Best Christmas Gifts for Deer Hunters (2023)

Buying Christmas gifts for a deer hunter that seems to have it all can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not a deer hunter yourself.  This shopping guide will help you check off those hard-to-buy-for deer hunters, like me, on your Christmas.  Many of these items are must-haves for a deer hunter and some are higher-end products that make hunting much more enjoyable, regardless of age, the weapon of choice, or dedication level.

These unique gifts are sure to bring a smile to the face of your favorite deer hunter for seasons to come.  Don’t be fooled by other blogs on the web because there are a ton of Top 10 shopping guides out there that are compiled by people who don’t hunt and this isn’t one of them.  I’ve spent hours researching products and years being the “hardest person on your Christmas list to buy for!”

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Deer Hunters

bulk SD card sale

SD Cards

No matter how many trail cameras you have, you can never have enough SD Cards. Buy them in bulk and you’ll save a lot of money. In fact, this is one of the most commonly over-priced in-store purchases that hunters waste money on. I’d recommend getting an 8GB or 16 GB SD card for noncellular trail cameras. Utilize 32 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Cards for Cellular Trail Cameras.

best price wicked north gear BIG GAME FIELD DRESSING KIT

Field Dressing Gloves – Wicked North Gear

Simple, cheap, and everyone could use another pair or two. Gutting gloves keep you clean during the messiness that takes place after the kill!

Use the coupon code:  HGD20 at checkout to save 20% off your next purchase

how to keep warm in the cold

Hot Hands

Hot hands are a must-have when the temperatures start to drop.  There are some southern states where Hot Hands aren’t needed but for those of us hunting in the cold, we will appreciate the thought when the temps drop.  It might be the difference between staying in the ground blind until primetime vs. going home early and empty-handed.

HME wind indicator treestand hunting

HME Wind Indicator

Knowing the wind direction is essential to hunting success, so picking up a couple of HME Wind Indicators is a sure-fire, no-brainer!  They’re inexpensive and convenient and sold nearly everywhere.

Christmas Gifts Ideas Under $25 for Deer Hunters

best headlamp for hunting


Light up the night with a headlamp.  There are several great options on the market from a wide variety of retailers.  Look for something that’s lightweight and has multiple settings for different conditions.  A headlamp with a green LED is ideal for sneaking into the stand before daylight because deer can’t see it.

best euro mount for deer

The Hang-Up

Proudly display your trophy with The Hang Up from Wicked North Gear.  It’s simple, easy to use, and the perfect way to display European mounts or dead heads found while shed hunting.

Use Coupon Code:  HGD20 for a 20% discount at checkout!  

thermacell deal


Mosquitos are no match when you have a Thermacell in the treestand with you. One of the biggest hurdles on early-season hunts is blood-sucking mosquitos that make you want to jump out of the tree and run home. The Thermacell is the perfect solution that won’t spook game and it’s worth its weight in gold during early-season hunts. (FYI – Thermacell also makes larger units that are great for the backyard too!)

best deer attractant

Raw Frozen Scents

There are deer scents and attractants and then there’s RAW Frozen Scents.  RAW Frozen Scents is the freshest deer urine and estrous scents on the market that I know of.  You might be asking, “Why would I buy deer urine after deer season?”  For starters, it’s frozen and can be kept all year long.  Simply throw it in the freezer and use it as you need.  (The bottom shelf of my freezer is currently full of RAW Frozen Scents).  Follow the link to save 15% off your order.

best sd card holder for trail cameras

Pelican 0915 Micro Memory Card Case

Not losing SD cards seems to be a challenge for most hunters that use trial cameras.  I can’t tell you how many SD cards I’ve lost through the years but I can assure you it’s enough to have paid for one of these cases for me and all of my hunting buddies.  This is a great investment and a high-quality product that will last a lifetime.

trail camera lock treestand

Master Lock Python Cable Lock

There are several great gift ideas on this list but the Master Lock Python Cable Lock is the only one dedicated to protecting them!  I use these cable locks on trail cameras, treestands, bicycles, ATVs, and more!  They’re worth every penny and I’m still using the same ones that I originally purchased a decade ago.  They’re tough, durable, and a necessity in my neck of the woods.  There’s no worse feeling than anxiously waiting to check a trail camera to find out that it’s not there and someone had stolen it.  The Master Lock Python Cable Lock has saved my gear on multiple occasions.  Buying in bulk from Amazon will save you money because you’re going to want one for every treestand and trail camera you own!

