How Much Does Hunting Gear Cost? A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Hunting Gear

Camron Stover

Are you interested in learning to hunt but don’t know where to start?  The cost of hunting gear can be intimidating for beginners because there’s so much to buy and the prices are outrageous nowadays.  Thankfully, is here to help you find the best deals on hunting gear from across the web, so be sure to sign up for our Daily Deal list so that you never miss a deal.

Now, before you start buying hunting gear, let’s take a look at the necessary items that you’ll need to start hunting and answer the question, “How much does it cost to start Hunting?”

Weapon of Choice – Bow, Gun, or Crossbow

Let’s start with a broad topic of discussion, the weapon you’ll need.  The first step is to determine what type of animal you’ll be hunting.  For small game animals, shotguns are the most popular and versatile weapon of choice thanks to a variety of ammo options.  You can utilize a 12 gauge shotgun to hunt anything from squirrels, rabbits, pheasants, turkeys, and even deer!  However, there are better options for deer hunting guns.  Popular rifle cartridges for big game animals include .308 WIN, .270 Win, .30-06 Springfield, all which you can use to hunt deer, elk, bear, and most big game in North America.  In places that only allow straight-wall cartridges, the .350 Legend and .450 Bushmaster.

If you’re looking to get into archery hunting, a crossbow or compound bow are both great options, but you’ll need to make sure the crossbow is legal in the area that you’ll be hunting.  Compound bows are designed to fit your body type, so go to your local archery pro shop for set-up.

Here are a few inexpensive options to get you started:

best turkey hunting scope

Ammo and Optics – Accessories for Hunting With a Gun

When it comes to ammo, it’ll vary depending on the gun that purchase.  For instance, if you buy a shotgun, like the Remington 870, you’ll need to match the gauge of the gun to the ammo of course.  (12 gauge shotguns can only use 12 gauge ammo).  Now, you’ll need to match the shot size to the species.  Most manufacturers make it easy to distinguish which you should use because they put a photo of the animal on the box.  There is specialized shotgun ammo to turkey hunting, but skip the TSS loads as they’re ridiculously expensive, instead, pick up some Winchester Longbeard XR #5 shot for turkey hunting.

If you purchase a gun, you may need optics, such as a riflescope to enhance your shooting abilities.  Just don’t forget to buy scope rings to mount it to your rifle.  You can pick up a starter riflescope and mounts for under $130.  Another budget option is the Vortex Crossfire II 3-9×40 Riflescope for $149.99.

Archery Hunting Accessories You’ll Need

Depending on which bow you purchase, you may need to purchase some additional accessories.  Here are the basics to get you started.

  • Arrows/Bolts – $60+ per half dozen
  • Broadheads – $30+ per 3 pack
  • Archery Sights – $75+
  • Arrow Rest – $50+
  • Release – $50+
how fast is the ravin r26x

Hunting Clothing

You can blow your budget on hunting clothes, as there are some high-end brands that’ll run you more than those world- famous “red bottom” shoes your wife has always wanted.  It’s hard for me to tell you to be cheap in this area because there are so many benefits to having a quality system that enhances the hunting experience.  Brands like Sitka Gear and KUIU will cost you an arm and a leg but that’s where I’m spending my hard-earned money.  However, if your budget won’t allow it, check out brands like Habit Outdoors, Redhead, and Cabela’s Outfitter Series that offer more bang for your buck.  I’m not going to list a detailed price breakdown here because there are so many options fo various hunting scenarios, including cold weather and hot weather.

best jacket for elk hunting

Hunting Boots

Don’t try to save money and wear your steel-toed work boots during cold weather hunts.  You will freeze your feet off.  However, you can save money by purchasing a 400-gram insulated boot that will get you through most hunting scenarios, and when the temperatures drop, throw on some Arctic Shield Boot Covers to keep your feet warm.  The type of hunting boot you’ll need for the hunt will vary depending on the terrain and temperature, just try to find something that is versatile for multiple hunting scenarios.

Hunting Accessories Every Hunter Should Own

Here’s a quick list of hunting accessories that every hunter should own:

  • Knife w/ a gut hook to easily field dress game
  • Headlamp
  • Flashlight
  • Field Dressing Gloves
  • Hot Hands (if it’s cold where you hunt)
  • Wind indicator
  • Pen and Paper – Field Tag
  • Hunting License and necessary stamps/tags
  • Backpack
  • Storage containers for hunting gear
Ohio whitetail deer

Hunting Accessories You Might Be Interested in Purchasing Later

Here’s a quick list of hunting accessories that every hunter should own:

logan county wv hunting


If you’re interested in learning more about hunting gear and finding a good deal on hunting gear, you’ve come to the right place. is your number-one resource on the web to help you find the best deals on hunting gear from across the web in one place.  When you’re first getting started with hunting, acquiring the products listed above can seem like a daunting task, but don’t sweat it.  It’ll come with time and the hunting community is eager to share knowledge and information to help you get started.  If money is an issue, be on the lookout for used hunting gear as you can often find a good deal nearby on FaceBook Marketplace or yard sales.  Best of luck hunting and be sure to subscribe to the Daily Deal email so you never miss a good deal on hunting gear.

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