kind of where my love of gear collided with my love for hunting. And, and that’s really how the, the brand was born. Plus you, at some point you realize, look, man, I think I can do something better. Something that someone else hasn’t done. I believe I can make better clothing that’s designed by hunters for hunters.

And so, um, that’s really where the vision for, for the, the brand started was back in 2011 and in the back country of Alaska. And then it just kind of blossomed from there. Okay. So you took personal experience and felt had a need. For a product to improve, and he thought you can improve upon it. And now you’ve got Camron gear or Camron.

Um, so that’s a little bit about the history and stuff like that. So what is your role within the company? So I’m the CEO and founder of the company, but you know, I’m, I’m in, you know, I’m involved in a lot of, uh, you know, a lot of different aspects of the business product development, um, R and D I’m actually, um, I’m part of the marketing team, um, one of the directors there as well.

Um, and, and then as far as brand overall brand management, but, um, yeah, where a lot of hats, I really have a lot of fun with the, uh, you know, the research and development and bringing new products to. Um, you know, new offerings each year. Yeah, it’s, it’s good to see somebody that actually owns or is part of the company, like you are, like you are at the CEO level that actually hunts.

So we’ve got companies in the industry that are ran by individuals that aren’t hunters. So it’s hard to relate. So that’s always refreshing. Well, you know, the reality is you look at some of the top, I mean, there’s, there’s some great gear out there, great companies that make hunting apparel. Um, but, but sadly, you know, a lot of the, a lot of times, you know, guys like me will start those companies and then eventually they get bought out by corporate America and, and it kind of loses the, you know, the, the touch, right?

I mean, you, you no longer have hunters developing clothing for hunters. And so I, I feel like that’s one, one area we’ve excelled in. We’ve, we’ve, um, we’ve kept control of that aspect as far as R& D and, and the creation of new products. Okay, so are you create bringing new products to market every year or you have a like a set of line of products?

And you’re just kind of building off of those because it works, right? You know, we don’t you know, we don’t come up with some number in our head like hey We need to develop five products this year. We kind of look at you know, we actually reach out to our customer base each year we We reach out to our customer base and we ask them what?

What gear don’t we have that you would like to see us produce? So we get feedback from customers. We don’t I mean, I don’t just build a piece of gear because I want it Um, it’s not what I want as a ceo and founder It’s what what does our customer base want? And so we we take um, You know, we’ll take some polls and have people answer some questionnaires so we can really get an idea Of what our customers want.

And then, you know, obviously there’s standouts and then we begin to, to create and design off of what our customers want. I mean, so it’s not say, Hey, we’re, we’re going to try and release five or 10 or 15 new items. Like for example. And I can say this because we teased it out a little bit but we um, we’re introducing a Mid weight mid to lightweight bib for kind of early to mid season.

Um, it’s just it’s a sweet piece I mean, there’ll be you know more details to come in the coming months, but um, we developed that because a lot of our customers were saying hey, man, we’d really You know, we, we love your late season bib, but we’d really like something that’s a, it’s a little lighter and more applicable to these earlier season hunts.

And that’s a product that, correct me if I’m wrong, it’s not a very well established product in the industry anymore. It used to be like back in the day, like I had a light pair of hunting bibs that I would wear, but now looking at some of the other brands, I don’t see the lightweight. Bibs and or mid weight like you’re referring to I see the heavy duty stuff for late winter and things like that nature and cold temperatures So maybe you you looks like you found a need for a product Yeah through your customer base and that’s what’s driving innovation and things of that nature.

So that’s awesome Yeah now and it’s fun to let our customers be involved in that process of of um, Developing products that people actually want to wear, you know It’s exactly I see Sorry I deal with a lot of other companies and things like that. And I’m always looking at gear. I’m a gear guy. I’m absolutely, if it’s new to the market, like ATA show, shop show, things like that.

Um, I was the kid on archery talk and watching the debuts coming through before YouTube was a big deal and before the podcast and things of that nature. So seeing the products come to life and things of that nature are really nice. But I look at some of the other clothing brands on the market and I’m like, why, why is there 20 pairs of pants?

Like I just need early season, mid a midway, a cold season, maybe something a little bit more in between for crappy temperature or crappy conditions as far as the rain goes. So. Is it easy to be oversaturated with products, or have you guys got to that point yet? No, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. I mean, there’s, there’s, there’s, there’s companies out there that try to be absolutely everything to everyone.

And the reality is like, for example, our pad lineup. We have our hardscrabble pant, which is our, I mean, if you’re only going to wear, you know, own one hounding pant, that’s the pad to own, but then we also have a, uh, and that would be just a good, that thing would carry you through all seasons if you layer correctly with it.

Right. But we also have an early season pant and then our harsh, our hardscrabble pants, which is kind of an all season mid season. And then we have our, our Kodiak pant, which is late season. And, and that’s it. I mean, yeah, we have some layering pieces, pants, like your rain gear. Your rain pants and also your tarman and down pants.

Um, but as far as everyday softshell pants, we just have the three. And I, I, I think the problem is with, with a lot of companies, you’ll go in there and they got 20 pants and it confuses people and they Exactly. They leave frustrated. Like they don’t, they just, they don’t know what to buy. Yeah, I, as a consumer myself, like I look at some of these products from a bunch of one brand in particular, and I’m like, where do I start?

