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The Best Hunting Gear You Can Buy Under $50

Hunting gear isn’t cheap nowadays and these are the best hunting products you can buy for yourself or a friend for under $50!  Each item was field tested and recommended by a hunter like you.  We all have that one item in our hunting arsenal that we look at and think that it was worth every penny that we paid for it and here are those items that cost less than $50.

You can utilize gift guides like this to find the right Christmas gift for the hunter in your life or to help you add some new essentials to your hunting arsenal.  Many of these items I personally own and the rest are on my wish list!  Buying Christmas gifts for the hunter that seems to have it all can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not a hunter yourself.  This shopping guide will help you check off those hard-to-buy-for deer hunters, like me, this Christmas.

Best Hunting Gear Under $50

ArcticShield Boot cover sale

Arctic Shield Boot Warmers

The best investment you can make for cold weather hunts is Arctic Shield Boot Insulators!   Not only will they keep your feet warm and cozy in colder temps, but you’ll also save money on expensive cold-weather hunting boots.  These boot insulators allow me to be warm and comfortable on the last day of bow season while wearing the same boots that I hunt in during the heat of the start of archery season.  This is one of my favorite hunting gifts to give, in fact, two people that I know are getting a set this year!

best rechargeable hand warmer for hunting

Electric Hand Warmers

There are two types of hunters during cold weather.  Hunters that have hand warmers and hunters that wished they had hand warmers.   They last up to 5 hours on a single charge and will really heat up and keep you warm during cold-weather hunts.  It might be a good idea to pick up a few extra because everyone is going to want one of them.  They’re rechargeable and you can pack them with you on all of your hunting adventures.

The most popular option is the Zippo but there are plenty of options on the market that are cheaper.  This is the perfect gift for a duck hunter or deer hunter, especially a youth hunter!

best SD card for tactcam reveal cell cam

SanDisk Extreme 32 GB SD Cards

If you’re running cellular trail cameras, invest in the Sandisk Extreme 32GB cards.  Many trail camera issues can be resolved with a good SD card.  Cellular trail cameras such as the popular Reveal trail cameras are really finicky with SD cards and will not operate without the right card.  Avoid the overpriced in-store prices or house brand SD cards and pick up the best SD card for your money in the SanDisk Extreme 32 GB SD Card.  If organization is problem for you, pick up the Pelican 0915 Micro Memory Card Case to store these high-quality SD cards.

thermacell deal


Mosquitos are no match when you have a Thermacell in the treestand with you. One of the biggest hurdles on early-season hunts is blood-sucking mosquitos that make you want to jump out of the tree and run home. The Thermacell is the perfect solution that won’t spook game and it’s worth its weight in gold during early-season hunts.  This is one of the best gifts that you can give a turkey hunter as it could save their hunt for years to come!

tidewe power bank charger review

Portable Power Bank Phone Charger

Everyone needs an external battery pack but kids especially.  There’s nothing wrong with passing the time playing a game or two on your phone when the movement is slow.  Carrying an external battery during the hunt will ensure you always have just enough battery life when you need it.

trail camera lock treestand

Master Lock Python Cable Lock

There are several great gift ideas on this list but the Master Lock Python Cable Lock is the only one dedicated to protecting them!  I use these cable locks on trail cameras, treestands, bicycles, ATVs, and more!  They’re worth every penny and I’m still using the same ones that I originally purchased a decade ago.  They’re tough, durable, and a necessity in my neck of the woods.  There’s no worse feeling than anxiously waiting to check a trail camera to find out that it’s not there and someone had stolen it.  The Master Lock Python Cable Lock has saved my gear on multiple occasions.  Buying in bulk from Amazon will save you money because you’re going to want one for every treestand and trail camera you own!

best digital map for scouting deer

HuntStand Pro Membership

HuntStand is a mobile application that every hunter needs!  If there was a best seller mobile hunting application list, this would be #1!  HuntStand’s advanced mapping tools and powerful layers make it one of the best hunting and land management apps in the country. HuntStand Pro offers Real 3D, which allows you to fly through places you would like to explore virtually. Other great features includes advanced layers, which enable you to access national databases that include public hunting land, tree coverage, satellite images, map markers and lines, and area measurements. Harvest information, weather, news feeds, group message boards, friend finder, and much more will make this your must-have hunting app. Make this hunting season your best season with HuntStand Pro!  You’ll first need to ensure that have a cell phone capable of operating applications like this, but any smart phone will suffice.