Christmas Gifts Ideas Under $50 for Deer Hunters

best deal bushnell spoton trail camera

Trail Cameras

Finding a trail camera under $50 can be tricky (unless you’re a Daily Deal email subscriber!). However, there are deals out there to be found on trail cameras that are under $50.  For instance, check out this two-pack of Bushnell Spot-On Trail Cameras for only $59.99.

ArcticShield Boot cover sale

Arctic Shield Boot Warmers

If you live in an area where the temperatures drop during hunting season, this is a must-have for youth hunters.  Don’t waste money on warmer boots when you can simply buy these and wear the same boots virtually all season.  This is one of the best investments I’ve made in my hunting gear.  Simply slip the Arctic Shield boot covers over your hunting boots when you get settled in for the day’s hunt and your feet will be warm and toasty. On extra cold hunts just throw some hot hands inside them and you’ll never want to get out of the treestand!

best way to display shed antlers

The Change-Up

If your loved one collects shed antlers, then there’s no better way to display them than with “The Change-Up” from Big 8 Products.  This unique product allows you to display sets of shed antlers just like they’re supposed to be displayed!  This is certain to be a great addition to any man cave.  (Shed antlers are not included!)

Use Coupon Code:  HGD20 for a 20% discount at checkout!  

best rechargeable hand warmer for hunting

HME Hand Warmer

There are two types of hunters during cold weather.  Hunters that have hand warmers and hunters that wished they had hand warmers.   They last up to 5 hours on a single charge and will really heat up and keep you warm during cold-weather hunts.  It might be a good idea to pick up a few extra because everyone is going to want one of them.  They’re rechargeable and you can pack them with you on all of your hunting adventures.

tidewe power bank charger review

Portable Power Bank Phone Charger

Everyone needs an external battery pack but kids especially.  There’s nothing wrong with passing the time playing a game or two on your phone when the movement is slow.  Carrying an external battery during the hunt will ensure you always have just enough battery life when you need it.

best scent control products for deer hunting

Elimishield Hunt Scent Control Bundle Pack

Scent control is important for most hunters and having your own “hunting soap” really gets your excited for the days hunt.  Elimishield Hunt is now offering a Bundle Pack on Amazon.  There seems to be a new scent-control company hitting the market every month but Elimishield is different.  Elimishield is the best working scent control system on the market and is recognized/approved by the FDA to do exactly what they say they’ll do.

Here’s what’s included in the bundle:

  • Elimishield Hunt Core Body Foam
  • Elimishield Hunt Field Spray
  • Elimishield Hunt Hair and Body Wash
  • Elimishield Hunt Laundry Detergent
Outdoor Edge Knife

Game Processing Kit – More than just a knife!

A new hunter is going to need a good knife and a game processing kit.  There are several great options on the market for game processing kits with prices varying depending on brand and how many items are included.  I recommend sticking with familiar brands like Outdoor Edge. Outdoor Edge has a bunch of options and I’m sure you can find one in your price range.  Be sure to pick up some field dressing gloves for stocking stuffers also!

Christmas Gifts Ideas Under $150 for Deer Hunters

most affordable cell cam

Tactacam Reveal X 2.0 Cellular Trail Camera

The Tactacam Reveal X 2.0 is the most affordable cellular trail camera on the market that you can depend on!  Everyone loves them and the reviews prove that this is a really good camera for the money. Click the link to find the most likely places to find one in stock.  Don’t be afraid to buy a couple extra because once your favorite hunter uses one of these cellular trail cameras, they’re going to want more!

best deal primos surroundview blind

TideWe 270 Degree See Through Ground Blind

This TIDEWE hunting blind is equipped with three full panels of one-way see-through mesh that creates a 270-degree unobstructed wide view angle and allows hunters to see their surroundings.  This is a must-have ground blind for turkey hunting, especially if you’re taking kids with you.  The see-through mesh allows you to see out from the floor to the ceiling but nothing can see in!  I purchased a couple of these blinds for myself and really like them.  Slightly better built than most ground blinds in this price range and loaded with features that you would expect to pay much more for.

best deal vortex bino

Vortex Crossfire HD Binoculars

Vortex makes some of the best optics on the market and it’s no secret that they have the best warranty in the business.  At this time this was posted, Cabela’s had an awesome deal on Vortex Crossfire HD Binoculars In TrueTimber Strata Camo.