Like just spell it out for me and make it easy if you’ve got a kit. So like the idea of having an actual kit, an early season kit, a late season kit, all those things streamlined. And I think after looking at your all’s website, you guys have that correctly. You might, you kind of fix it for us as a consumer and make it a lot easier on the shopping side.

Correct. Correct. And that’s, that’s one thing that, that we did right out of the gate that a lot of our, our competitors weren’t doing is they weren’t offering sensible bundles. And so we found great success with bundles because people want to know like, Hey, I’m, I’m coming out west to hunt elk on third season, which is in November.

Like, what do I need? And we have those bundles, right? We have a Rocky mountain elk bundle. We have our mule deer bundle. The most popular bundle is our elite starter bundle for somebody that’s brand new, that’s like they’ve seen our brand and they’re, they’re thinking they might want to try it. I mean, that’s.

What we recommend, because that has three of our top selling pieces in it. Our hardscrabble jacket, hardscrabble pant, and then our Kayabab, um, 150 quarter zip. I mean, you can, that kit right there gets you in the field hunting, right? If you’re hunting later in the season, now granted, you’re gonna need some additional, uh, base layers.

Um, and maybe an insulation core insulation layer, but yeah, that that’s what’s awesome about our bundles is we have a bundle for every hunter for every season. Yeah. That’s awesome. A quick scroll through the website shows all these things and it kind of dumbs it down for somebody that’s just getting started and maybe it’s somebody that’s attracted to the pattern of clothing.

That you guys have. And they’re like, well, I just want all this stuff. And you see those trends and things like that happen in the industry. So it’s nice that you guys have those bundles to make it easy. Um, let’s back up. So we talked about Camron. What does Camron even stand for? Like, where does the name of the company actually originate from and like, where’s the influence for SKRE, Camron?

Gotcha. No, I’m actually glad you asked that question. We get asked that question a lot, right? So what Camron is, if you live out west or you live in Alaska or if you’ve hunted anywhere in the mountains Camron is a rock slide. If you’ve ever hunted out west, you’ve probably crossed these wretched things.

They’re, you know, they’re, they’re rugged and at times very, uh, dangerous to cross. Um, but basically what it is, is if you’re at the, at a cliff face over, you know, thousands of years, the freezing and cracking, the cliff face falls off and it forms a big rock slide. And so a Camron, a Camron slide is a Camron.

It’s just another name for rock slide and so it’s actually spelled S C R E E, um, but the pronunciation is S K R E and we landed on that as, as our, as our brand name. Okay, so that you got the brand name from like a western scene in that situation in the mountains. So, is your clothing built for an elk hunter, a sheep, moose hunter, or a whitetail hunter, or can it be used for anything?

Well, I mean, we, I live in the west, we live in the west, the company’s headquartered in Utah, and so we live in the west, and And as a western hunter, I mean, yeah, I designed this initially for western hunters, but then we expanded out into eastern markets with whitetail. And that’s the great thing about our layering systems.

I mean, we’ve, we’ve used our layering systems from Alaska through the Rocky Mountain West, um, in, in the, the deer stands and in, um, you know, eastern markets, uh, east of the Mississippi and Africa. And, and the cool thing about. A layering system. If you, if you eventually build up, the idea is to build up and get our extreme layering system, which will basically cover you from the warmest of conditions to the coldest of conditions, right?

That’s the cool thing about a layering system. It’s not like a one size. It’s all you know, this jacket’s either too hot or too cold. You can add layers The the idea of owning an extreme layering system is that you can add layers as you get cold Right and you can remove layers as you get warm and that way you’ve got you’ve got the perfect Um, layering kit for the, for the, the temperature that you’re, you’re in at the present time.

Yeah, so what, 15 plus years ago, the idea of a layering system and having this interchangeable clothing options really wasn’t on most people’s radar. I remember if like wintertime rolled around, I had a big heavy coat. And then I had whatever I could fit underneath it. Nowadays, it seems like that consumer’s a little bit more educated.

Thanks to companies like Camron out there talking about layers and layers, and I can have the same exterior clothing. Almost all season long and then just changed my layers for whether it be a puffy mid layer or my base layers from a heavy Weight to a lighter weight clothing depending on the temperature.

So Is that kind of how you guys set your clothing lineup up? Yeah, and you know, it’s amazing in the last 20 years. There’s been I mean, there has been amazing progress in technical fabrics. So the cool thing is now is you got these technical fabrics that weigh next to nothing, but that can, can give you the same performance that, that old, you know, 500 pound car heart jacket, you know, I mean, those things are big and, and they’re warm, but they only fit like a really cold situation.

And so what it allows you to do is it allows you to, to, to layer. Um, for that specific, for that specific, um, uh, macro environment. So can we talk about some of those technical materials and clothing options that you have incorporated into your products? Because a lot of times we just read those off the description, but we don’t really know why it’s incorporated into the product.