For more information on the HuntStand App, check out our gear review.

best scent control products for deer hunting

Elimishield Hunt Scent Control Bundle Pack

Scent control is important for most hunters and having your own “hunting soap” really gets your excited for the days hunt.  Elimishield Hunt is now offering a Bundle Pack on Amazon.  There seems to be a new scent-control company hitting the market every month but Elimishield is different.  Elimishield is the best working scent control system on the market and is recognized/approved by the FDA to do exactly what they say they’ll do.

Here’s what’s included in the bundle:

  • Elimishield Hunt Core Body Foam
  • Elimishield Hunt Field Spray
  • Elimishield Hunt Hair and Body Wash
  • Elimishield Hunt Laundry Detergent
warmest face mask hunting

Sitka Gear Neck Gaiter

One of the warmest items that I take into the field with me is the Sitka Gear Neck Gaiter.  You can pick one up from a variety of online retailers such as Scheel’s, Euro Optic, and Black Ovis.  These neck gaiters come in an assortment of colors and camouflage patterns to please any type of hunter.

The only competitor’s neck gaiter that compares in warmth is the Nomad Harvester and the Cabela’s Instinct MT050 Gore Windstopper Neck Gaiter with Scentinel.

best value saddle hunting gear

Wild Country Ropeman Ascender 1

This product is only for saddle hunters.  The Wild Country Ropeman Ascender is extremely popular among avid saddle hunters.  The Wild Country Ropeman 1 has become the gold standard in saddle hunting for easy access for adjusting your tether and lineman belt.

best automatic gear hoist for hunting

Automatic Gear Hoist

Treestand hunters and saddle hunters understand the frustration of a tangled bow rope.  Not anymore with an automatic gear hoist, such as the Hunter Safety System Bow and Gear Hoist.  This is a must-have for bow hunters.

best fixed replaceable knife

Replaceable Blade Knife

Great knives are always a safe bet when looking for the perfect give idea.  However, it’s not easy to keep a knife sharp.  One of the best things to happen in recent years is the implementation of replaceable blade knives for hunting.  One of my favorite stainless steel replaceable blade knives is the Havalon Titan Dual Blade Folding Knife.  Typically, it’s just over $50 but I’ve seen it in the mid-40s multiple times.

If you’re going to buy a field dressing knife, be sure to buy a few packs of gutting gloves.  They’re great stocking stuffers too!

Wild Game Seasonings from HuntChef

Here’s a gift that keeps on giving!  Deliciously cooked wild game benefits the whole family and there’s nothing better than HuntChef’s specialized blend of wild game seasonings to enhance your cooking experience.  This is a great option for a stocking stuffer, just be sure to buy a couple extra for yourself!

Use the coupon code:  HGD10 to save 10% off at checkout!

novix Echo Hang On Foot Rests best deal

Treestand Foot Rests

This is one of the more unique gifts on the list.  Many people will not appreciate this gift until next year during an all-day sit and they’re more comfortable and can hunt longer thanks in part to aftermarket treestand foot rests.

best rattling antlers for deer hunting

Rattling Antlers – Illusion System Black Rack

This one caught me by surprise but there are a lot of deer hunters across the nation that have found success in recent years with the Illusion System Black Rack Rattling Antlers.  Nothing beats the real thing, but these are a close second.  Learn more about the Illusion System Black Rack in this gear review.

best deal rain gear hunting fishing

Frogg Toggs Men’s All Purpose Camo Waterproof Rain Suit

Everyone needs a set of Frogg Toggs!  Whether you’re a hunter, fisherman, or just plan on going outside in the rain someday.  This inexpensive rain gear set saved my hunt last year and I was able to kill the largest wild boar in southern West Virginia that I’ve ever seen.  Quick story short, I forgot my high-end Sitka Gear rain suit at home and remembered on the 2.5-hour drive before daylight that I needed them for an all-day hunt in the upcoming rain.  Thankfully, Walmart had them in stock and I was able to save the hunt and killed a wild boar just minutes after climbing into the treestand!

my medic black friday sale

First-Aid Kit – MyMedic Sidekick IFAK

Here’s a gift that I hope you never need, but you should always have one with you.  Carrying a small, but effective first-aid kit during your next hunting adventure may be the difference in life and death.  At the least, it will make your hunt more comfortable in the event of injury.  Countless hunts are ruined every year after hunters find themselves without the necessary first-aid equipment to fix their boo-boo.  Full disclosure – this item is now priced over $50 but it’s too important not to include.

how to mount a red dot on a shotgun

Meadow Creek Universal Red Dot Mount

If your shotgun doesn’t have the capabilities to mount a red dot sight on it, then check out the Meadow Creek Universal Red Dot Mount. This NO drilling, NO tapping option to mount a red dot optic to your favorite shotgun is quick, easy, and reliable.  Head over to our friends at to learn more!

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