Christmas Gifts Ideas Under $250 for Deer Hunters

kuiu proximity vs first lite santuary

KUIU Proximity & Wind Pro Line-Up

Brand new for this season!  The newest edition to KUIU’s infamous hunting gear line-up, Proximity and Wind Pro.  The Proximity series combines industry-leading technologies to ensure you remain undetected during close-encounter situations and warm in cold weather conditions.  What makes KUIU different than other camo brands?  It’s their over-engineered, purpose-driven fabrics and features that are designed to enhance treestand hunting in cold conditions.

best price on mystery ranch pack

Mystery Ranch Treehouse – 20

A quality pack is valuable in the backcountry chasing elk, as well as chasing whitetails in the east.  I’ve been running the Mystery Ranch Treehouse this year and really like it.  Initially, I thought it was too big and the silent outer shell design was a gimmick, but a couple of months into testing and I love it!  I’m able to carry my camera gear and other treestand necessities to and from the field in comfort.

best deal sitka gear

Sitka Gear – Stratus Line-Up

Quality hunting clothing is a must-have for serious hunters and the Sitka Gear Stratus Line-up is one of the most versatile options for the whitetail hunter.  I’ve been using the Sitka Stratus line-up for more than a decade and I look forward to temperatures dropping enough until I can get it out each fall!  The Stratus line is wind-proof and the perfect introduction to the high-end hunting clothing options on the market.  I will warn you though, once you start wearing Sitka Gear, you’re hunting budge blows up!  Taxidermy bills rise and you’re going to want more Sitka Gear too.  Jokes aside, quality hunting clothing keeps me in the woods longer each fall because I’m warmer, dryer, and more comfortable when the conditions worsen.  It’s worth every penny,

best turkey hunting pant

Lightweight Hunting Camo – Sitka Gear

This year I splurged and picked up some new turkey hunting camo.  The Subalpine pattern from Sitka Gear is perfect for spring turkey hunting.  I used the same gear from Texas to West Virginia this spring and I started my archery season wearing it as well.  Turkey hunting for me means lots of walking and high temperatures, so I need clothing that won’t weigh me down.  Here’s my go-to turkey hunting line-up:

Christmas Gifts Ideas Over $250 for Deer Hunters

most comfortable treestand to hunt

Millennium M150 Monster Treestand

Treestands aren’t for everyone, so make sure you know your audience before purchasing this gift.  However, if your loved one still likes to climb up into a tree for an evening hunt, you might as well get them the most comfortable treestand on the market, the Millennium M150 Monster Treestand.  The M150 Monster is a fixed position treestand, meaning it’ll need to be hung in the tree and the hunter will need climbing sticks or steps to climb up into the stand.  I’ve had the opportunity to hunt out of this treestand before and it is my favorite stand by far.  It’s much lighter than it appears and is way more comfortable than any other treestand on the market.

best price ozonics hr500


Scent Control is an important element of my hunting season and an ozone generator such as Ozonics is perfect for a deer hunter.  Ozonics can be utilized in the tree or ground blind, as well as a dry wash to kill any unwanted odor on your gear.  I never hunt without first treating my clothes, boots, and pack with ozone.  There are several great options on the market but Ozonics has been my go-to for years.

tethrd saddle starter kit

Saddle, Lightweight Climbing Sticks, and/or Lightweight Treestands

Deer hunting just seems to get more and more expensive as years go on.  Whether it’s the price of licenses and tags or the gear you take into the field.  Often times the higher prices are often is associated with niche products and/or high-quality gear, and that’s true most of the time.  The mobile hunting community has blown up in recent years and mobile hunters demand lightweight gear that they can rely on.  The saddle-hunting community took that concept and blew it out of the water.  Brands like TethrdBeast Gear, and Lone Wolf Custom Gear are some of the more popular brands but don’t overlook Trophyline and Cruzr for quality saddle-hunting gear as well!