So kind of, let’s, can we walk through that even at a base layer level to an outer layer level at a high level? Absolutely. No, I mean, that’s great. Let’s do that. Okay, let’s start with base layer. So usually most people know either synthetic or merino. Where are we at with Camron base layers? Say that again.

Sorry. You like most of the time we talk about base layers. It’s either a synthetic material or it’s a merino material. So are you using, using both or one of the, uh, over the other? No, we, we absolutely offer both. Um, I mean, there’s, I would say in terms of like. they offer a lot of the same performance. Um, but there are things with Marino that You know that that are not, you know, not available in synthetics, which is really odor control.

Yeah, the cool thing about um Marina wool is it just checks all the boxes in terms of performance, right? It’s it’s anti microbial I mean on that that hunt that I was in alaska. I mean we’re out there for 18 days hiking and sweating And that merino wool just does not it. I mean all my synthetic stuff that I have.

It’s awesome It breathes well, but man and within three days of sweating in that it’s just it’s it gets a really bad odor Um, but with the with the merino wool, it’s antimicrobial. It’s naturally antimicrobial And and merino wool is also it’s not like your grandpa’s, you know Army surplus wool, right?

That was really itchy. Um, Marino, Marino has a, a really fine fiber. That’s what makes it so appealing in the outdoor industry is that it, the fiber is so fine that it actually provides a soft. Supple next to skin feel. Um, so odor control, it’s, it’s very soft next to the skin. Skin because it’s being worn as a base layer.

But another cool thing about Marina wool is you can absorb up to 30% of its weight and moisture. And it still feels dry and it’s incredibly breathable It’s good at wicking moisture away from your body And it’s it’s just one of those fabrics that honestly checks all the boxes Now you get a lot of those same features with synthetic but the one thing you don’t get Is you don’t get the odor control with with synthetic and I think that’s the the biggest difference I also think that the merino is for me personally I feel like it’s a softer supple next to skin.

I mean that and that can be you know Dependent on the person. I mean some people have super sensitive skin, but I overall I like it better But our our synthetic line is is awesome. It’s definitely the price points are different right marina wool is a natural fiber. Um, you know, ours comes out of we source all of ours out of Australia.

Um, and it’s the finest grade it’s a 17. 5 micron, which is measuring the diameter of the fiber. So if you can imagine how fine a human hair is. The merino wool fiber is, is almost 10 times finer than a human hair, and that’s what produces that soft, supple next to skin layer. Okay, so with the base layers, you’ve got merino, you’ve got the synthetic, and you talked about odor control.

Are there any kind of treatments that you guys are doing behind the scenes for odor control in the synthetic blends, or is it? It is what it is. No, we we don’t I mean we we believe in in the natural odor control that you get from marino Okay, good to know. Okay science behind that is pretty the science behind that is pretty solid I mean I can tell you this after 18 days.

I remember I had this I had this marino shirt, of course, this is before I created scurry, but it had this blue Marino t shirt and I remember I because I because i’d heard, you know, i’m a gear junkie just like you And I’d heard it was really, you know, they were, it was antimicrobial. So I kind of stuck it up next to my nose and gave it a big whiff.

And it, I’m not kidding you, man, 18 days at no odor, but all the other pieces that I have that were synthetic. Dude, they i’m telling you man. They stunk to high heaven Pretty bad just the other day and and I noticed this I got this cheap kind of like performance style shirt um, just a random gray shirt and I was wearing it the other day for the first time and Just after a few hours, I was like, my gosh, I smell terrible.

Like what’s going on. I was like checking to see if I put the odor on. I’m like, I know I did. I put the good stuff on it. Changed shirts and that had, I had an issue, but it’s some of those synthetic fibers just produce some unwanted odors and then merino wool and things where those natural fibers don’t.

So I’ve even seen that in the clothing that I’m wearing each and every day definitely makes a difference on an 18 day hunt. Yeah. And I just tell people, look, if you’ve never, if you’ve never worn marina wool, whether it’s our gear or somebody else’s, you really need to do yourself a favor and give it a run because it’s, it’s awesome.

That’s it’s my favorite base layer. Okay. So let’s, let’s look into the kind of the mid layer side of it. So I’m assuming you’ve got some different sizes or different weights as far as warmth for your mid layers. And maybe some different fibers or different materials that those are made out of to get those different warmth ratios Yeah, so if you go back to to base layers, I mean that’s where you’re going to talk about your your Your degree of layering right?

Right. So in merino wool we offer ours and two we have like a 300 series It’s our kybat 300. So that’s 300 gsm. That’s Grams per square meter. So the the best way to put it in in layman’s terms Is the difference between a 300 and a 150? You’ll feel it that the the wool is thicker with a 300 than it is a 150 makes sense You’re just you’re getting you’re getting literally double the insulation with a 300 Okay, and so that allow and again like 300 that would be a great one to wear later in the season, right?

A 150 would be good to run as a base layer early in the season to mid season. So here’s a curveball question. So you’re on a early season elk hunt. It’s 90 degrees some of the days Um, you’ve probably got on minimal clothing Are you wearing a base layer like a merino wool to kind of wick some of that moisture weight along with something else?

