Beretta Green Waxwear Field Bag Review

Brett Morris

If you’re like me you understand the importance of a durable, high-quality, no-nonsense bag for securing and organizing your gear. The Beretta Waxwear Field Bag does just. It has a very classic pragmatic vibe that is not only functional but it looks good too. Whether you’re in the duck blind anxiously waiting for green heads, walking the fields for pheasants, or enjoying a casual day on the range shooting clays this bag will be up to the task.

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Don’t let the weather ruin your gear! Unlike traditional oil-finished cotton, Beretta’s Waxwear Cartridge Bag is treated with next-generation wax which means no oily finish or smell—just 100% protection against the rain. Head out to the blind or the field with this versatile bag that holds up to 6 boxes of shells, a coffee tumbler, and more!

Price: $199
  • Waterproof
  • No need to re-wax
  • No oily residue
  • Strong and durable
  • Tons of storage compartments and pockets
  • Protects your ammo from moisture and debris


With its canvas outer shell, antique bronze clasps, and accents of genuine leather, this field bag has hints of the look and feel of a classic call back to what I would expect to find in my family’s hunting gear from generations past. Stylistically it’s straightforward and simple yet offers plenty of well-thought-out storage without the bulk.

With its canvas outer shell, antique bronze clasps, and accents of genuine leather, this field bag has hints of the look and feel of a classic call back to what I would expect to find in my family’s hunting gear from generations past. Stylistically it’s straightforward and simple yet offers plenty of well-thought-out storage without the bulk.

duck hunter's best friend


You can see in the comparison of these Waxwear Field Bags, the brown version has seen many more days in the field compared to the green. Thorns and briers, water, snow, and sun. From being tossed into truck floorboards with construction debris to the bottoms of boats and duck blinds this bag shows little to no wearing on the bottom or corners of the canvas. There is some slight staining from blood on the top flap due to my lack of wiping it down after the season, but, to me, it just adds to the lived-in look. If this isn’t your style Beretta’s Waxwear technology allows for quick and simple clean-up. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth while in the field or after returning from the hunt and you’re good to go.

After years of hard use with no upkeep, all the zippers still operate smoothly and the leather shows no signs of cracking, splitting, or peeling.

beretta wax wear field bag review


The bag sports five main compartments and ten sub-compartments. The compartments are well thought out for keeping your gear both protected and organized. On one of the ends, there is a large pocket with an elastic band to secure in a carafe of hot coffee, travel mug, or Nalgene bottle. This compartment has holes in the bottom to drain out any unwanted liquids that may find their way into the pocket. The opposite side has a large zipper pocket on the exterior with multiple nylon sub-compartments that are secured with thin strips of velcro. The front of the bag has a large pocket with two smaller organizational pockets. One is a padded pocket with an elastic band while the other is a nylon pocket with a zipper top. The nylon on this pocket is a bit more ‘robust’ than the other nylon pockets.
In between the pockets, you will find a small yet sturdy clasp that is perfect for securing keys, the remote for your mojo duck decoys, or the like. The interior is compartmentalized into one main center area that is lined with nylon and has padding on the bottom and sides. I suspect the padding is for keeping the bag temporarily afloat in a misfortunate event. I have been lucky enough that I have not had to verify that feature while duck hunting but my guess is that it would certainly slow a decent to the bottom of your favorite honey hole. Three large slip pockets and built-in shell holders provide more than enough space for all your gear. The metal clasps and zippers are all classic antique brushed bronze.

Beretta chose the reliable YKK zippers and tagged them with genuine leather pulls in chocolate brown. The bag also includes a removable genuine leather luggage tag with the unmistakable Beretta logo stamp. For more branding, Beretta chose to add leather logos on the top flap and side pocket as well as an embroidered Beretta name on the back. Recognizable but without being too flashy or over the top.


As I mentioned, these bags can be sprayed off or hand washed and the canvas holds up. On the brown, there are some hints of blood stains after several seasons of no maintenance. There are also some mild mud stains that are not overly noticeable, especially in the color tones offered. With a quick rinse under the warm water, the majority of the mess is gone.


This bag is not your typical waxed product from years past. The Waxwear product line offers the convenience of a waxed product without the mess. Although waxed products are viewed by some as the classic gold standard it’s also understandable that some don’t like the idea of waxing canvas for water proofing due to the time, mess, and effort. Beretta made these bags with the look and feel of the classic canvas without the hassle of the waxing process.
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beretta waxwear bag water resistance

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  • Classic, attractive look and quality materials
  • Plenty of storage and organization but not bulky
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Easy-to-adjust straps
  • Feature-rich design
  • Abrasion-resistant inserts on arms


  • Price

Beretta Waxwear Field Bag Review Summary

After several seasons of use and no maintenance or cleaning the Waxwear technology is not as effective as day one but it does still maintain some water-resistant qualities. After 30 minutes the pool of water had started to slowly soak into the canvas material. This can be identified by the darkening of the canvas on the top and the small dark spot on the underside of the top flap. Compared to the green bag that has never seen a day in the field which had zero penetration of the water after 30 minutes.  After 7 years of hard use, I can’t complain about the quality of the Waxwear or the overall durability of the bag. This is a piece of gear that, God willing, will see many more years of hard use and eventually be handed down to the next generation.

Ready to buy? You can buy direct from Beretta USA but chances are you’ll save money if you buy from Amazon, GRITR Outdoors, Cabela’s, or Bass Pro Shops.

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