Did you know that ScentLok has a clothing line dedicated specifically for saddle hunting?  Check it the ScentLok Saddle Hunter Pant and Jacket here.

best deal spartan cell cam

Spartan Camera Cellular Trail Camera

Spartan Cameras are arguably the best cellular trail cameras on the market but they come at a price.  I’ve got several of them running right now and I’ve been extremely pleased with their performance and battery life over the years.  They offer several options for various cellular providers, unlike other brands that stick to the big two (AT&T and Verizon).  Also, the mobile application is top-notch, which makes reviewing your trail camera photos quick and easy.  Hunting Gear Deals has a coupon code that will save you 10% at checkout!  

Be sure to check out the Go Live from Spartan!  This cell cam allows you to view a live feed from your trail camera from the comfort of your office or couch!  I’ve got one and it’s a blast.

best ebike for elk hunting

Electric Hunting Bike

One of my favorite hunting-related purchases in recent years is an electric hunting bike.  They’re not cheap but they sure make life easier.  Whether I’m shed hunting, turkey hunting, running trail cameras, or heading to the treestand; a quality e-bike is worth the investment.  I’ve had the chance to test several in recent years and really love the Bakcou Storm, QuietKat Ibex, and RadRover 6 Plus Electric Fat Tire Bike.  Prices vary depending on features, but a dual-suspension electric bike is something that I’ve fallen in love with.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Rifle/Gun Deer Hunters

best gun wrap deal

Gunskins – Wrap Your Gun in Camo

Gunskins offers a variety of high-quality gun wraps to protect and personalize your gun.  It’s a great way to fancy up and old gun that’s seen it’s fair share of use.  They’re also high-quality enough to put on a brand-new gun to give it that personalized touch.  Check out our gear review of the Gunskin here.

bone-dri flash sale

Bone Dri Rust Prevention Gun Case

Bone-Dri Gun Cases are created with moisture-wicking material to prevent your guns from rusting.  We’ve all done it!  If you hunt long enough, eventually you’ll throw a wet gun in a case and forget it about it and the inevitable happens.  Moisture creates rust to form on the gun!  Check out our gear review of the Bone-Dri Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case for more information.

amazon deal of the day

Hearing Protection – Walker’s Game Ear

Hearing protection is a must for upland game hunters.  The more shots you take without hearing protection, the more likely you are to do irreversible damage to your hearing.  Products like the Walker’s Razor Series Slim Shooter Electronic Ear Muffs are designed to protect your hearing but still allow low volume noises to pass through the earmuff.  Technology has its perks!  These can be used in the field or on the range and support at 23 dB noise reduction rating.

best military discounts

Maven Optics RF.1 Rangefinder

Quality optics are worth the investment, especially when you invest in Maven Optics.  The Maven Optics RF.1 Rangefinder is a rifle hunter’s best friend.  This compact rangefinder has the ability to range a target out to 4500 yards!  I don’t know who needs a range of a target at that kind of distance, but this thing is accurate and strong enough to do it!  I had the chance to test the RF.1 Rangefinder this summer in relatively close distances and I was impressed.  The quick-adjust knob and feature-rich design allow this rangefinder to be utilized at long distance and close distances for archery hunters too!  Also, the 7x magnification is all you need during archery season and it greatly helps at long-distance ranging of targets too!

best scent free container to store hunting gear

The Trunk by Scent Crusher

Scent Control is an important element of my hunting season whether I’m trying to shoot a deer at 20 yards or 200 yards.   The Trunk by Scent Crusher is a great way to store your hunting clothing and gear during hunting season and after the season.  The Trunk is portable, meaning you can throw it in the bed of your trunk the morning before your hunt and dry wash your gear with ozone in order to be scent-free before you reach your destination.   The rechargeable ozone generator that’s included with The Trunk can operate 4+ hours on a single charge so you can take it with you.