Or are you just running the regular top? What are you wearing? Here’s the here’s the problem with I mean, I can tell you what I wear, but the problem is is Everybody, the process of, of thermal regulation, right, is so different for everybody, right? Like, I, there’s people, like, I get cold real easy, but I got guys that I hunt with, they, they get hot real easy.

So, it’s, it’s, it just depends on you. Me personally, if it’s 90 degrees out, I ain’t wearing any base layers. That’s, that’s pretty warm, right? Now, if it’s, if it’s, let’s just say it’s like we, we hunt in August out here in Utah, our archery hunt. You know stuff start and it can I mean it can get up into that 90 degrees Yeah, there’s i’m not wearing any base layers, but if you start getting a little bit into september Um, you know, it’ll it’ll start to it’ll start to cool down and it’ll be a little crisp in the mornings and stuff All occasionally if it as it starts getting colder i’ll add that 150 series But by by november i’m wearing the 300 base layer bottoms, so, you know if it’s an august early Um early september, huh?

And you’re a guy that gets cold easy Yeah, throw i’d throw on a 150 for sure base layer top and bottom good enough so Mid layer size of things like what all options do we have here and like kind of what are the point? Of the Camronn mid layers What are we, what’s our purpose and what are we get doing to fix those problems that hunters might have?

Yeah, you bet. So, so really what you’re talking about, when you’re talking about mid layers, we actually have another term for it. We call it core insulation, right? Okay. Um, and we’re talking about your, your core, your torso, right? And so, What we offer, one of the best core, um, core insulation pieces that, that you can get is a vest and we have our hard scrabble vest, um, which is hands down our most popular vest.

Um, and then we also have if, you know, as you get a little bit later in that season, we have our ptarmigan down vest. It’s a 850 fill power down vest. And, and, you know, core insulation is critical, man. Your, your legs can be. You know, your legs can get cold. It’s not going to cause you any issues, but if you’re, if your core gets cold, that’s where you run into problems, you know?

And so the key is, is to keep your core insulated and there, in my view. Vests are a great way, but also like our 300, our 300 kind of hoodie is used as a core insulation piece. Um, I actually like here in the west. I love my down puffy my ptarmigan down puffy I’ll wear that as a core insulation piece, but it can also be worn as an outer layer Right, um depending on what you’re doing.

That’s the cool thing about an extreme layering system is is you can you can move things around Um to get the perfect, uh, you know the perfect layering system for that specific temperature makes sense, right? But that is a very important part of your extreme layering kit. You got to keep your core Warm and switching from a vest to a jacket.

So you could, you could have that puffy jacket with sleeves all the way, or sleeves all the way to your wrist. But as a bow hunter, I don’t want a whole lot of puffy layering between me and my left arm, which is my bow hand. Because I don’t want to, I don’t want to take a chance to slap on my string against my jacket.

Right. And it’s the same. I mean, I’m a bow hunter as well. So, so you could actually take that down puffy and down compresses. Down compress is pretty good. And so our one cool thing about our hardscrabble jacket In my view as a bow hunter, that’s the jacket that you want as your outer layer unless it’s raining You got to put on a rain shell right a waterproof rain shirt, but our soft shell jacket our hardscrabble jacket I mean that is our core jacket, um our hands down our most popular jacket, but that the cut on that jacket has a As an athletic cut to it, which means when you draw a bow or you shoulder a rifle, you’re not going to have, you know, fabric, additional fabric stacking up in your armpits or getting in the way of your draw or your string or anything like that.

And so you, you, you gotta learn how to layer. Now I have bow hunters that will wear the, the ptarmigan. I mean, it also has an athletic cut, so. I mean, I’ve shot, shot my bow with my tarmgan and I think that’s the big difference is what makes our gear so awesome is it has that athletic cut. There’s no.

There’s no material that are, is stacking up in, in areas that are going to interfere with you, drawn a bow or shouldering a rifle. Okay. So let’s touch on the athletic fit. Cause that one of the things I wanted to ask is how do they fit? So as far as sizing and things of that nature, I have a bigger belly than what I did a few years ago.

So I wouldn’t consider me an athlete anymore at this stage of life. What do I need to do? With Camron products in order to fit a body type. That’s not athletic anymore, right? I’m the same way. I mean, I don’t have the build that I that I used to have but um, Here’s what we tell guys. I mean we we put a lot of um work into getting sizing, right?

And look if you wear a large Shirt wear a large order a large shirt if you if you wear a typically wear a large jacket or a large jacket the one thing I recommend is When in doubt, when in doubt, order up a size. So if you’re ever in doubt, just order up a size. But otherwise, you order what, you know, what you wear now.

I mean, like I said, if you wear it, if you have a large jacket and it fits you really well and you like the way it fits, then then order that size. You’ll still have the athletic cut. It still covers guys that have little little bellies or guts or whatever you want to call it. Yeah, I mean, it still fits those guys.

You don’t have to have. body to wear our gear. Okay. Um, when you talk about wearing a size large, so if we’re, we’re ordering a size large, am I able to wear a size large base layer, a core layer, and then an outer layer, are they designed to fit over top of each layer or do I need to go up a size if I know I’m going to be switching between the core insulation layer, like for my heart, if I’m wearing a, you said a hard scrabble jacket, do I need to wear a larger?

Hardscrabble jacket on a regular day versus if I’m wearing a puffy underneath it and go up to an XL Do I need to think about that? well You may want to put a little bit of thought of it thought into it But the answer again is going back to the size and is correct. Everything is designed to be layered together So so yeah, I mean but but like look if you’re saying hey, I’m gonna I’ve got this hardscrabble jacket I’m, I’m kind of between a large and an extra large, and I’m gonna wear, I plan on wearing this late, late season, mid November, um, for, you know, say like a midwestern Kansas or Illinois, uh, whitetail hunt or something like that.

And temperatures are going to be, you know, below freezing, and you know, you’re going to put a lot of stuff under that, you know, and you’re, you’re kind of teetering between a large and extra large, I would say that would be a case to order up a size. But generally speaking, no, you don’t need to do that.

Just order the size that, that you plan on where, because everything has been designed to be layered with each other. Okay. So when it comes to the different species and different pursuits. So a lot of the guys on the East coast are never going to make it to the West and chase elk and stuff like that in the Rocky mountains.

One of the biggest things that I see as a consumer, when it comes to clothing designed for both purposes is noise level. When you’re in a tree stand, trying to draw on a deer that’s 10 yards below you in a stand. For your outer layers, which would probably be the most important. How is that noise level?

Compared to anything else. It is that taken into consideration with some of these clothing, when it talks about the technical side of these soft shells and things of that nature. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, look, that’s, that’s, that’s right. You know, that’s right at the top of the list when you’re designing stuff.

I mean as hunters especially bow hunters Right doesn’t matter if you’re drawn back at 15 yards on a on a white tail from a tree stand or a saddle Or you’re you’re drawn back on a mule deer and elk at 30 yards I mean, you gotta have something that’s that’s quiet, right? Okay So all of our all of our gear and and sometimes you know, there’s a there’s a lot of testing before you find that one that’s that’s Not, you know, that performs right and that’s rugged and durable and that’s breathable.

It’s also Simultaneously, it’s very quiet. And so I absolutely and I would say I mean, I’m not gonna I don’t know. There’s there maybe there’s some Nerd geek out there that can arbitrarily test Um, you know, some kind of, uh, noise, you know, noise against each other. I haven’t seen any data yet, but, you know, I would say as a bowhunter, I’d say our stuff is incredibly quiet.

I mean, there’s There’s no technical data or numbers to provide. I haven’t seen any, I think it would actually be, it’s kind of fascinating, but, um, you know, I don’t, I don’t know that, uh, there’s any kind of technical data in that regard. You said that in the first thing that popped up. So prior to starting hunting gear deals or.

buyinghuntinggearedeals. com and then Bucks, Bulls and Bears. And what I’m doing right now with Whitetail Properties, before I ever done the hunting industry stuff, I was a safety guy. So I did a lot of noise sampling and I just happened to have a dosimeter in my garage. So that instantly sparked like, ah, crap.

That’s where I need to be focusing in on is seeing kind of the noise ratings and how this is going to work. So maybe that’s what I need to do. I may, I may try to do some of that testing for myself one day. So can you, can you get some, if you’re rubbing some sleeves together, could you actually produce a decimal?

That would register. I don’t know. That’s what I’d have to check and see. I’d have to dig it out of my my work tote and uh See how it’s going to work and have to you’d have to have a controlled environment to where you wouldn’t have any external noise same inches level so my brain’s turning the tester gear nut in me’s like Oh this I could I could set something up like this up.

So now when you get rich and famous Don’t forget to send me some royalties Sounds sounds good If that ever happens, I I think I think you’re way ahead of me on the On the rich and famous part with Camron. So, but, uh, so let’s talk about the outer layers. So we’ve got through some of the core and the base layers and this hard Scrabble jacket and the pants, they keep being brought up.

So there must be something to the hard Scrabble lineup. Let’s talk about it. Yeah. So, I mean, the cool thing about the hard Scrabble jacket year one, I mean, those, um, the hands down, those two pieces are our most. Popular pieces, I would probably add in the, the, the quarter zip, um, merino, but those two as far as our outer layers.

Our hands down, um, our signature pieces. And, again, you want, you want a soft shell as your outer layer, right? For, for, for noise. And, and also for breathability, too. You know, people, one of the things that a lot of hunters Get kind of caught up in is they want a waterproof shell and that’s Great and everything this goes back to they want to you know, they want to One size fits all does all does everything the problem with that even even though a lot of Companies that advertise waterproof, breathable fabrics.

Um, yeah, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll put a green check mark next to the, you know, the waterproof, but as far as breathable, uh, look, man, if it’s, if it’s waterproof, it’s not going to breathe. And you’re exactly right. There’s going to be a, there’s a trade off when waterproofing that you either get, you get higher noise, less breathability, the more waterproof it is.

I can go throw on a pair of, so I used to run a trapline years ago and our state, when you would have traps, then you had to sit, you had to check them every 24 hours, rain, sleet, hail, or snow, you had to go. I got in a situation where it rained for like two straight days, so I’m like, how can I run three hours on a four wheeler in the pouring rain and it’s 35 degrees outside, it’s cold, miserable.