best hunting tripod for kids

BOG Deathgrip Tripod

The Bog Deathgrip Tripod might be the best investment that I’ve made in recent years.  This was my bonus son’s first deer season and we jumped in deep with gear.  I picked up a Ravin R26x and a BOG Deathgrip Carbon Fiber Tripod and couldn’t be happier.  The BOG Deathgrip is rock solid, fully adjustable, and creates confidence for both the youth hunter and the mentor.  The Deathgrip comes in aluminum and carbon fiber, with aluminum being much cheaper.  However, carbon fiber is much lighter.

deadfall feeder coupon code

Tectonic Daytime Feeder

Tectonic and Hunting Gear Deals have teamed up to bring you the best price on their popular Deadfall Daytime Feeder, thanks to an exclusive 20% off coupon code.  Use the coupon code:  HGD20 at checkout.  This is a site-wide coupon code, so if you’re in the market for multiple feeders, then check out the Outfitter pack that’s an even better deal.

best deal pelican v800 vault double case review

Pelican Vault V800 Double Rifle Case

Good gun cases are worth their weight in gold when you need them the most.  Whether you’re flying to your next hunting destination or traveling throwing your gear in the back of the truck to drive up to your hunting camp, the Pelican Vault V800 Double Rifle Case is perfect for the occasion.  Check out the gear review for more information on this case and see how there’ enough room for two scoped rifles inside.

best deal hornady precision hunter 6.5 creedmoor hunting ammo


Every rifle/gun hunter needs one thing, ammo!  However, not all ammo is the same.  The best advice I can give you is to pay attention to what they’re using.  When the hunter in your life packs up for their next hunting adventure, sneak a photo or two of the ammo they’re bringing along on the hunt.  If that doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to ask.  Chances are, they’re going to be just as excited that you cared enough to ask as they would be if you tried to surprise them with ammo that they may not need.  The link above should help you find what you’re looking for.

best gun cleaning station

Tipton Gun Cleaning Station

Every gun that gets taken out of the safe gets cleaned.  That’s the model that many gun guys live by in order to protect their investment for generations to come.  The Tipton Best Gun Vise is a great option for the price and you can pick one up for under $150.  They make fancier models but you’ll need to pay a little bit more money on it, however, Hunting Gear Deals has an exclusive discount code that will save you 10% at checkout.  Also, check this post for the best deal online right now.

best price on psa dagger 9mm

Concealed Carry Gun – PSA Dagger

My favorite concealed carry pistol is a PSA Dagger.  It’s the best Glock clone that I found and it’s only like $300!  They’re great guns and you should consider picking one up for yourself.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Deer Hunters That Bow Hunt

best bow case for flying

Pelican 1745BOW Air Bow Case

If you’ve ever traveled with archery equipment, then you know how important it is to protect your gear.  A quality bow case is essential if you’re going to be traveling via airplane especially and this case is the best!  It has plenty of storage capacity for your arrows and other archery-related accessories that you’ll need for your hunt.  Plus, it’s equipped with wheels for easier maneuverability when moving through crowded airports.  Even if you’re not flying with your bow, you still need a quality bow case.

best deal Accubow 2.0 Carbon Fiber Practice Bow

AccuBow – Archery Training Device

AccuBow and Hunting Gear Deals have teamed up to bring you the best price for any model Accubow, thanks to an exclusive 20% off coupon code.  Use the coupon code:  HGD25 at checkout.

  • AccuBow 2.0 – $149.98 w/ coupon
  • AccuBow Nano – $52.50 w/ coupon
vortex range finder deal sale


One of the most difficult aspects of hunting for new hunters to learn is judging distance.  Whether it be archery hunting or gun hunting, the distance between you and your target will drastically impact your point of impact.  The simplest and quickest way to master this skill is by utilizing a digital rangefinder.  Rangefinders come in a wide variety of styles and designs, with prices all over the spectrum as well.  For archery hunters, I’d recommend something that calculates the angle of compensation, such as Leupold RX-1400I TBR/W Gen2 Rangefinder or the Bushnell Broadhead Laser Rangefinder.   There are cheaper options on the market but both of these companies stand behind their products and I’ve had good success with both brands.