What I ended up doing was grabbing a pair of waders and a poncho and I was windproof and waterproof. I wasn’t breathable. I was soaked on the inside, but it wasn’t from rain. By the time I got done walking to and from the traps, I was soaked on the inside from sweat, even in those colder temperatures, because that 100 percent waterproof layer that I had did not provide me the breathability that I needed.

And it sure as heck, wasn’t something I was going to be deer hunting or things of that nature. So I’ve seen from personal testing, like in the field. You got one or the other and it’s hard to find that perfect one size fits all product like you’re talking about because you have to Give and take if i’m going to have the a waterproof product It’s probably not going to be the quietest product that I want It really is give and take I mean rain gear.

I I don’t care what it i’ve never I’ve never found a piece of rain gear that is quiet, but you could literally say yeah, that’s quite Piece it’s just it’s it’s it’s a give and take right but for me Going back to the soft shell like the hardscrabble jacket hardscrabble pants, that jacket has a DWR coating on it, right?

So it’s water resistant, okay? So this jacket, if you got a, you know, if you got a light drizzle or a light rain and it’s kind of on and off, you’re going to be fine. You’re not, you’re not going to get wet. Now, if you get an absolute torrential downpour, That’s where you got to pull the, you know, the, like in our case, we have ultra lightweight packable rain gear.

You pull it out, you put it on. And when the, when the rain clears, you stuff it back in his stuff sack, and you put it back in the pack. I mean, that’s what I use my rain gear for. I don’t like, you know, I don’t just go, Hey, I’m going to go climb up a, you know, 3000 foot ascent up a mountain with rain gear on.

Right. It’s just, you’re going to, you’re going to wet out. And that’s the problem is a lot of guys will get rain gear. And they’ll get wet and they’re like, oh this this thing leaked No, it actually probably wet it out. You wet it out like you did from the inside, right? And so, um, I think if you understand when and how to use your pieces But as far as your it is the key But as far as you’re like your your outer layers or hardscrabble jacket That is the the jacket that I reach for for 90 Of all the hunting I do because it’s quiet It’s breathable it insulates it provides adequate insulation, right?

It’s just it checks about every box, but the fully waterproof But again, you want to wear a fully waterproof jacket. You’re gonna you’re gonna sweat You’re gonna you’re just gonna get probably In a lot of cases too warm unless it’s super inclement weather, but yeah, so the earlier this season I had a chance to hunt my hunting’s been very limited this year and I had two options for rain gear I had the high end stuff that didn’t fit real good because i’ve gained weight and then I had the cheap stuff That was big and bulky and I was like if I can just get there, it’ll get me through the hunt By the time I got, I chose to wear the cheap stuff.

So by the time I got to the stand, I was absolutely soaked and I had ripped it all to pieces. Right. There’s something to be said with quality products versus the cheap stuff. And, and I go back to that time and time again, like buy once, cry once. I want a product that I can invest in. Um, and speaking of investments, like what kind of warranty say you have a situation where I’m on an 18 day hunt and the threads pop off and I have a manufacturer defect is Camronn going to stand behind that.

Yeah, absolutely. So that, and that’s one thing we’re known for. We have an unconditional lifetime guarantee. I mean, if, if something breaks and not only that, we don’t, you know, we don’t put guys on trial. I mean, that’s, that’s another thing as I was building this company, you know, I’ve tried to get things under warranty and I mean some of these companies it’s like you’re on a you’re on trial, you know, and you have to prove that that this is a legitimate return and we You know, we stand behind our product.

It’s got our name on it. We we know it’s ours And uh, that’s all we need to know to take care of someone. So yeah, it’s it’s pretty simple in that respect Yeah, and that’s refreshing to hear because I think I’m, I’m thinking about warranties right now because I was diving into a piece. So like I said, I own huntinggeardeals.

com. That’s what I’m doing on for the main job. And basically I was diving into the warranty of another competitor of yours. And by the time I got done reading it, I realized there’s no way I’m ever going to qualify for a warranty unless they literally ship me a product that doesn’t work. And I had and it’s not put together.

It’s not sewn together and I have to ship it right back Soon as I wear it’s done They had so many loopholes in their warranty setup to where i’m like there’s never i’m never going to get the chance to use it So I can’t provide consider a warranty For this product valuable. So when we look at warranties on a, on a car, say you go buy a brand new car and I’m going to offer you a three year, 36, 000 mile warranty versus a 10 year, a hundred thousand mile warranty, there’s a value in that warranty.

So if I’ve got a company that’s going to stand behind the warranty and not haggle or hassle and cause a big bunch of stink, if I say it’s messed up, that adds a lot more value to the consumer. So I’m willing to spend more money out of pocket. Yeah, absolutely. You know, and it doesn’t matter, man. What doesn’t matter what you spend your hard money on, whether it’s appliances or hunting gear or a new rifle or whatever.

Like if you spend your hard earned money and it’s a significant investment, right? And you do that. It doesn’t matter what it is. And you have a problem right out of the gate. You know, I mean, maybe it’s not as big a deal. You’re like, yeah, I got my money’s worth out of that after five or 10 years or whatever.

But, you know, you have problems a year in or two year, two years in, and then you call and the company’s like, sorry, that doesn’t qualify for our warranty. I mean, that kind of piss a guy off right there. You know, I mean, you know, look, man, this is being in this industry. We, we, we have the philosophy that to treat others as we ourselves, we want to be treated.

Um, I would never personally want that kind of, um, customer experience if, if I were, you know, coming, you know, uh, had a legitimate warranty claim, that would be a big issue for me. And so, you know, from the, from the very day that we founded the company, that was a big part of our founding principles is make sure we take care of our customers.

And that’s, that’s why you guys are still growing each and every year because of that principle. So that’s good to hear. I looked at chance, had a chance to look through the website and I noticed two main camouflage patterns. And we kind of talk about which one’s which. So you’ve talked about the Western side of things, or maybe it’s a early season versus a late season pattern.

Let’s talk about those two patterns and which one I need as a consumer. Awesome. Yeah, you bet. So summit was actually our first pattern The the summer pattern does really good. Our turkey hunters love it. Um All across the west eastern market. So it’s great on the ground and in the turkey woods. Um And then it’s great above timberline.

I love it above timberline in the Rocky Mountains, um, in Alaska, whether you’re hunting doll sheep or, or elk or deer above timberline. That’s a really great pattern, really great early to mid season pattern. And then the solace was really designed as a later season pattern. And it’s, you know, it works really well in a tree stand, um, blends really well.

And it was designed specifically with White tail hunters in mind, but also works in great in Western, um, environments as well, but later in that season, right. When, when all the foliage is off the trees. Yeah. So for the consumer that hasn’t seen that product yet, basically you’ve got the, the first, the summit that has the, a little bit greens and brighter colors that blends in with.

An evergreen tree or the spring green and then you’ve got the solace situation That is kind of the grays and the duller tones that we would see in later season Those are both technical patterns And it blows my mind that we’re still seeing the the old school camouflage with some other brands So is there a reason why you guys chose more technical patterns versus?

going with Another company that’s and what do they call it? Um when you borrow somebody else’s pattern versus having your own, right? and so traditionally camo started out with what they call mimicry patterns, which is is essentially the the sum of Taking a picture of a specific habitat environment and then incorporating that Into a camouflage pattern.

It’s called mimicry. You’re trying to actually mimic Um the the habitat environment the problem with the problem with that is that only works in that specific Habitat environment and if you if you understand the science behind visual systems The world in which we live is made up of fractals and and Camrons Concealment algorithms are made up of those fractals, right?

They’re different fractals in different shapes and elements. And what that does, and this is why, this is why, by the way, that the um, you know, the top militaries around the world do not use mimicry. They don’t use mimicry because it doesn’t work. It looks, you, you, you take that mimicry and, and take it out of, you know, that habitat environment.

I mean, believe me, if, if, if an animal sees something they’ve never seen before, I mean, they’re gonna, they’re gonna lock right into you. They’re, they’re gonna identify you as something that’s foreign to them. Right, but with fractal algorithms It disrupts the visual system. So so for example a deer would ignore Our algorithm is something that’s natural because it’s made up of what our world’s made up around us with which is fractals Okay, that’s interesting.

Um So if you were going to choose out and I think I already know this judged by this conversation and probably any listener It’s going to I’ve already figured that out if you were going to tell somebody a new customer If you want to really put Camron to the test, buy this product or this line of products, what would it be?

So it’d probably be the Elite Starter Bundle. I think I mentioned that a little earlier, but that, that Elite Starter Bundle is, is awesome. Again, it has our three top pieces. It’s got our hardscrabble jacket and pant and then it’s got our quarter zip merino kibab 150 And what’s cool is we actually have a a special offer on that Which is this which is basically you can buy that we’re so confident.

You’re going to be impressed You can buy it try it for 30 days if you’re not absolutely satisfied stuff it back in the box Not that it matters comes in a really cool box, but not that it matters But anyway, you can stuff that back in the box and send it back to us and we’ll give you a hundred percent Refund of your money.

That’s a that’s a pretty bold statement, especially when some guys only get to hunt like two weeks a year So, you know Do you see a return on those products? Nope Now we we know what we have. I mean, it’s it’s a great product And, uh, you know, at a very responsible price and we were confident that if people, we can get people to try it on and wear it out in the field, they’re going to be impressed.

And that has been our experience. We’ve actually been running that, um, promotion for a couple of years now. So so as a consumer it gives me sound of mind knowing that there’s a refund Paul 30 Basically a 30 day money back guarantee if I’m gonna like it or not right on that. So it’s on that specific bundle Okay, that’s just what it is.

Is it an introductory offer to hey Buy our gear try it, you know, I mean now the rest of the products come with a warranty But it’s you know, if you if you warn it at that point unless it has a warranty issue It’s not returnable, but on the on the elite starter bundle. We’re offering our top three products With a 30 day money back guarantee.

Gotcha. Okay. Clarify that. Okay. Thanks. Appreciate the clarification. Plus you got the warranty that you already talked about. So I really feel like I’m not risking money. I’m not buying something even because you’ve got a brand that you can’t walk into Cabela’s or Bass Pro and try on. So that brings us to the point where how do I get familiar with your products if I’ve never seen them in person?