best hunting crossbow


One of the easiest ways to transition from gun hunting to archery hunting is with a crossbow.  Many states allow crossbows to be used during the archery season and this has opened the door for new hunters to enjoy more opportunities than gun hunting only cannot provide in most states.  Crossbows range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.  You don’t need need to spend thousands on a crossbow to kill a deer but if I had to pick out a crossbow for myself, it would be a Ravin!  Ravin crossbows are top of the line but I’ve shot plenty of lower-priced crossbows that were accurate enough to hunt with anywhere.

best hunting tripod for kids

BOG Deathgrip Tripod

The Bog Deathgrip Tripod might be the best investment that I’ve made in recent years.  This was my bonus son’s first deer season and we jumped in deep with gear.  I picked up a Ravin R26x and a BOG Deathgrip Carbon Fiber Tripod and couldn’t be happier.  The BOG Deathgrip is rock solid, fully adjustable, and creates confidence for both the youth hunter and the mentor.  The Deathgrip comes in aluminum and carbon fiber, with aluminum being much cheaper.  However, carbon fiber is much lighter.

best anchor point for archery

Bowmar Nose Button

Love them or hate them, this product works. Put the opinions of these two to the side because the Bowmar Nose Button is legit!  Everyone can reap the benefits of increased accuracy by installing a Bowmar Nose Button on their hunting rig,  I did this year and my groups shrunk instantly!  It’s not often that a product comes out that I think this highly about but they made this one right.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Levi Morgan.

discount archery target

Archery Target for Field Points and Broadheads

Quality targets are an investment as long as you take care of them.  There are cheap targets that struggle to stop an arrow, then there are elite targets like Rinehart that are designed to take shot after shot for years for the average archer.  Invest in a target that will hold up to the abuse that you intend to subject it to and still allow easy arrow removal from the first shot to the last shot.  I stand by Rinehart targets and the RhinoBlock is a perfect place to start.  If you don’t want to spend that kind of money, try the BlackOut 6-Sided Foam Archery Target for about half the price.

best deal scott archery sigma

Archery Release

Before buying a new archery release, you might want to talk to the person you’re buying it for first.  Personal preference is very important when buying a release.  However, most of us already have a release we have our eye on and we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.   There are wrist strap releases and handheld releases.  Each release has its own purpose, feel, and use.  Below are a few of the best.

best price on ozcut broadheads


The most debated question in the archery industry…  Fixed blades or mechanical broadheads?  Well, the answer is simple, when in doubt, go with fixed blades.  If you’re shooting under 55 pounds I personally feel that your only ethical option is fixed blades.   Anything over 55 pounds, then you can join in the conversation.  Mechanical broadheads tend to fly better than fixed blades and help out with human errors such as poor form, bad grip, or an out-of-tune bow.  However, if you happen to hit the shoulder or another large bone, your chances of recovering the animal with a mechanical broadhead are slim.  If you were shooting a fixed blade, your chances are much greater.  Now, mechanical broadheads are great when you hit softer tissue like the lungs, liver, or even stomach.  They tend to open up larger wounds and do more damage in the process.

Here are a few broadheads that have stood the test of time:

There are tons of other great broadheads on the market and you can check them out here.

>Christmas Gift Ideas for Beginning Deer Hunters

warmest hunting clothes

Mobile Hunting Clothing – King’s Camo

One of the biggest challenges for new hunters is staying warm when the temperature drops.  It’s important to have the right clothing for the conditions and Mobile Warming offers a wide variety of heated clothing options, including camouflage.

the best deer hunting books

Books – Must Read Deer Hunting Boots

There’s a wealth of information at your fingertips but there’s something special about picking up an actual book and diving into a subject that you enjoy.   Now, most people aren’t avid readers but a good book about deer hunting will hold my attention each and every time.  Check out my blog post Must Read Deer Hunting Books for a list of books that every hunter, new and old, should take the time to read.  The more knowledge you take into the woods, the better your chance at success.

best deal on hunting blinds

Ground Blinds

There’s no better way to introduce someone to hunting than from inside a ground blind.  Ground blinds allow you to conceal your movements and stay out of the elements, providing a more comfortable hunting experience.  I’m getting to the point that I use more ground blinds to hunt from than I do treestands.

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