So we are predominantly a direct to consumer. Um, we do have a few exclusive retailers. I mean, we’re not in any of the big box stores, but, but honestly, the best way is, is to buy it and try it. Um, our, our sizing is, is pretty well spot on. And we also have what we call a sizing guarantee. And this is something that we’ve, we’ve done almost since inception, which is if you buy something from us, you try it on.

And it doesn’t fit all you have to do is stick it back in the same package It came in put a little tape on it apply the the return label And it comes back to us at no cost to you. So we guarantee we pay for all the shipping

That’s awesome. Yeah, because at the end of the day like if you can’t put your hands and feel it It’s hard to buy everything correctly the first time even if you look at the size charge and things like that because let’s face it Sometimes we don’t want to admit we’re not as small as we used to be And I’m guilty with that as well.

Like especially dress clothes like I’ll go and Buy new dress pants. And then I’m like, Oh crap. Um, they still fit like this. Don’t get it all. I got to take it back. And then you just tell tucked, you just go back. So, so it’s nice to know there’s, there’s that option as well. Uh, the hunt club. So checking out, I saw the new sign for the hunt club.

What is the Camron hunt club? Awesome. So it’s an exclusive club. It is a subscription based. So you join. Um, you know, it’s, it’s 10 a month or 120 a year and basically it comes with a bunch of different benefits. The number one benefit is once you join, you’ll, you’ll notice when you go to a product page that there’s our retail price, but then there’s a membership price.

And so anytime you, you buy, purchase something, you’re going to get that membership price, which is a discounted price. In addition to that. You get every so every 10 that you spend goes into a an account. It’s your personal account here. It’s free And so let’s say when fall rolls around and you’re like, hey, I’m ready to buy that new jacket You’re gonna get you know, if you pay you’re gonna get everything you paid in thus far So let’s say it was you know, you’ve paid 70 in you’re gonna get that 70 back to use towards your your purchase And you’re going to get the membership discount.

And then also every single month, we, we give away prizes. So, and they’re, they’re pretty cool prizes and, and, you know, sometimes it’s multiple prizes and then we have, um, we have a, a, a special community of people that can, you know, you guys, if your members can, can talk and communicate with each other and a whole host of other, other options that are outlined on our, on our website.

But yeah, it’s kind of a no brainer. It’s essentially free because you’re getting, we’re giving back. Every dollar, um, that you spend for the membership comes back to you, um, towards purchases. Yeah, as soon as you said that, I started crunching numbers in my head and I was like, there’s no loss here. I’m just getting a discount and you guys are just gonna hold that money for me for the year until I’m ready to buy that product when it goes on sale, hopefully, at Black Friday.

Or whenever you guys have the next big sale. If you know what an HSA is, we don’t call it Exactly. That’s what I was thinking is that’s my hsa a better deal It’s not a health savings account. It’s a hot savings account. I like it That’s what it is. Yeah, okay, that’s pretty slick We sent out a lot of exclusive offers.

I mean, there’s a lot of exclusivity to the club. So, yeah, that’s, that’s something I may have to dive in myself and sign up for the hunt club and take advantage of the, the hunt savings account. You’re done. So, uh, as far as we’re in 2024 already. We’ve seen new products hit the market throughout the industry.

Is there anything new on the horizon? I know we talked about the bibs already, so let’s talk about that again real quick. Yeah. B beyond that’s probably all I can release right now. We will, um, we will look, we are going to be releasing, we are going to be releasing some, uh, some renal wool sock designs and there’s a couple other things on their horizon that I can’t quite release to the public yet, but, uh, we, we got some exciting things in the works for sure.

Okay, man that I’m looking forward to that learning more about the products once I jump on the website and maybe I’ll have to order that elite starter bundle for myself, especially with the guarantee offer the Warranty that you guys have and the hunt club sounds like a no brainer Is there anything else that you’d like for the consumer to know about the company or your products?

No, man I would just invite people if they’ve if they’ve heard of the brand and want to learn more. I mean jump over to our website Um, our product pages are easy to navigate, um, you know, there’s, there’s plenty of product in the field, photos and videos that you can watch and learn more and also invite you to check us out, you know, over at, uh, on Instagram and at Camronn here on Instagram and also, uh, just our other social media pages, pages like Tik TOK and Facebook and of course, YouTube.

I think that’s a great way to just. Learn more about the brand. All right. Well, uh, we’ll try to put some of those links inside the show notes where the listeners can hear and actually see that and, and find you a little easier. Camron guys is spelled S K R E. And it’s Camrongear. com Mike, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to us today, letting us learn a little bit more about the product, what you guys stand for.

And I’m looking forward to the future. Been a pleasure. Thanks Camron. Thank you, sir. Well, that’s all for today, folks. I appreciate you tuning in, but I didn’t forget because I saved the best for last. Remember when I said Camrongear was offering that 150 gift card? Well, this is how you enter go to huntinggeardeals.

com. And you’ll find everything you need to know. I’ll also put a link directly to the giveaway in the show notes. Thanks for tuning in.

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